Friends, Neighbors and Colleagues
ALLEN, James and Renée
BABB, Rex and Jo and Barbara Jean
BAKER, Alberta
BARBER, Carl and Katie
BOGH, Shirley H and Vera
BOGH, Jo Ann
BROWN, Webb K and Iris
COOK, Joseph
COX, Annie Richards
van DWORNYK, Ruby Souza
DYAL, Ken and Gladys
EASTWOOD, Charles and Laurie
ELLIS, Bruce and Alta
GILLIE, Ken and DeAnn Ellis
HEAPS,Kathy Ellis
GLADDEN, Beverly
JOLLEY, Jack and Valeer
JONES, George and Ida
LEWIS, Vaughn,
MILLER, Woodrow and Rita
NAPIER, Chot and Ivy
ORD, Elden and Leola,
ORD, Claudia, Karen, John, Steven, and Tim
POULTER, Vern and Mary
RIGBY, Alden and Eleen
ROBERTSON, Matt and Heather
SKOUSEN, Royal P and Rita
TAN, Grace and Henry
TERRY, Walt and Karen
TESTA, Marcia A
WARDLE, V Dennis
WELLS, Ted and Grace
WORSLEY, Ruth and Bill,
James & Renée Allen
Lived at our house…
…and chaperoned Brent & Valerie
Came to Mammy’s centenary observance

As San Bernardino Institute Director in those days, Jim was Valerie’s first employer. While they were in the homestead, Valerie made a dress for their daughter Christine. Many years later, we were attending our Maggie’s Joy School graduation at the North Carolina home of Orson Scott and Christine Card and noticed pictures of the Allens. Learned only then that this Christine is their daughter.
(Gordon) Rex and Jo Babb,
and Barbara Jean
Counselor in Bishopric, 1954
The Bishopric Bunch
New Friends and Old Kin
At Manti Temple for Brent’s endowment
By 1955, in another assignment
Supervised welfare labor
Seminary teacher
Could never beat him at chess. Barbara says nobody else ever did, either.
With Babbs and Seelys at table
The Bishopric Bunch
With Babbs and Seelys at table
Alberta Baker
Saturday mornings, while I taught SAT prep on another floor of the same building, Alberta taught Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics. We’d share insights on the connecting stairs, during class breaks.
Competed good-naturedly with Bob Chandler to bring Alberta to Church in Cambridge.
Flirted, without shame.
Joe Baker
At Fireplace
Baptized Del
Del’s Baptism
With us at Mount Vernon?
Carl and Katie Barber
Joined the Arlington Ward in 1990
I was assigned as their home teacher
Shared physics background
Beat me at chess, if he’d had a recent transfusion
Spoke at his memorial service
Shirley H and Vera Bogh
Shirley Remodelled the homestead
Built our bookcase
Third Ward groundbreaking
Building contractor
Broke ground
Third Ward Bishop…
Lynn in Priesthood award group
…in 1954
…and still in 1955
Became Stake President in 1957
Seven bishops
Stake President before I left
The Bishopric Bunch
Lynn in Seminary 1956-57 Vera still with us (2006)
Jo Ann Bogh
[see her entry under Classmates] Jo Ann in Seminary Seminary 1955
Seminary 1956
Seminary 1957
Seminary 1958
Seminary 1955-56
Seminary 1958-59
Del’s Baptism
Seminary 1959
Seminary after 1959
San Bernardino Third Ward Seminary, 1956
Seminary Chorus
Gladys Dyal’s Productions
Del’s Baptism
California Scholarship Federation
Graduated in the Class of 1958
Visited in Chicago, 1964
Webb K and Iris Brown
At Third Ward groundbreaking
Betty Chamberlin
Current proprietor of Mammy’s birthplace in East Mill Creek
Current owner of the Seely homestead in East Mill Crek
Hosted Mammy’s centenary gathering
Joseph Cook
Joe’s Seminary class in Rialto.
High Councilor in charge of missionary work.
My first employer after Stanford.
Taught French and math at Rialto Junior High School.

