Me (Richard Bryan Anderson)
Around the time of Pearl Harbor
You’ve already seen this image, to be sure, but some things stand up well under a lot of repeating. Yes, you’ve surely agreed: I was a beautiful baby. With two professional photographic paparazzi in the house (Pappyrazzo and Mammyrazza?) I was profusely photographed, early on, mainly with the Speed Graphic. Those photos exist today (2006) mostly as prints and negatives in varying degrees of preservation. I’ll be incorporating them in this account as I encounter them, judge them worthy and incrementally informative, and get them scanned.
Family Travels
Cats & Dates
MIT (1958-61)
MIT (1964-65)
HARVARD (1966-70)
Abt Associates (1968-70)
BURLINGTON (1970-73)
Abt Associates
TIMBALOO (1973-2002)
At home
On the road
Visited Nauvoo in 2001
Plantagenet ancestry and descendancy as of 2008
I can’t help it: I was a beautiful baby.
Sent America First Credit Union this image.
There’s just no way to stay this beautiful.
Upwards of threescore years later, here I am.
I honor and value Brent’s good sense and spiritual sensitivity.
I’ve been counseled to preserve journals.
My children have a right to know what I believed and how I behaved in consequence.
Only during my first mission have I ever kept a proper journal.
Valerie, bless her, copied it into a blank book.
I’ve led a remarkable life.
Chronically conscious of Divine Providence.
I pray that this account will strengthen and encourage my children and theirs.
…and I do hope and pray that Mammy and Hepzibah are both pleased with this document.

I entered the world via Price City Hospital.
Parents & grandparents by the fire in Price
Parenthood for Mammy
Bundled up
Yogi phase
In the sink
Christmas 1941
Christmas card, 1941
The Seely Family, Christmas 1941
Am I king of the world, or what?
Christmas: sweetness and loot
A proper Christmas tree requires many foil icicles.
Shiny silver dollar for my first birthday.
Couldn’t quite reach my beautiful cake.
Winter 1942
Christmas Card, 1942.
My precious “puwwow,” a significant appurtenance.

Moved from Price to Ogden.
First home I remember.
Mammy played bridge with the neighbors.
Great-Grandma Sophia Poulsen.
The only photo I’ve seen of the two of us.
I look pretty comfortable on her lap.
Frequently sported this sailor suit.
I remember Pappy’s treasured real-newspaper-photographer’s-big-black camera.
Got a nasty burn from a flashbulb.
Fresh air
Christmas card, 1942
The Barkers were friends of the folks.
Please don’t call me “Dick.”
May have embroidered some of my stories a bit.
Never heard Mammy call Pappy “Andy”.
Me, I became “Andy” in junior high. By choice.
The folks worked at the Ogden Arsenal.
I got family day-care from the Poulter family.
Christmas tree, 1944
Christmas card, 1944
Almost unbearably cute on my fourth birthday.
Drumstick portion of our Thanksgiving turkey.
Brent! Sweet, jolly new personality.
Brent and I are all the kids they ever had.
1946: My last birthday in Utah, until 2003.
Christmas card, 1945

Moved twice in 1946.
“Sunken Heights,” 1945-6
Out back, in Sunset
Janet always wanted to play house.
Run-in with the neighbor, 1946.
They don’t call it “Sunset Heights” any longer.
K.G. behind me on Sailor
Fifth birthday

