Deacon, 1953
Like other Latter-day Saint boys, I received the Aaronic Priesthood around my twelfth birthday. Pappy ordained me a deacon, as he did in all my Priesthood ordinations but one.* This is not my ordination certificate (I can’t seem to lay my hands on it) but an “ Individual Aaronic Priesthood Award,” certifying (rather handsomely) that I did what was expected of me, that first year of eligibility.

Note that Shirley Bogh was bishop of the Third Ward by the time (close to that of the groundbreaking) this was issued, with Rex Babb and Rex Millett (our neighbor down the street, and Gordon’s dad) as counselors.

*The exception, in 1970, was my ordination as a Seventy by old friend and then mission president Paul H. Dunn.
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