Until his recent retirement, Joe served as a sealer in the Bountiful Temple. He would warn patrons that he had me over a barrel: He loves my parents dearly, and he’ll see them before I do. And if I’ve misbehaved, he’ll tell.
Ann Richards Cox
My “foster sister” in 1956 and thenabouts. She lived with us at the Sixteenth Street homestead while her parents were in Turkey with the Air Force. So that she could finish up her public schooling at Pacific High. At the fireplace
By the kitchen door
Christmas 1956, with Brent, me, cats
Seminary Chorus
Gladys Dyal’s Productions
Seminary portrait
In Mammy’s 1956 Seminary class
Invited to family sealing session
Came to Mammy’s centenary gathering in East Mill Creek
Ruby Souza van Dwornyk
Conducted her baptism service as Cambridge Ward Mission Leader; same gathering as Rapsons.
Attended Cambridge reunion in 2007
Ken and Gladys Dyal

Kynra Gay Dyal

Gladys Fulkerson Dyal

Karen Rae Dyal
…San Bernardino pioneer stock, peace be to their bones. All these are gone, alas: breast cancer took each of the ladies, very prematurely. Younger family members survive; I’ve exchanged the odd 21st-century e-mail with Tim and Terry, but we were never buddies “back then,” and my photo accumulation lacks their likenesses.

Their paterfamilias, the Honorable Kenneth Warren Dyal, a formidable and beloved presence in the civic and “Mormon” communities of my childhood and youth, served as Bishop of the Third Ward and therefore my bishop while I was on my first mission in France.1 In 1965-66, he represented San Bernardino County in Congress; I’ve reproduced on the next page his obituary and his entry in the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress.

As detailed in the main body of this account, I sang with Kynra and Karen under Gladys’ direction and owe to that experience much of the pleasure that vocal music has given me ever since.2

Kenneth Warren Dyal

1Bishop Dyal prepared a remarkable tape recording for that first Christmas (1961) and sent it to each of the congregation’s missionaries in the field. I still have my copy and have digitized it; you’re welcome to hear it.
2Not to mention that Karen was the all-unknowing object of my first fully-hormonal passion, as an adolescent. I did not resemble the Lone Ranger, in that respect. See Queen Karen.

Seven bishops
Seminary 1955
Seminary 1956
Seminary 1958
Triple date
Gladys disagreed with Bailey policy
Seminary Chorus
Gladys Dyal’s Productions
Music for my Farewell
Last meeting in Washington
Seminary 1955-56
Del’s Baptism
Seminary 1956
Seminary 1958-59

DYAL, Kenneth Warren, a Representative from California; born in Bisbee, Cochise County, Ariz., July 9, 1910; attended the public schools of San Bernardino and Colton, Calif.; moved to San Bernardino, Calif., in 1917; secretary to San Bernardino, County Board of Supervisors, 1941-1943; served as a lieutenant commander in the United States Naval Reserve, 1943-1946; postmaster of San Bernardino, 1947-1954; insurance company executive, 1954-1961; member of board of directors of Los Angeles Airways, Inc., 1956-1964; elected as a Democrat to the Eighty-ninth Congress (January 3, 1965-January 3, 1967); unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1966 to the Ninetieth Congress; regional director, San Francisco, Calif., Post Office Department, 1966-1969; Regional Programs Coordinator, United States Post Office Department, 1969-1971; resided in Oakland, Calif., until his death there May 12, 1978; interment in Montecito Cemetery, Colton, Calif.
From the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress

