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Ogden, Weber, Utah
Orem, Utah, Utah
Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Palmyra, Wayne, New York
Paris, France
Park Valley, Box Elder, Utah
Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France
Phelps, Ontario, New York
Plymouth, Massachusetts
Portage County, Ohio
Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Price, Carbon, Utah
Provo, Utah, Utah
Ogden, Weber, Utah Pappy’s famous photo of my natal loveliness
We moved from Price to 2608 Gramercy Avenue, in 1942
Our neighbors in Ogden
We moved from Price to 2608 Gramercy Avenue, in 1942
Grandma Anderson’s mother
Poulter family day-cared me during war
With me on her lap
Carters & Seelys
Home of Ken and Verna Carter On Sailor, in Park Valley
In 1970, we moved to the Billerica Ward
Brent born 17 November in Ogden; Portrait, circa 1946
Moved from Ogden to Sunset in late 1945 or early 1946
Something like a year later, we had moved 150 miles north to Ogden
On the way, they stopped in Ogden, so that Rick could meet his Anderson great-grandparents.
3905 Fowler Avenue
The accident was big news
My Pappy snapped this shot in the kitchen sink in Ogden on my half-birthday, Friday, August 15, 1941
we left Ogden for Sunset
we moved from Price to Ogden
I appear to have been much taken with Grandpa Anderson’s roses
gave me a shiny silver dollar for my first birthday.
Price fireplace
2608 Gramercy Avenue, Ogden
Grandma Anderson’s mother, Sophia Jensena Mogensen Poulsen (1867-1943)
Pappy and Mammy were working at the Ogden Arsenal
I got what we’d now call family day-care from the Poulter family.
my fourth birthday approaches
it’s Christmas, and I’m playing Jack Frost.
Duane Brent Anderson arrives on November 17 and comes home to 2608 Gramercy Avenue
Not sure what I’m trying to read to my rather inert little brother
My last birthday in Utah, until 2003
Before 1946 was over, we would move twice
first from Ogden to Sunset
and then to San Bernardino
we moved a few miles to Sunset
The house number then was 11; now it’s 1861 North 75 West
Carters and Seelys
Our Park Valley Carters
Toddling toward the mast
Sweetness and loot
Kenneth (K.G.), then Elder Carter in (I think) New Zealand. Bought Hesperus from Grandpa Anderson
We stopped for a couple of days in Ogden
Next, on to Ogden
This was the second meeting between Rick and his Anderson great-grandparents
eir home. Ogden and Roses
by the willow adjoining Grandpa’s and Grandma’s house
in Ogden, with the Anderson great-grandfolks
just half-way from Salt Lake to Ogden…
Alfa Jean was born April 17, 1931, in Ogden
She eventually married Thomas E. Browning, the Chief of Police of Ogden
Orem, Utah, Utah Brent, of Orem, came to Mammy’s centenary celebration.
We stayed with Don and Virginia Maynes in the summer of 1954.
The Mayneses came to our wedding reception.
While in Utah, we stopped to see Scott and Ruth Dunaway
That beautiful cherry-red truck must have belonged to Ron’s uncle Rick-the-Orem-cop.
Family picnic with Marc and Sarah and family.
We stopped to see Scott and Ruth Dunaway and their family in Orem.
At the Seville Retirement Center on Center Street, Norma served as hostess for visiting entertainers
Walt Terry visited Norma Wilcox at the Seville
To celebrate Pappy on his hundredth birthday, we gathered at a park.
The Badibanga family, formerly of Kinshasa, now of Orem
Oxford, Oxfordshire, England Detested birthplace of Uncle King Richard
24GGF Henry III and the Provisions of Oxford
21GGF Hugh de Audley, in our Plantagenet line by his marriage to 21GGM Margaret de Clare: 1st Earl of Gloucester, 1st Baron Audley (c. 1291 – 10 November 1347) of Stratton Audley in Oxfordshire
24GU Richard Plantagenet hated Oxford, his birthplace
Stratford closer to Cambridge than to Oxford
Leola in Oxford?