Christmas card, 1946
My experience like Grandma Harriet’s.
The kitten and I enjoyed that lawn-chair.
Gingerbread on the gable, when we arrived.
Remodeling turned the house yellow
Leaning on the walnut. Climbed it frequently.
Julia’s grandchildren on duty out front.
Pappy in academic regalia.
Ailing for Christmas 1948 photo-shoot
The Andersons
Family Portraits
Pointing at Pappy’s fez
Scott was excited to have a drum.
Treasured my Brownie Hawkeye box camera.
Mooched TV time from kindly Tjossems
Judith Ann Tjossem taught me to dislike dogs.
Oophie is sure I’ll pay for that on Judgment Day.
Brent’s bike stolen off our front porch.
“Playhouse,” though I don’t recall playing in it.
Here and there
Snow! at the homestead
312 East Sixteenth Street
Christmas morning
Sixteenth birthday
Sound effects with stool
Badminton in front yard
Burned walnut leaves
Climbed the walnut
First shutterbugging: the Brownie Hawkeye.
More badminton
Clowning on the hearth
Hung real icicles
Pinky jump
Bookcase group
Band uniform
Three generations, in San Bernardino
Nuclear crew
Patriarchal Four
By the lemon tree
Ambushed by wasps
Christmas Greetings, 1946
Christmas Greetings, 1947
Christmas Greetings, 1948
Christmas Greetings, 1949-1950
Christmas Greetings, 1951
Christmas Greetings, 1952-3
Christmas Greetings, 1954-55
Christmas Greetings, 1956
Christmas Greetings, 1957
Christmas Greetings, 1958
Christmas Greetings, 1959
Christmas Greetings, 1960
Christmas Greetings, 1961
Christmas Greetings, 1962
Christmas Greetings, 1964
Christmas Greetings, 1965

Family Travels
In Victoria, BC
Globe Theatre, San Diego
Liberty Jail
Mount Vernon
Washington, DC
Concord Bridge
Snowball, 1954
Generational Portraits
Three generations, in Sunset
Christmas in Sunset, 1965
Holidays in Sunset
Missed Thanksgiving in Sunset, 1963

Sixth birthday
The Bathtub
Brigitte, 1965
With Valerie in curlers

Cats & Dates
Loved Pinky
Christmas 1956, with Brent
Kitten Sloth
Ill at ease in dinner jacket
Double date
With Linda Meyer
Triple date
Another triple date

Walked to school
Sixth-grade report card
Big run-in
Arrowview Junior High
Ninth-grade report card
People, orchestra
Early dating
With Lea Ward, Double date with Dave and Lynda
More people
Pacific High School
Bailey, benefactor
Tenth-grade report card
Summer-school report card
Senior report card
Marching Band
Festival, 1956
Festival, 1958
PHS Band, 1956
PHS Band, 1957
PHS Band, 1958
Passive clubbing
Science and Engineering Club
Kaiser Steel
Math Day
Science Fair
Key Club
Key Club Charity
Key Club 1956
Key Club 1957
Key Club 1958
Clarinet section
Seminary Chorus
National Forensic League
Voice of Democracy
Student Council
Director of Domain
Honor Roll
California Scholarship Federation
Senior Personalities
Scholarship assembly
On the library wall
Out of storage
Bank of America Scholarship
Bank of America Finalist
Bank of America Semifinalist
Semifinals News Coverage
Bank of America Third Prize
“Dick” sign
Graduation announcement
On the stage
Graduated in the Class of 1958
On the hearth, with Killer
Graduation Ball
Beneficiary of publicity campaign
National Merit Semifinalist
National Merit Scholar
“Teen Scene”

Baptized in Ninth Street Chapel
Pioneer Day, 1947
Primary, 1949
First met Valerie
Youthful contributions
Priesthood award, 1953
Aaronic Priesthood award section
Temple excursion
Priesthood award, 1955
Priesthood award, 1956
Ordained priest, 1957
Priesthood award, 1957
Seven Bishops
Temple Dedication
Del’s Baptism
Seminary 1954-55
Seminary 1955-56
Old Testament certificate
Seminary 1956-57
Report card
Seminary Breakfast
Seminary 1958
Graduates’ Day, 1958
With Hugh B Brown
…And Then The Bawl
President McKay
Seminary diploma
With Paul Dunn

MIT (1958-61)

MIT, 1958-61
Rush Week
East Campus
Ames Street
Tennis Courts
President’s House
Walker Memorial
Sailing Pavilion
Senior House
Jack Florey
More Florey
Johnny on the pot
Dean’s List
House Committee
Concert Band
Music Library
Tom Lehrer
e. e. cummings (1894-1962)
Aldous Huxley 1894-1963
Academic diversity
Report Card
Grades & Priorities
Norbert Wiener (1894-1964)
Cambridge Branch

