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Here’s how the family members who came fit together:
  • Leola’s sons, Richard (of Kaysville, Utah, nowadays) and Brent (of Orem, Utah), accompanied by their principal treasures, Valerie (Valerie Jorgenson Anderson) and Mimi (Miriam Wright Penn Anderson), respectively,

  • Two children of Leola’s brother Jim (Francis Leland Seely):

    • Gwen Goates, with her husband Ken, here from Spanish Fork, Utah; and

      • Mike Goates, son of Ken and Gwen, with his wife Deena, of Brigham City, Utah.

    • Jim Seely, with his wife Ellie, of Mountain Green, Utah.
  • Two of Leola’s grandsons, sons of Brent:

    • Marc Anderson, with his wife Sarah, here from Mount Pleasant, Utah; and their children Ellie, Ben, Lilly, and Maddie (Leola’s great-grandkids);

    • Nathan Anderson, with his son Dane, of Murray, Utah.
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