Charles & Laurie Eastwood
Seminary teacher in ninth grade, 1954-55
With our Seminary class
Our guests on Sixteenth Street when they first arrived
Pappy’s successor as Patriarch
Laurie is Minerva Teichert’s daughter
Daughters called (and call) me “Witchie”
Among treasured Seminary friends
Spoke at San Bernardino reunion in 2003
Died in Redlands, buried in Salt Lake, January 2020
Bruce & Alta Ellis
Offered closing prayer at my missionary farewell
Recent portrait, Bruce and Kathy
Bruce and Pappy, in younger days
Fun with the Ellises
Left to right: Duane’s little sister, our precious Aunt Ruth Eloese Anderson (later Dunaway), here age 12; Leola; Alta Ellis(wife of Duane’s college buddy Bruce, who probably took the picture)
Friends Still: the Ellises
Our family’s friendship with the family of Bruce and Alta Ellis has been another durable blessing. We used to go to their home in La Habra for a fair proportion of our New Year’s Day festivities. It’s easy to recognize Alta here, even if you’ve seen her only in the folks’ 1936 wedding-present photo. Deanne, standing with the big smile, looks a lot happier to be with us on this occasion.
The motor-accident death of the Ellises’ son David, born between the two girls, was a sorrow that we remember from our time in California.
Young family friend Kathy Ellis (lovely daughter of Bruce and Alta) kindly accompanied me to the all-night Bash and Breakfast that Pacific and Berdoo High Schools put on.
Ken and DeAnn Ellis Gillie
came with husband Ken Gillie to our wedding reception
Kathy Ellis Heaps
My date to high-school graduation bash
Recent portrait, Bruce and Kathy
Beverly Gladden
Blind graduate student to whom I read Shakespeare and Freud, in mid-Fifties, for fifty cents an hour.
Zella Ingraham
Seminary teacher
Jack & Valeer Jolley
Made me a bike
At Mammy’s grave
At our wedding reception
Brought the Sun-Telegram for me to fold and deliver
George and Ida Jones
Parents of Dawn, Duane, Ross, and Wanda. George was my first missionary companion, when I was called to a Stake Mission as a high-school senior. He taught me how to change Hesperus’ oil and to tune him up; a 1941 Chevy required little maintenance beyond that. Ida held memorable Sunday School classes in their living room, in the days before we had a real meetinghouse.
Ross and Dawn in Seminary 1956-57
Russ Loveland
My kindly boss at Slover Mountain
Woodrow & Rita Skousen Miller
In his back yard in Colton and surrounded by Rita’s Seminary students, Woodrow A Miller,
sporting a magistrate’s robes, seems to be enjoying himself. Whatever the task at hand,
the other dramatis personae appear seriously befuddled.
My random reminiscences aren’t going to add up to an adequate picture of these folks, but they’re the best I can do:
  • In the early 1950s, Pappy and Woodrow served as counselors to beloved San Bernardino Stake President Levern M Hansen. One day, our Pontiac was on the fritz, and Woodrow heard about it. Our doorbell rang, and Woodrow handed Pappy the keys to a new, honey-colored Cadillac, which he’d parked out under the walnut tree. With a smile, and a “just bring it back when you no longer need it,” he hopped into another (chauffeured) Caddy and was gone.
  • I needed a summer job between high school and college; Woodrow hired me to learn the mysteries of the steam filter press with which they purified beeswax at the Miller Honey Company in Colton (a large and prosperous family enterprise, which he and Rita owned jointly).
  • Woodrow kindly spoke at my missionary farewell in 1961, beginning his discourse with his characteristic “My Good People…” (click here to hear him). I have a recording of that meeting. Other portions have faded; Woodrow’s still clear.
Before my employment in their family enterprise, Rita was of course our very near neighbor, daughter of Royal P and Rita Skousen, growing up a block or so south of our homestead, and she remained a close friend and Seminary collaborator with the folks long after I left home.
Chot and Ivy Napier
Del Riddle’s grandparents
Ivy playing badminton in our front yard
Cliff Nielsen
Proprietor of Nielsen’s Pharmacy
My employer during high school
Elden & Leola Ord
Pappy served as a counselor to Bishop Elden in the First ward, around 1950. They lived over on Sierra Way, about a half mile west of us. John was my best friend and Steve was Brent’s, in those days, until they moved to Covina. We still got together after that, but not so often.
Bishop Elden “signed” my tithing receipt
At Seminary Graduates’ Day, 1958, with Hugh B Brown and me
Two Leolas at the beach, 1947
Leola at groundbreaking?
The Bishopric Bunch
Ords and Babbs at Thanksgiving
In the kitchen: Grace and two Leolas
Elden spoke at reunion in 2003