Our Grandpa King Henry II Fitz-Empress Plantagenet and his intercontinental celebrity son, our Uncle King Richard I Coeur de Lion Plantagenet built much of the château royal de Loches, back in the 12th century. We’re told that Uncle Richard, who despised his English birthplace (Oxford) preferred to spend as much time as possible here and in his great treasure city of Chinon
Signed up for a one-day bus circuit and enjoyed my first exposure to England, with several of the usual Stations of the Tour: Brasenose College at Oxford…
He always disliked England, where he was born (at Oxford), and never learned much English. Always preferred French and stayed on the Continent as much as possible.
Palmyra, Wayne, New York Palmyra, Manchester, Fayette, Cumorah
1816, when the Smiths moved from Vermont to nearby Palmyra
Freedom lies about a hundred miles west of the Farmington/Phelps/Palmyra triangle
Birthplace of “Mormonism”
Close to Farmington, Phelps
Home of Joseph Smith
Near Palmyra
Joseph Smith’s farm house in Palmyra
Kirtland, Palmyra
Kirtland, Palmyra
Springfield, Kirtland, Palmyra
Springfield, Kirtland, Palmyra
Palmyra, New York, near the Hill Cumorah
Palmyra, New York, near the Hill Cumorah
Uncle Porter was born in Belchertown, Massachusetts, and moved to Palmyra, New York
the Farmington/Phelps/Palmyra triangle
Paris, France I’ve resided in some amazing places, over the past fourscore years
Gordon and Elaine had been strongly attracted to each other in Paris
President Packer taught us about the Correlation Program in Paris
Duane and Leola in Paris, 1967-1969
Andy and Valerie in Paris, 1968-1969
Christmas in Paris
President McKay approved our 1968 mission to Paris in an unusual fashion.
Erik went straight for the candle-flame on his first birthday, in Paris
My first mission president in Paris, 1961-64
Caused a bubbly feeling…
Elders Dodd and Nelson took us by Métro to the Place de l’Étoile
Briefed new missionaries in Paris
Impressive man and leader
Received counsel from President and Sister Hinckley, and Elders Dodd, Nelson, Woolley, and Cowan
Met in his office
Senior companion in Rennes
Across the Atlantic
Presided at mission conference in Paris 15 Nov 1961
Came to mission conference in Paris 15 Nov 1961
Transferred to Paris
Addressed mission conference in Paris 11 Jan 1962
Called all-mission conference in Paris 10 Jan 62
20 Jun 62: Went to Paris; took me as far as Angers.
28 Jun 62: Transferred to Paris.
Called Paris conference 4 Jul 62
Set up Paris conference for President Moyle 3 Jul 62
Transferred to Paris 5 Jul 62
Mission printer; my companion in Paris
Came to Paris 1 Jun 63
Helped host Leroys in Paris 1 Jun 63 (photo)
Came with Pappy to Paris in Jun 63
Finally came to Paris in Jun 63
Finally got to Paris while I was there
22 Sep 63 We asked Esmé to help integrate her into the Branch in Paris
Photo: Esmé dancing in the Paris Branch salle
1 Nov 63: Absent from his Paris conference for auxiliary leaders
1 Nov 63: Paris conference for auxiliary leaders
Memorable Christmas-tide walk in Paris when “Wozzeck” opened
My successor as publications staffer in Paris
On Their Way to Paris
Christmas in Paris and Geneva
our wondrous Christmas reunion in Geneva and Paris.
Returned to Paris via Bern
Christmas morning in Paris
“Already approved” our return to Paris with Pappy, 1968
Returned to Paris to help President Grandpappy
Went back to Paris to help Pappy
With Pappy, Chollet, Defaye, Valerie, and me in Paris
Notified folks of Paris Mission call, as Mammy reported in her Journal.
In Paris, with Harts
Christmas walk in Paris, retold
Visited us in Paris, 1968
Second consecutive Christmas in Paris
still charming them in Oakland as he did in Paris
At Rick’s birthday party in Paris
Paris would be hard to top.
From a letter written by Fannie Decker Little to her husband Feramorz Little, then in Paris:
1967: when they were called to go to Paris
In Paris, folks got to know Duane’s slide camera
Leola hand- wrote seasonal greetings on Paris note-paper
The stationery reflects her setting in Paris
Dave went to Paris and the French Mission; Brent, to Geneva and the French East
Richard is on the Mission President’s staff in Paris
still on their circuitous way to Paris
Paris! At last!
Leola and Duane sublet a Paris apartment
the Catacombs of the Place Denfert-Rochereau
Youth Conference in Liége.
