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Grandpa and Grandma Anderson celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 5, 1962. Richard was in France, but Valerie added her loveliness to Leola’s as they anchored the right side of this photo, and Duane bracketed the scene on the left, with his nephew David Anderson, next to him. Dave’s dad, Duane’s younger brother Milton Clair Anderson, stands next, holding up a cute little daughter of his whose name we don’t recall. In front of Clair, in pink, his daughter Sharon. That’s Donna, Clair’s second wife, next to him; we don’t know the other daughters (our cousins) surrounding him here.

We’ve never had very strong communications with that branch of the family, apart from Dave, who lived with the folks in San Bernardino, for a while, as a teenager; he’s now a successful Dupont chemist and grandparent in North Carolina.

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