Claudia, Karen,
Steven, John, and Tim Ord


Ords and Babbs at Thanksgiving
John and me in Primary, early on
Ords and Babbs at Thanksgiving
John and I taught ourselves chess with a makeshift set we fashioned from coins (penny=pawn, nickel=knight, dime=bishop; quarter=queen; half-dollar=king; no longer sure what we did for rooks. Marks from a black grease-pencil enabled us to distinguish black from “red”). We also assembled a crystal set (you young guys can Google it), which alternated between our homes. Can’t say for sure what John did with it, but I used it to listen surreptitiously to the Lone Ranger, the Cisco Kid, and Inner Sanctum on KITO, under my blankets, after lights-out. Y’didn’t have to plug it in, you see, and the headset didn’t give you away. The folks never really approved of Inner Sanctum, but I found the Creaking Door habit-forming. Still do.
Vern and Mary Poulter
Fostered, or day-cared
Re-connected in Billerica Ward, a quarter-century later
Enjoyed musical involvements, particularly with Mary, a distinguished soprano
Del Riddle
Weary in the dining room
Clowning on the hearth
Baptized by Joe Baker
By the bookcase
By the bookcase, again
Seminary 1955
Seminary 1956
Seminary 1957
Seminary 1958
Christmas Card, 1956
Christmas Card, 1957
Christmas Card, 1958
Key Club
Key Club 1956
Key Club Governor
Drum Major
With bandsmen
PHS Band 1956
Wind quintet
Seminary, 1956
Christmas 1957
Family Portraits
Seminary 1955-56
Seminary 1956-57Del’s Baptism
Graduation regalia, 1956
Loaned MG for graduation shindig
Quadruple date
Alden and Eleen Rigby
Replaced Pappy and Norma in Sri Lanka
Fellow sealer in Bountiful
Returned Pappy’s pencil
Last surviving fighter ace from World War II
Welcomed Bryan, Tucker, and me to their home/aeronautical museum
Myrle Roberts
Mammy’s childhood friend from Brigham City
Plus Florence
Three on a raft
Friends still
Came to our reception
Leroy Robertson
Great-grandfather of Matt Robertson
Befriended impoverished college student Pappy
Matt and Heather Robertson
Great-grandson of Leroy Robertson
Assistant choir director in Arlington
Both playing with the Orchestra on Temple Square circa 2003
Royal P & Rita Skousen
Royal Pratt Skousen and Rita Bentley Skousen, distinguished pioneers1 of the San Bernardino “Mormon” community, had a lovely home on Waterman Avenue, just a couple of blocks south of our homestead. As a small child, I thought their place downright palatial. Here’s their family in 1939, seven years before we moved into their neighborhood.

The older kids were grown and gone before our time; I knew the parents, daughter Rita, and sons Keith and Kenny.
Had the privilege of serving as a junior companion in what we then called the Church’s Ward Teaching program, first to Keith, and later to Kenny. Their sister Rita Skousen Miller worked with my folks in pioneering early-morning Seminary. In the summer of 1958, I worked for Rita’s husband Woodrow at the Miller Honey Company, in Colton; the Millers have their own entry in this index. When I returned from my first mission in April, 1964, Valerie decamped from our Homestead and roomed with Rita (Senior) in theirs, down the street, until our July marriage.
Pedaling my tricycle on the twisty paths of their formal garden, by their gracious standing invitation, I’d encounter the patriarch walking, with his cane. He’d always stop to talk with me, and I learned early to marvel gratefully at his dignity and courtesy: he always treated me as a real person, not just as a little kid on a tricycle. By my teen years, long after the passing of Royal P (in 1950), I realized that he had taught me the meanings of “courtesy” and “courtliness,” without ever using either word.
1He was Branch President in 1927 and later contractor for the construction of the 9th Street chapel.)
These days (2011), Keith is the only survivor of this family group; he and Joan live in Lehi, Utah. I spoke with him on May 21, and he provided this wonderful family photo and historical sketch. He also let me know that he’s looking forward to his 85th birthday next month.
Keith writes:
It all started in Colonia Juàrez, Mexico. There my grandfather Joseph Charles Bentley was Bishop and husband of three wives, beginning in the 1890s. My mother was the second oldest child of the first wife, Maggie Ivins Bentley. The first daughter was Ellice and was a very obedient and dutiful daughter. My mother was hyperactive and constantly on the go with much mischief along the way. Some faithful people in the ward wondered how such a nice Bishop and his wife could have such different children in their family. “Ellice was an angel, they said and Rita was a regular devil.” So that’s the beginning of the story.