As Duane craved Paris, just so did Leola desire Hawaii
Leola’s last Boston visit came the next spring, as she and Duane were on their way to Paris.
Valerie and Ricky and Richard went from Paris to Geneva to pick up Brent
Christmas in Paris Mission Home
Christmas in Paris
Christmas in Paris
flew to Paris
Mission Headquarters office at 3, rue de Lota, Paris XVI
Leola was an instant success in Paris
the folks came through Geneva on their way to Paris
David Hutchings drove them to Berchtesgaden from Paris
the year they served together in Paris
the office that Duane occupied as President of the French Mission at 3, rue de Lota, in the XVIième arrondissement of Paris.
Springtime in Paris!
They worried in Paris
pavés from Paris.
Dane C McBride, one of Duane’s and Leola’s young missionaries in Paris
Duane returned to Paris to resume his mission after the accident
last-born Sarah coming only weeks after the Treaty of Paris
Mammy in the Mission Office
They really did have fun that summer, stopping to see a missionary in Paris.
a bit more than half a year in Paris
Pappy was called to preside over my old mission in Paris
The car, a brand-new 1965 Renault 6CV bearing Paris license plates
he and Mammy did come in 1963, while I was assigned to the Mission Office in Paris
Rue de Lota, Paris (XVIième)
I was startled to see Parisian cops with automatic weapons on every street corner
10-18 Arrived in Paris at 9:03 a.m.
my dreams of Paris
Place de la Concorde
saw a good deal of Paris at sunset
Soeur Delétang’s daughter Solange, is in Paris
nous prendrons un train à Paris
we’ll take a train to Paris
from La Rochelle to Rouen, Paris, Troyes, and Dijon
administrivia … I sent a form to Paris
Much can yet happen in Paris or even here
We saw sister Bauguin was leaving for Paris
transfer telegram: Elder Enos to Paris
Elder Fyffe isn’t back from Paris, yet
They’ll take good care of him in Paris
Elder Howard W Hunter had come to Paris and called an all-Mission conference
Then we all went proselytizing in the Paris Métro
the big vegetables in Paris
we suggest something to the authorities in Paris
Lynn Bennion got his telegram: he’s on his way to Paris
Sister Cauche is going to Paris to see her father
Sister Fauchard ’s daughter may be baptized in Paris
President Moyle would arrive in Paris tomorrow morning
Sister Hess is leaving also, to Paris
So we celebrate the Fourth of July by going to Paris
didn’t want to let us rent their hall in the rue de Paris
The big vegetables in Paris don’t show any signs of life
It’s now been a year since Air France brought me to Paris
to rent a hall belonging to the Hôtel Parisien
This shop is near the Mission Home in Paris
I’m transferred to Paris
an elder was looking for a companion to go visit the Eiffel Tower
So now I’m living at the Mission Home
President Petersen held a conference for the missionaries of Paris
President Rulon T Hinckley, who, said he, “…until the day that the Lord put him in charge of the Kingdom in Paris, had never been more than ten feet from the tail of a horse.”
Steve Covey congratulated the missionaries of Paris
dinner at the Eagle (a sort of Parisian Yee Hong Guey)
Pappy finally got there while I was in Paris.
They did go through Italy on their way to Paris.
here they are, safely arrived in Paris
It would be hard to overstate Brother Chang’s asset value to our abbey
the Paris Catacombs
Our little family was back living at 3, rue de Lota
our supply had run short in Paris.
Brother Carlson’s business had brought him to Paris
a meeting in Paris of Presidents
Esmé and Chester helped welcome Sister Panazol into the branch
We returned home to Paris Tuesday afternoon
plan to be away from Paris until Thursday
Esmé became an enthusiastic member of the Paris branch
Esmé was the first Miss Paris
my second mission to Paris in 1968-69
they’d met a really neat Parisian lady
Paris may be the world capital of classy fun
the Taiwan regime’s last hurrah in Paris
C. Brooklyn Derr on the Paris Métro
22 November, 1963—Friday evening, and la branche de Paris is gathered
our visitors did a lot of damage
the Church did some serious growing up
C Brooklyn (“Beetle”) Derr and I shared the night Wozzeck opened at the Opéra
I loved the Home, the Staff, my job, Paris
J Malan Heslop came to Paris
the cute little boy and his family were Paris branch members
Farewell to Paris
Elder Bennion sent me away from Paris
The Champs Élysées turns into the Avenue de la Grande Armée at what we then called the Place de l’Étoile; at the city limit, it becomes the Avenue de Neuilly
The Dubois family has just lost a relative and will be in Paris for a few days
Elder Berthelson has gone to Paris
Stan Simon, from Paris, chairman of the organizing committee
Returned from Paris in gorgeous weather
We all, three hundred or so of us, gathered in Paris and boarded buses bound for the Temple in Zollikofen (near Bern), Switzerland.
