Uncle Clair and Family

Milton Clair Anderson
& Dorothy Butcher
David Anderson
Sharon Anderson

Clair, David, Sharon, Dorothy on the Christmas couch at home

David, Scott, and Brent at Disneyland, 1958

Dave and Marta on their wedding day, at the Los Angeles Temple, with Jim Dunaway, Norma, Ruth, Grandma and Grandpa Anderson.

Dave lived with Pappy and Mammy at the 16th street homestead during the school year 1966/67. Then, off and on from Jan 1972 to March 1973, he stayed with Pappy and Norma at the Olivewood place.
At the Airport
Golden Andersons
Here and there
Clair in Merchant Marine, during World War II
Dave and Marta on their wedding day
Brent, Dave and Scott at Disneyland
At Golden Anniversary celebration, 1962
Wedding in Apex
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