Mission to France
The Lead-up to a Mission
The Call
We Four
Journal record
Across the Atlantic
Chez Besnard
La Branche de Rennes
Sister Bauguin
October 23-24, 1961: the Bretons
October 25-27, 1961: Valton
October 27-29, 1961
October 29 - 31, 1961: first baptism
October 31 - November 1, 1961
November 2 - 4, 1961: Canal shack
November 4 - 5, 1961: Delétang
November 5 - 8, 1961: Menais
November 8 - 12, 1961
November 12-13, 1961
Switched journal to French
November 14, 1961: Moyle visit
November 14-15, 1961
November 15-18, 1961
November 18 - 20, 1961
November 20-22, 1961
November 22-23, 1961: Leroys
November 23, 1961: Higley as mime
November 23 - 25, 1961: Higley
November 26, 1961: Ajonc
November 27-28, 1961: Lande d'Ouée
November 28 - 29, 1961: Ste Anne
November 30, 1961: Ten baptisms
November 30 - December 3, 1961
December 3-4, 1961
December 4-5, 1961: Carnac
December 6-8, 1961
December 8-9, 1961: Mobylette
December 9-12, 1961
December 12-13, 1961: Marceau
December 13-14, 1961
December 14-16, 1961
December 16-17, 1961
December 17-18, 1961
December 18, 1961
December 18, 1961: Healing
December 18-19, 1961
December 20-21, 1961
December 22-25, 1961
December 24-25, 1961: Christmas fête
December 25-26, 1961: Escargots
December 26-28, 1961
December 28-30, 1961: Leroys
December 30-31, 1961: baptized Hubert
January 1-2, 1962
January 3-7, 1962: Halliday, Hill
January 10-14, 1962: Howard W Hunter
Permis de conduire
January 15-18, 1962
January 18-22, 1962: Best branch in the Mission
Confirmed Josette Leroy, 27 Jan 1962
Administered to Alfreda Perrot 1 Feb 1962
Counselor to President Marcel Renaud
21st birthday: at the movies, with a pretty girl on my lap
Assigned to find a new meeting place
Confirmed Claude-Gérard Leroy 18 Feb 62
Administered to Sister Bauguin 4 Mar 62
Photo with Sister Salomon
14 Mar 62: Took President Hinckley to see meeting-place candidates
With blossoms
23 Mar 62: Mission gives me permission to remain as counselor while in Rennes
Lost weight
Ordained Hubert Leroy deacon 30 Mar 62
Participated in settings-apart 30 Mar 62
Prayed with Sister Leroy before court appearance 5 Apr 62
Assigned to coordinate MJM by 17 Apr 62
Agreed to reunite Hill, Halliday, Anderobinson 20 Apr 1967
Went to 101 Dalmatians 19 Apr 62 to celebrate Halliday’s birthday, my sixth monthiversary, and Hill’s transfer
25 May 62: Mission Conference in Bordeaux; interviewed by President Tanner
Baptized Aurélie Chaussonnier 19 Jun 62
Confirmed Suzanne Fauchard 30 Jun 62
Confirmed Martial Le Bras 3 Jul 1962
Jumped the gun on typewriter purchase
Directed youth chorus at District Conference, Angers, 1 Jul 62
Moved at Brother Tani’s baptism 1 Jul 62
Photo, among brethren
8 Sep 62: at Le Mans, featured as Delabrosse Adam in L’École des Joyeux
9 Sep 62: took André Chaussonnier to the gare.
Victim of “neat young student” hoax
Soon one whole year at Rennes!
Visited branches with President Desquines
Received a very welcome sandwich from Ernest Defaye
18 Oct 62: Went with district to Mont-St-Michel to celebrate my anniversary
19 Oct 62: at Mont-St-Michel (photo).
21 Oct 62 Anniversary celebration dinner, gifts, at Leroys’
21 Oct 62 Came down with grippe
7 Nov 62: I have the longevity record. 10 Nov 62 President Desquines and I visited branches again
16 Dec 62: Elder Mitton accompanied me to Leroys’
22 Dec 62 President Desquines and I visited branches again
23 Dec 62 Counseled with Elder Robins
1 May 63 Screwed up travel plans, but it all worked out
At Versailles with the folks
Self-portrait at Versailles Hall of Mirrors, with Halliday
Got to travel with the folks to Liège Youth Conference (photo)
With baguette & chamberlain
Pushed temptation away
Wandered around Belgium without companion
Esmé’s Cumorah, which she painted for Valerie and me
Taught Sister Panazol with Derr and Anstead
Confirmed Sister Panazol 6 Oct 63
1 Nov 63: Paris conference for auxiliary leaders
Carmen at the Opéra
On dolmen at Tours
Temple work in French