old Paris friend and companion C Brooklyn “Beetle” Derr stopped to see us in May
Old Paris companion Gordon (“Bar-Jonas The Whale”) Jones stayed overnight with us on Beacon Street
still the same brilliant, thoughtful, irrepressible “Bar-Jonas” we loved in Paris
Have to ask for her assessment of the one in Paris
our wondrous Christmas with the folks in Paris
tour-guide mode for lots of visitors to Middlesex County and to Paris
The Lights are celebrating her birthday in Paris
So we had the honor of their company again in June, 1967, as they headed for Paris
they had to move fast to get this joint portrait with the Harts
By the time we went to Paris for Christmas, we were expecting again
our marvelous final family reunion in Paris
how sweet it was to come back home to 3, rue de Lota
It’s been a long time, but there are still those around who express their gratitude to God that H. Duane Anderson and Leola Seely Anderson came to Paris to preside
branch Société de Secours’s dinner for women who lived alone, for all missionaries in the Paris area, and us, the Mission President’s family
…I came with one task: to find a toy trombone for my firstborn
Well, it was Scarlet Ribbons time, for sure
Y’don’t come to Paris without undertaking the obligatory tourism.
Back in Paris, the folks settled down
we arranged for Valerie and Rick and me to accompany Pappy back to Paris
Clark Abt hooked me up with the Paris office of METRA
Robert Chollet (right, of Paris). Marvelous yokefellows.l
So, we four showed up at 3, rue de Lota, to support our convalescent Pappy
we jump forward to their arrival in Paris, July 7, 1967
The Folks in Paris
the year Mammy and Pappy enjoyed in and out of Paris
They entertained Church dignitaries and recorded their visits to Paris
Mission Headquarters in Paris was out of contact
Pau lies 500 miles south of Paris
set out for Bordeaux and Paris again
A lot of people were sorry to lose our Mammy
we told Pappy that we would be available to return with him
Appendix-Appendix: Paris
here’s our Paris hoard
our Paris images
Appendix-to-the-Appendix reports our explorations of our home base, Paris, la Ville Lumière
I maintained contact with Abt Associates and with Metra in Paris
Parisian bureaucrat in the 5e Bureau got my name right
our official friends in Paris
Everything in France had to be centered in Paris
Just five years later, a similar meeting was convened in Paris
Paris Branch President Émile Goret
The President’s Staff in Paris took part
Pappy called Mitt and me to his office
picked up our load of books, and headed back to Paris
we saw him Boyd Packer than once in Paris
We celebrated our second consecutive Christmas in Paris
Vol d’Oiseau semi-photographic map of Paris
The Family in Paris
Whatever…are we ever Parisian!
Paris’ signature drizzle
a couple of meetings with folks from Metra
…As if, now that we’d lived together in Paris, anyplace else could ever really feel like home…
the Catholic Church paid for our trip back to Boston
It fell to me to get him back to Paris
missionary in the Paris area had been struck and killed by a train
Pappy labeled this shot “Grève Angers.”
I was trying hard to pass as a Breton
a miracle story
Pappy opened Bayonne and Biarritz
appendix to this appendix
Saumur was one of many picturesque places
cultural and touristic explorations
I did visit Versailles
the Bilingual Pre-school in Paris
our only new car ever: Brunnhilde
Just then, we heard from Metra
I hoped fervently that “…my work herein was not despised of the Lord,” ‘cause I really did love those people.
