San Bernardino Third Ward Seminary, 1956
Top: Jerry Simons, [?], Carol Poulsen, Kay Lewis, Pearl Heath, [?], Margie Fulkerson, [?], Kay Barber
Middle: Jackeen Morgan, JoAnn Bogh, Bonnie Butcher, Klar Clawson, Ann Richards, [?]
Bottom: Vaughn Lewis, Duane Jones, Gordon Millett, Moon-faced Young Self, Gilbert Snow
Paul Richards, Del Riddle

OK, so Seminary wasn’t strictly speaking a Pacific High School extracurricular activity. Even in those days, that would have put church and state too close to each other, in California. It wasn’t even the released-time kind Utah kids got, then as now. It was real, live, early-morning Seminary, still today a common format in what Utah calls the “mission field”. Since school started around 8:00 in the morning, and some kids had to go to other, more distant schools, we met about 6:00. And we were proud of it.

Much more on Seminary in the Church segment of this chapter.
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