No, this isn’t the children’s genealogy book I’ve long threatened to write. That, should I live so long, will bear the title Goldilocks and Her Forebears.

But since late 1999, when the good Lord saw fit to whomp me upside the head with a figurative but very disruptive two-by-four, ancestors have been a huge preoccupation. Eventually, I hope to integrate a very great deal of predecessor family information into this history. Until then, I really won’t have accounted for my mortal stewardship.

In the mean time, the raw materials for that ancestral account continue to accumulate in “Our Stories” as a loosely-coordinated collection of diverse “Presentations” reporting results of my poking around. I’d be honored if you’d paw around in those and let me know whether you find any that have been worth the investment. They do connect us to a lot of great events and people from the past: we are richer for knowing of them.
The preceding sections on my Anderson and Seely kinfolk have traced my ancestry back as far as my memory goes; the rest all comes from other records.
Of my eight revered great-grandparents, the life-span of only one, Grandma Sophia Jensina Mogensen Poulsen overlapped mine, and that by only a year or two.
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