Temple Garden
Temple Garden
Reception, Train station
Worked at Slover Mountain
Assaulted Francisco-the-Raw-Mill-Foreman
Christmas in Paris

MIT (1964-65)
Union Pacific to Boston
Bert van Uitert first bishop of the Cambridge Ward.
Van Uiterts very kindly forty-eighted us.
Sieve and Crockery Jar at 115 Beacon Street.
Missed the chestnuts.
Rejoiced in the Public Garden.
Valerie says she was severely depressed.
Ken Dyal newly elected to Congress.
Saw Ken and Gladys in Washington.
Showed visiting Beetle around.
Also Tartuffe at Lincoln Center.
Took in the World’s Fair in New York
And Durgin-Park in Boston’s market district.
Maggie at least pretended to recognize me.
Commuted by bicycle the whole school year.
Competed with Bob Chandler to bring Alberta Baker to Church
If we suffered significantly, that’s not what I remember.
Worked some evening shifts at the East Compost Desk.
Professor Clark supervised “Project Urinal”
PSSC made an instructional film-loop out of our project.
They elected me to Sigma Xi (Science and engineering honorary).
As a senior, assessed options for life after MIT.
Also to the Ph.D. program in physics at BYU.
And then there was the idea of a career in education.
Applied for Shell Merit Fellowships at Stanford and Cornell
Took delivery of Gaby, Pappy’s third Renault
Drove Gaby across the country.
Generally knew Valerie was pregnant before she did.
We experienced eight pregnancies together.

STANFORD (1965-66)
A twelve-month program sounds like a fast master’s degree,
Assigned an early-morning Seminary class.
Strong Palo Alto social pressure to consume.
Knew those people in Atherton had pull…
Perfectly darling group of Seminary kids.
They knew we were expecting our first child.
“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given…”.
One and only “standing O”. Ever.
Feelings of jealousy toward obstetrician.
A tear in Valerie’s eye: “Doctor Creeeeeevy!”
Superb stuffed Knickerbocker Winnie-the-Pooh characters.
Gave Valerie this Bear of Considerable Size.
Asserted to Mammy that Rick was cuter than I had been.
Lifelong failure to provide Valerie with an adequate kitchen.
Pregnant doorway-framers, scratching.
Rick dear, it’s time for you to crawl.
So I broke his leg. In two places.
Grandpa: marmots and Marmons.
Mr Lincoln: Silver and gold have I none.
Mr Lincoln: you have the facts right, but…
Taught French and math at Rialto Junior High.
For old family and Seminary friend Joseph Cook.
Only time I ever used my California teaching credential.
Also joined Pappy in CTA, my second and last union affiliation.
Joe tells Temple patrons he has me over a barrel.

HARVARD (1966-70)
Showing off first grandchild in San Diego, 1966.
Showing off Rick in San Diego
Yeah, we ‘rioted’ at MIT when annual tuition hit four figures.
Joined the Harvard Cooperative Society at MIT in 1958.
Elsie’s Lunch, alas, is no longer with us.
Most Ed.Ds end up in school administration.
Took as electives some wonderful courses in The Yard
Gerald Holton’s Natural Science120 revolutionized my thinking.
Professor Fletcher G Watson was my great faculty benefactor
HP2 got me started.
Dick Light remained a friend, colleague, and perennial consultant.
He and Jack Cohen made an amazingly effective consulting team.
In Mike Smith’s seminar, we learned to use the novel computers.
My Cambridge Seminary students didn’t think much of me as a teacher.
John Harvard; Constitution
Boston Harbor
Sycamore Sidewalk
Folks’ Boston visit, Christmas 1966
Old Ironsides
On Their Way to Paris