I’d been “dévoué comme nul autre.
smooth out the missionary-member interface
our marvelous and tender “couples’ mission” in Paris
our World War I butcher knife (Solingen: first prize, 1900 World’s Fair in Paris)
“the Comité,”
forty-one (save the mark!) years earlier in Paris
fellow resident of
to this day, Mitt and I have never talked politics.
several pavés from Paris
Ned and Gwen Winder paid a visit to Pappy and Mammyin Paris
I referred to the Mission Home in Paris as a “palace”
now that there’s a Paris Temple
Carols we sang on the streets of Paris during Christmas 1963
good times we had in the SLC Mission Home and then when we were all together in the Paris Mission Home
I remember long walks across Paris
me and Beetle dressing the dead body in a Paris hotel
With old pre-mission friend (and returned Paris missionary)
In 1977, Pappy and Norma put together a trip to Paris
Park Valley, Box Elder, Utah Our Park Valley Carters
The Seelys moved to Rosette/Park Valley
Grandpa A. M. Seely and Grandma Alfaretta Neff Seely moved their growing family to Rosette, five miles west of Park Valley
Home of Ken and Verna Carter
at the Carter ranch at Park Valley
Our Park Valley Carters
Aunt Verna and Uncle Ken in Park Valley
He began teaching at Park Valley
He held various church positions including bishop of the Park Valley Ward
He was born on March 9, 1901 in Park Valley
They ran a sheep and cattle ranch in Park Valley
She grew up on a ranch in Park Valley
Together they raised six children, living in Park Valley…
Yes, this is the ranch in Park Valley
Not sure who was visiting whom where; doesn’t look like Park Valley
Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France Branch president called to report “une histoire”
(Now that they could obtain “essence”): “We’ll be right there.”
Phelps, Ontario, New York Born in Phelps, New York
Close to Farmington, Phelps
Settled in Phelps 1820
GGGM Lucy Ann Decker, born May 17, 1822 at Phelps
Phelps, New York, about four and a half miles from Hill Cumorah
Birthplace of Lucy, Charles, Harriet Decker
miles southwest of Phelps. Here he lived for about 6 years …
Phelps, Ontario, New York
between his birth place and Phelps
the village school teacher in Phelps
March 1826 Phelps, Ontario, New York.
Mrs. Hanks was born March 13, 1826, in Phelps
Isaac Decker had been successful by the time he married the village school teacher in Phelps
he moved to Freedom, Cattaraugus, N.Y. about 80 miles southwest of Phelps
take a job school teaching in Phelps
Phelps, Ontario County, New York
While in Phelps from 1820 to 1827
the Farmington/Phelps/Palmyra triangle
Lyons is the next town north and a little east of Phelps
Household #770 in Phelps, headed by Peter Decker
We don’t find an 1820 Census entry for an Isaac Decker in Phelps
Freedom lies about a hundred miles west of the Farmington/ Phelps/Palmyra triangle
Close to Farmington, Phelps
Isaac Decker, a young farmer from the neighboring town of Phelps
Plymouth, Massachusetts Thomas Willett, Deputy Governor of the Plymouth Colony
Chronicler of Mayflower and Plymouth settlement
Life in Plymouth not so somber
resigned as Deputy Governor of the Plymouth Colony
Made peace between the Pilgrims and the Indians in Plymouth?
Spent two years in the Jamestown settlement
Lost his father in the first terrible winter in Plymouth?
Grew up in the household of Governor Bradford in Plymouth?
Only one of Plymouth’s surviving historic houses was ever occupied by any Mayflower passenger
John Browne, assistant governor
Assistant to the Governor of Plymouth Colony.
Assistant Governor of Plymouth.
