Anderson Grandparents

Francis Emmanuel Anderson
& Anna Eloese Poulsen
Fifty years since their Salt Lake Temple marriage on 5 June 1912. Numerous descendants gathered to observe the occasion with Grandma and Grandpa Anderson.
Golden Anniversary
Pappy and Mammy flank the group, with Valerie, the Dunaways (Scott emulating our grandparents’ solemnity), Clair, David (by Pappy), Sharon (by Grandma), Clair’s second wife Donna, and four of their daughters. I was away in France.
A few years earlier (1956, we think, as part of a big after-Church photo-shoot), we actually managed to get Grandma and Grandpa to come close to smiling for the photographer. Never quite understood the cultural imperative that moved many of their generation to persist in such deadpan behavior, in front of the lens. Nobody who knew them thought of them as sourpusses: away from cameras, happy faces were the order of every day.

A younger version of Grandpa and Grandma. That’s either Francis or Pappy in Grandma’s arms. Looks like other baby pictures that we think depict Pappy, but nobody these days can tell us for sure.

Circa 1976, BYU freshman (as he recalls) Scott Dunaway interviewed Grandpa and recorded his reminiscences, and subsequently his funeral, onto a set of cassette tapes. One copy has remained almost half a century, alas deteriorated, among my memorabilia. Your computer1 will enable you to hear what remains in this audio file (to listen, please click below); your charity will forgive the gaps, while regretting them:
1Even my iPhone: I’ve not yet encountered a computer setup that won’t let you hear an audio file like this. If you do, please let me know, and I’ll try to offer a workaround.

Grandpa Anderson’s Life

With Bethany’s help, I’ve transcribed what I can still understand into this PDF file; to read, please scroll down2 in the window below:
2I’ve tested this scrolling text display facility in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome under MacOS, and it works. I can’t vouch for Windows or any other operating system, and I know it doesn’t work under iOS (e.g, iPhone or iPad). If your setup doesn’t serve, I suggest you move to one that does. Or, at least in MacOS Safari, "Open in Preview" will extract the file for you to view or save outside the browser.

And to hear Scott’s recording of Grandpa’s funeral, click below:
Grandpa Anderson’s Funeral
This PDF file contains my transcription of the funeral recording; as before, to read, please scroll down:
At least once, loving young descendants of our Grandma Anna Eloese Poulsen Anderson tried to get her to put her reminiscences down on tape. There’s even a story about hiding the recorder under a Batesville sofa while eliciting memories. The effort seems to have been aborted when it became necessary to switch the tape, whereupon she caught on to the ruse.

Around her birthday in 1980, however, profiting from that year’s miraculous confluence of Andersons in Arlington, we did, however, gather at Timbaloo to offer our occasionally-musical felicitations via cassette tape recorder:
Grandma Anderson’s Birthday Greetings, 1980

And then three years later, in celebration of Grandma’s ninetieth birthday (and Rick’s departure for college [at Ricks College, of course]), we held a major family reunion in Batesville, Indiana, making sure to preserve generational portraits of Grandma and her descendants.
Andersons and Turkeys
At the Airport
Sunset, 1957
San Bernardino, 1956
Family Portraits
Golden Andersons
Anderson Generations
Temple Garden
Here and there
Ogden, meeting Rick
The Anderson family on the porch, circa 1920
Parents & grandparents by the fire in Price
Told “Sneaky Pete” story
Gave me a silver dollar for 1st birthday
Christmas morning
By the fireplace
By the bookcase
Three generations, in San Bernardino
Nuclear crew
Patriarchal Four Badminton, Pontiac
Favored Pontiacs
With Scott, Brent, Marilyn
Sold me Hesperus
Came to our wedding
Patriarchal Four
In Ogden, with Rick, 1966
Seeing the folks off, 1967
Pappy at their house after the accident
At the Taits’
In Cambridge for my Harvard Commencement
Visibly tickled at Book Award reception
In Ogden, with great-grandkids
Grandma’s ninetieth birthday!
Four-generation gathering
Four-generation gathering
With Rick and Chris
With Cyndi and Debbie
With Rebecca and Justin
Solo portrait
Out of focus
1983—Reunion in Batesville
Grandma died 17 October 1986, aged 95
Grandma had been staying with Ruth and Jim
Remembered by Debbie with a piano composition, “Eloese”
Grandma supported family in Depression
by cooking for miners

Paid for Pappy’s college with coal
Christmas in Sunset, 1965
Holidays in Sunset
Loved roses
Thanksgiving in Sunset, 1963
Thanksgiving in Sunset
Three generations, in Sunset
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