Abt Associates (1968-70)
Telegram from Clark
Letter from Peter
Letter to Clark

Second Mission (1968-69)
Welcoming committee at LAX
Second Mission to France, 1968-69
With Pappy, counselors, and Valerie in Paris
Shared family love and support
Took part in missionary zone conferences and member district conferences
Showed off our gorgeous children
Maintained contact with Abt Associates
Carte de Séjour
Shopped with Pappy for Sunday breakfast.
Traveled with Pappy and Waverley Root
Handed ajonc to Valerie among the menhirs
Local members running Church organization.
Assigned to instruct leaders in Correlation Program
Correlational repentance of the auxiliaries, five years later.
In the pulpit
Learned to enjoy speaking in Church
Conference Talent Shows
With Mitt to Belgium: cast out evil douanier.
With Elder Packer at The Board
The Garlic Kerfuffle: outranking Mitt
Pappy’s Christmas letter on the family’s behalf
Back to Cambridge
Christmas letter, 1969

BURLINGTON (1970-73)
Bwumet Reception
Christmas card, photo, 1970
Christmas letter, 1970
11 Hearthstone Drive, 1970
Gardening novices
Snow and Heartquists
Foss and the Super-Wagon
…Confidence in BLI
…With brand-new Cyndi
…in family group shots
Christmas card, family portrait
Christmas letter
Christmas card, photo, 1971
Christmas Letter, photo, 1971
Olivewood Lane
Christmas, 1971
Dining al fresco chezKarps in New York
In Oakland for Brent’s and Janet’s marriage and Erik’s sealing
At the Taits’
Chris born
Called from Dublin: morning sickness a good sign?

Abt Associates
Back to Abt Associates
Timesheets and Wendell
Kitchen and Reality Gap
…First EdD at AAI
…First sampling-knowledgeable at AAI
…Follow Through director of analysis
…Follow Through proposal team
…Follow Through replacement project director
…Recruited premier consultant experts for Follow Through

Thesis and Metra
Oral Examination
Drafts: typed it all myself, on an Adler standard typewriter
Musical, nocturnal cricket
Better typist than any of my secretaries
Reviews: they loved it!
Felt like widowhood!
The Book Award
Richard B Anderson, EdD
With Fletcher
In the Yahd
And at home
Book Award

Assistant Ward Clerk for Home Teaching
Ward Executive Secretary
Ordained a Seventy; set apart as a President of Seventy, Ward Mission Leader
Ward Executive Secretary
Worked under Boston Stake Presidents Bill Fresh, then L Tom Perry

TIMBALOO (1973-2002)

At home
…Fell in love with Timbaloo
Designed and constructed, surreptitiously, Cyndi’s blue cradle
Called them our twins
…Objected to closure of Locke School
1973 Christmas letter
Changed Timbaloo color scheme
1974 Christmas letter
Asked neighbor to remove encroaching tree
Installed gardens at Timbaloo
Marched in Army Bicentennial parade; carried Debbie as bearded Brigham Young
Sang Kelly birthday song to 3-year Cyndi
Kids and forsythia at Arboretum
1975 Christmas letter
Cabbie remembered tending bar
Entry-hall pig-pile
Piggyback Toad at Flume
Snow for ice cream
Stylish polyester pants
Cyndi reports I sit in front of a computer all day
Left Valerie to take kids to Church without me
Traveling with kids
Christmas card
1977 Christmas letter
Fairly consistent scripture study
Received “Exalting Grace” as a tender mercy
With a snowball
Christmas morning: less thrilled
1984 Christmas letter
MIT Educational Council
MIT Alumni Council
Family group (except Rick) in parlor
On exercise machine in basement
1985 Christmas letter
At Elder Rick’s birthday party in absentia
1986 Christmas letter
Piscatorial exploit
Christmas card, 1989
Reception line
Kvelled as Cyndi received the McAvoy Prize
Cyndi and Ron
Entry hall group
Boston Temple site
1995—Spring Sing
1995—The Selfish Giant
1995—Debbie and Tony
Olsen Reception
With Doris & Valerie
Chris & Mary Beth nuptials
Wedding supper
Grandsquirt #6: Lindsay!
Grandfolks dote on new Zannah
“Thanks-be-to-God” tie
Maggie’s Baptism
Burgeoning cuteness
First laptop
Reunion at Timbaloo
Enjoying our gravestone
With Hepzibah in Reno
With Emily and Zannah
With grandkids, in front of Timbaloo blackberries
Matthew: Grandsquirt #8