he worked closely with Bradford in Plymouth
Mayflower of 1620 took the original Pilgrims to Plymouth
the Handmaid dropped anchor at Plymouth
Allerton dealt with the backers of Plymouth Plantation
Plymouth was still a leader in the affairs of the colony
They arrived at the Plymouth Colony on 15 March, 1630
Thomas Willett happened to be in Plymouth
sent them packing back to Plymouth
Bradford’s History of the Plymouth settlement
earned the praise of William Bradford of Plymouth
one of the most influential families of the Plymouth Colony
Mary Brown was from Plymouth
Governor Bradford, of Plymouth congratulated Stuyvesant
retained his interests in the Plymouth Colony
a magistrate of the Plymouth Colony
Thomas Willett was made Captain of the Plymouth Company of Militia
the Plymouth Colony requested that Wamsutta come to Plymouth
Thomas journeyed back and forth, in Plymouth on Court days
beef, and pork, to be obtained in Plymouth or
If Plymouth was the northern part of Virginia
By authority of the Court of New Plymouth
established the colony of Plymouth
Mary Brown, died at their home in the Plymouth Colony
Plymouth gave him liberty to purchase lands
bring the rest of the Leydon congregation to Plymouth
he was in Plymouth on business
give it up and return to Plymouth
Thomas and Mary Willett lived in Plymouth
captain of the military company of Plymouth, succeeding Myles Standish
. accompany the expedition as agent for Plymouth
returned to his home in Swansea, west of Plymouth
Thomas Willett, assistant governor
Our Pilgrim descent
a transcription of the Plymouth records that mention Stephen Hopkins
you’re the child of no fewer than four of the famous Pilgrims
9GGF Thomas Rogers died in the first terrible Plymouth winter
removed to new communities within the Plymouth Colony
the Plymouth Colony had long been absorbed
Mary Belcher (1641-1591) of Marshfield, Plymouth County
five-generation history in Plymouth Colony
Flat Stanley in Plymouth
Cole’s Hill, Plymouth
2002: Plymouth—Sarcophagus
The Quadricentennial of the arrival at Plymouth!
Portage County, Ohio Decker family baptized
before moving on to Portage County, Ohio
The Deckers had settled in Portage County, when they united with the Latter-day Saints
the youngest daughter, Fanny Maria, was born April 24 1830, before moving on to Portage
Portsmouth, Rhode Island Where Michael Bacon sent pregnant Mary to escape scandal.
Price, Carbon, Utah My birthplace
This birth certificate declares that I entered the world via Price City Hospital
February 15, 1941, early in the year of the attack on Pearl Harbor. the hospital building (now part of a school)
hospital building, conveniently located at the bottom of the hill.
At the time this picture was taken the hospital was solely owned by Price City
It later became the Price-Carbon Hospital.
From Mammy’s Book of Remembrance: My birth certificate identifies the street address as 24 East Sixth North
“View from our front Porch”
some evocative indoor images: parents & grandparents by the fire

First Birthday
note the Price fireplace, which proves we hadn’t yet moved to Ogden by mid-February, 1942. First birthday
Leola and Duane were glad to become parents
Shortly after my first Christmas, we moved from Price to Ogden
Across the Country via Price: Only in 2013, when I came into possession of Mammy’s incomplete Book of Remembrance were we able to pick out the right house, which still stands.
Provo, Utah, Utah William Winterton stopped at the home of Isaac Decker near Heber…on his way to Provo.
Charles just got a letter from father, and started over to Provo valley.
Actually, he wound up ranching in the Heber area, in the mountains east of Provo in Utah Valley.
[repeated] Actually, he wound up ranching in the Heber area, in the mountains east of Provo in Utah Valley.
Our family spent the summer of 1954 in Provo.
Returned from Provo & found luggage belonging to companion, Edwin Denney NeVille, on bed.
Pappy went to Provo and plugged himself into the very active local Senior Singles Scene.
They’re dancing on the sidewalk in front of the “Blue Mansion,” the Pardoe homestead in Provo.
Meanwhile, also in the fecund matrimonial atmosphere of Provo
Brent and Janet took part in BYU graduation ceremonies in Provo.
We drove to Provo for Bert’s funeral.
Debbie’s and Tony’s wedding reception in Provo in 1995.
Jae was called back to Provo to participate in the administration of the university.
Maggie arrived at the hospital in Provo.
Here’s Rebecca, wallowing in the joy in Provo
Still in Provo, I think, before they moved (yay!) to New Hampshire.
Cyndi, Puddleglum, and Ron at their digs in Provo;
At South Station to see Debbie and Rebecca off to Provo.
Bethany Ann Ralston made her entrance in Provo.
Debbie became Mrs Anthony Charles Olsen in the Washington, D. C. Temple, with a reception in Provo
All three of my mission presidents came to their Provo celebration
We loving siblings gathered on Dave’s front porch in Provo.
Allen’s Camera, on University Avenue in Provo
Zannah’s Flat Stanley project took the crowd to Provo.
Subsequently, I dined with John Murphy in Provo
It was at one of these dances that Gwen met Kenneth Joseph Goates, who was attending BYU in Provo
Born in Provo, like Bethany, her mom, Zoe Kathleen Webster
Rick appointed as University Librarian at BYU in Provo.
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