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   Dancing in Rosette7
   Leola and Verna8
   “My Sister Leola11
   The Mad Seelys14
   The Glass Slipper, sorta15
   The Brigham City Homestead16
   Seely Christmas 194117
   Mad Seelys and Spouses19
   Myrle and Leola24
   Florence, Leola, and Myrle25
   Romantic Fantasy28
   In the Canyon29
Mrs H Duane Anderson30
   Wedding Presents30
   Portraits with Duane31
Christmas Cards38
   Christmas 194138
   Christmas 194839
   Christmas 195740
   Christmas 195841
   Christmas 196742
Family Life43
   Brent, the Scout44
   Brent’s Cowlick?46
   At the Airport47
   Family Portraits51
   Andersons and Turkeys52
   Golden Andersons54
   Anderson Generations55
   Another New Anderson56
   Temple Garden57
   Seeing Richard and Valerie Off58
   Here and There59
Friends old and new61
   Friends Still: Florence and Myrle61
   Friends Still: the Ellises62
   New Friends: the Bishopric   64
   New Friends and Old Kin66
   In the Kitchen67
Leola, Teacher68
   Seminary 1955-5669
   Seminary Chorus70
   Seminary 1956-5771
   Seminary 1958-5972
   Del’s Baptism73
   Annie’s Tribute74
   Leola, CES Chieftain77
Leola, Writer78
   “As the Heart Grows79
   “My Husband Calls on Fridays80
   “The House in the Valley84
Leola, Tourist89
   British Columbia90
   Around the USA, 195792
   DC, New York93
   Concord Bridge94
   Europe, 196395
   Boston, 1966108
Leola, Grandma110
   Yellowstone, Rushmore111
   Boston, 1966112
   Christmas, 1967114
   Happy portraits116
Leola, Missionary117
   With missionaries118
   With members119
   Chambord in the Citroën122
   In the Mission Office123
    Leola’s Missionary Journal124
Final scenes124
   The Accident125
   Press Notices126
   Later Press Notices128
   Verna’s Sketch131
   The End of This Road136
Epilogue: 19 June 2010137
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