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By 2007-8, when young Elder Mitt had grown into Mitt Romney, Presidential candidate, the press paid a whole lot more attention, some of it retroactive to The Accident.
David Kirkpatrick of the New York Times, Michael Paulson of The Boston Globe, and Eli Saslow of the Washington Post all (independently) approached us to find out more about the accident. We entered upon these conversations rather gingerly, surmising that each reporter would have been overjoyed to be the first to uncover some dirt on Mitt. As we talked, however, each clearly gave up any muckraking intentions and came around to a much more sympathetic (and from our point of view, accurate) position. However that may be, each produced a very professional and sensitive essay for his newspaper, and we’re glad to have had a part in the process.

The pieces range more widely than we need to do here, but here’s a PDF extract of each, for your convenience if you care to read them:

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