Both Rita and Ellice ended up in Alberta, Canada. Both had large families. Rita smoothed out with the pressures and vicissitudes of life, rearing & birthing six children in Canada and two in California.

Due to unpaid bills, my father left Canada in the middle of a raging snow storm and joined his father and brothers in road grading and construction in the Southwest of the U.S.A.

Five years later Roy Skousen went back to Canada and paid all his creditors in full.

The family settled in San Bernardino, California, and lived in a beautiful home at 1409 North Waterman. Roy and Rita decided to keep their family in one home and address while Roy worked in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas in road construction It was a great sacrifice but paid great dividends for the children going to school without moving every time Father would get a new job.

Mother and Father were devoted to the Church and sent all six of their sons on missions. They had many trials and tribulations but remained true and faithful to their Heavenly Father.

In 1977, Pappy and Norma put together a trip to Paris for themselves and some special friends-and-relations. I’m fuzzy on the details, but here’s Rita Miller on the plane. Below, they’re gathered at a café; Rita leans back to face the camera.
Grace and Henry Tan
Taught Leola Chinese cooking
Walt and Karen Terry
Seminary after 1959
Visited Norma Wilcox at the Seville
Collaborated in Quadricentennial observance
MarciaMarcia A Testa
Co-founder and president of Phase V Technologies, Inc. Co-authored QOL articles:

Anderson, Richard B. and Marcia A. Testa, Symptom Distress Checklists as a Component of Quality of Life Measurement: Comparing Prompted Reports by Patient and Physician with Concurrent Adverse Event Reports via the Physician. Drug Information Journal. 1994; 28:89-114. Received Donald E. Francke Award for best article in DIJ for 1994.

Testa, Marcia A., Richard B. Anderson, Johanna F. Nackley, and Norman K. Hollenberg, Quality of Life and Antihypertensive Therapy in Men: A Comparison of Captopril with Enalapril. New England Journal of Medicine 1993; 328:907-13.

Testa, Marcia A., Norman K. Hollenberg, Richard B. Anderson, and Gordon H. Williams, Assessment of Quality of Life by Patient and Spouse During Antihypertensive Therapy with Atenolol and Nifedipine Gastrointestinal Therapeutic System. American Journal of Hypertension 1991; 4:363-373.

Ray Thatcher
Certified my tithing contribution
V Dennis Wardle
A good friend and a distinguished leader in local civil and Church government. San Bernardino County Clerk for thirty years. In that capacity, employed me one high-school summer as a clerk in the Marshal’s office. Mostly typed summonses for traffic offenses.
Got me the job at the Marshal’s Office
Hardin Claude (Ted) & Grace Wells,
Rose Alice, Richard
Of the bishopric: signed my certificate
The Bishopric Bunch
With Babbs and Seelys at table
In the kitchen: Grace and two Leolas
Seminary 1955
Seminary 1956
Rose Alice in Quartet
Seminary 1955-56
Del’s Baptism
In Priesthood award group
Norma Wilcox
San Bernardino friend and neighbor of very long standing.l Passed her last days at the Seville in Orem, as had our Loophie and Grammy. Received a Christmas visit from Walt and Karen Terry.
Ruth & Bill Worsley
Fellow ward members and friends. Ruth was instrumental in connecting me with Nielsen’s Pharmacy, and she was my guardian angel there. When we first met Ruth, in First Ward days, she was Ruth Irwin. John Irwin died, and she married Bill. No photos, alas.
My guardian angel at Cliff’s Drug
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