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Leola’s next episode in her new role as Grandma* came only a few months later, at Christmas time, 1966, in Boston. We’ve already presented a couple of touristic photos from that visit. This one, including little Rick, appears to be set by a chilly Boston Harbor, but memory doesn’t yield any details.
*It would have been interesting to learn what name Rick might have given her. Granny (as Valerie prefers)? or Nana, as in some other branches of the family? Duane became Grandpappy: hence perhaps Grandmammy? Or even simply Grandma? Coach? Grandcoach? Your guess is as good as ours. Their lives didn’t overlap enough, alas, to let us find out.
Leola’s last Boston visit came the next spring, as she and Duane were on their way to preside over the French Mission in Paris.

Yes, that’s a leash on Rick, as he trots down what he would later call “Sycamore Sidewalk,” in the Waverley neighborhood of Belmont. You have maybe a better way to keep a toddler safely close without unnecessary tears?
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