As a child and as a youth in the Church in San Bernardino, I took part in the usual array of more or less routine activities, as well as some of a more special nature. For some of these, evidence has lasted to this advanced date.

The first of these receipts, for example, certifies that as a seven-year-old I paid thirty-five cents in tithing to the San Bernardino First Ward on the Fourth of July, 1948. Ward Clerk Raymond Thatcher initialed the receipt and affixed Bishop Elden Ord’s official signature stamp.
I’m grateful for the parental training that surely lay behind this contribution; I’ve been a conscientious tithe-payer throughout my life and have tried to transmit the principle and practice intact to my descendants.

My parents and Church leaders also taught me to work, both around the homestead and for the Church. Rex Babb supervised an orange-picking project on the Stake Welfare Farm, one April (unclear which April), and the second receipt above witnesses that I labored there for four hours.

These items get mentioned here, of course, because I’ve preserved concrete memorabilia of them. That doesn’t necessarily make them more important than what I neglect. Just more effectively brought to mind.
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