Activities at Pacific High School, 1955-58
Some of the “extracurricular activities” that adorn my high-school résumé weren’t so much things I did as things that were done or granted to me. Some (Seminary, specifically) weren’t officially school-connected but were central to my getting up-and-doing in the morning — activities, by any definition. At the same time, I did seek some honors and recognitions quite, yes, actively. It’s been a challenge to separate this section on activities from the following one on honors and awards I received while at Pacific High, for reasons that may merit a brief digression.

Probably because of my ninth-grade academic record (straight As, once I’d learned to see clearly), Dr Bailey and his worthy colleagues identified me right away as a potential scholarship candidate. In company with other classmates similarly labeled, I was therefore slotted into the usual sequence of college-preparatory courses and also came in for some substantial encouragement to sign up for extracurriculars (Music, Speech, Key Club, Student Council, and such) that would look good on my eventual college-admissions résumé. Other episodic involvements (see “Events & Projects,” below) tended to arise at others’ initiative and to come to me as (sorta) voluntary assignments.

I’m still reaping benefits, material and otherwise, from all this kindly intervention on my behalf, and I’m acutely grateful for it all.* Had it been left to my rather bashful young initiative, I’d have left Pacific with a respectable record but nothing at all like what actually developed.
*Not everybody was enchanted with the situation, though. Our cherished family friend Gladys Fulkerson Dyal (peace be to her bones), for example, saw this concentration of school resources on a chosen group of the most able as an unjust discrimination against everybody else. Whether in this she was responding to any specific perceived slight against her daughter Kynra (Class of ’56—the same peace to hers, as well), I really can’t say, but I did hear Gladys hold forth on the subject more than once.
So here’s another menu of sub-sub-sections, each treated as a “topic” and keyed to various things I did at Pacific, and to various things that were done or granted to me. Please browse as your interests may dictate; the “next page” links at the bottom of each page will take you through all of them, in slide-show fashion. The page index provides more detailed links.

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