Senior Report Card, 1958
By the time of our triumphant senior year, the San Bernardino school system seems to have invested in some early form of automated equipment for printing out report cards. I’d be really curious, even now, to know how it worked.

While Ruth Lewis, Harry Harbaugh, and John Grenfell provided continuity in my esteemed faculty team, two important new names appear on this year’s reports: Bob Macomber initiated me into the mysteries of chemistry and included me in LOLA, the most enjoyable Loyal Order of Lab Assistants. Meanwhile, Don Lundy taught me “Algebra 4” and my eventual very stylish college major, physics. Their courses formed the core of my high-school “math-science” concentration.

It wasn’t until the next year, in Massachusetts, that I realized Mr Lundy had introduced us to calculus (in Algebra 4) and to an unusually advanced version of high-school physics, with the result that I entered MIT with a notable advantage over most other freshmen there. I was already familiar with material in freshman calculus and physics that most of my classmates hadn’t yet encountered. Greatly facilitated a straight-A performance in my first couple of years of college.
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