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If hypertext links don’t scare you, and if the Internet hasn’t evolved unduly by the time you see these words, please put this book down, fire up your Web browser, and point it to
…and you’ll be set to read this section as we wrote it, in HyperText Markup Language (HTML). With freedom to jump around, following the thread of your interest via embedded links, as on the Internet.

This print edition is merely a hard-copy printout of a bunch of screen displays, forced into one of many possible (and possibly-meaningful) sequences. Everything’s here, in the print version, although the images look better on the screen. You can see the links, but they don’t work. That would annoy us, but some folks find the printed page so comforting that they’re willing to sacrifice the flexibility of hypertext. To them, with some feeling of frustration, this version is dedicated.

Copyright ©2010 Richard B. Anderson

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