On the road
…Loved New Orleans, despite vow not to
Surefooted on Rattlesnake
…Getting sun on Rattlesnake rock
…With Cyndi in back-pack
Washington DC
Flowers for Mammy’s grave
With Floyd and Rick in Yucaipa
Called her Muffin
With new Rebecca
Valerie reserved kitchen, except Saturday mornings
1976 Christmas letter
Christmas letter
“Under Justin, at Willard Brook”
Christmas letter
Built shelves
1980 Christmas letter
1981—Grandma’s Ninetieth!
Hosted international students for MIT and Harvard
Kitchen attire
1981 Christmas letter
Home Improvement projects
Christmas morning, by fireplace
Christmas morning
1982 Christmas letter
Steered Van Wiggle while family pushed
At Hill Cumorah
At Niagara
At Batesville, stairstep fashion
In Yucaipa with Floyd, Grandma, Pappy
In Batesville, with Pappy, Norma, Brent, Janet, Valerie
In Batesville, with Brent, Grandma, Pappy
In Batesville, with Pappy, Norma, Brent, Janet, Valerie
1983 Christmas letter
In the California Woods
Biked up to New Hampshire on Labor Day to welcome Bryan
On the porch at Penacook
Watched Mammy’s example; started to follow it only 88 years later
By assignment, sought Seely records in London in 1964
Guided Lexington/Concord tours for forty years
Prodded by Boston Temple “Project 2000”
Met Granny Hepzibah and repented

Follow Through: the Hatchet
I caught much of the flak
1978—Follow Through: Our Response
1981—Meanwhile, back at AAI
1981—Whither my Career?
Joined Hayden Software
Resigned from Abt Associates
When Hayden went under, joined M/A-Com Linkabit
Co-author of super-prestigious article
Prize-winning article
Spun off CoMMensa, Inc
CoMMensa graph
DIA Anchoring article
Archives Distress Indes article

…Became member of Cambridge congregation seven times
…Ward Mission Leader
Ordained Rick a Deacon in his spiffy new suit
Called to High Council as missionary specialist,
Liaison to Mission President
Body-contact sport
Mission Presidency
Harmonized on the road
Baptized Chris
New mission president: The Tempests arrive
New Area President: Rex C Reeve
New mission counselor: Dave Ingerson
New mission geography: northern Maine
“Andy, take the wheel! -- No dignity in Bangor!”
Caribou conference
Baptized Cyndi
Released from Mission Presidency
Called as Boston Stake Clerk
Participated in creation of Arlington Ward
Regional Executive Secretary
The Asian Branch
Tour guide for Temple Open House
Received the Sealing Power
Attended the Boston Temple dedication
With the Robertsons
Took visitors to Old Ironsides, North Bridge, the Grave on the Green…
…The Citadel on Prospect Hill, the Powderhouse
Visited together the Ancient Center Church Burying ground in Hartford
In Nauvoo
Seeking Seelys in London
Matthew’s blessing
Auto Museum
You’ve got to be kidding!
Wedding in Apex

Mammy’s centenary gathering in East Mill Creek
I, my lords, am The Bore, at your service. Gathered with sibs for Norma’s burial
At Promontory Point
At First Encampment park
On Chankly site
Carson City: with Wolzes
Talent Show
More Talent Show
Fluffalo hike
The rededication
2006—“Health Insurance” redux
2006—Replaced right hip
Followed ancestral peregrinations
2008—Lumbar fusion
Will be buried near Grandpa Isaac
2008—sang “Precious Lord”with Debbie at Floyd’s funeral
Deb & Dad recordings
Flawed singing voice
Harmonized with Deb on the road
2010—“Health Insurance” horrors
Amelia’s Blessing, 2011
2012—Replaced right shoulder
2013—Second Lumbar Fusion
2013—Cataract: right eye
On duty at Temple to receive news of Chris’ death
2014—Pulmonary Thrombosis
2014—Failed Back Syndrome
2015—“Health Insurance” yet again!
2016—Cataract: left eye
2016—Replaced left shoulder
2017—Gangrenous gall-bladder
2017—Copycat Valerie
2017—Tzing! Boom!
2018—Replaced Right Shoulder (Again)
2019—Emergency Care in Australia
2019—Fibromyalgia? Scleroderma? No, Eczema

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