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Madurodam, Holland
Manti, Sanpete, Utah
Marshalsea prison, Southwark, London, England
Massachusetts Bay Colony
Menlo Park, San Mateo, California
Menotomy, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Millbrae, San Mateo, California
Montecito Memorial Park and Mortuary
Montrose, Lee, Iowa
Moulton, Lincolnshire, England
Mount Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah
Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
New Boston Inn, Sandisfield
New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut
New Towne, Middlesex, Massachusetts
New York, New York
Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Madurodam, Holland Miniature city, enjoyed by Leola in 1963
Manti, Sanpete, Utah Preparing for his missionary departure, the folks went to the temple in Manti with Brent, where he received his endowment on April 17, 1965. Leola looks really lovely, between her two six-footers. Do you think the photographer intended to repeat the twin-tower theme from the background?
Isaac Joseph Seely married Elizabeth Jane Fisher May 17 1862; they were later sealed in the Manti Temple
Black, William Morley…was baptized in 1849 by Levi Jackman, assisted in erecting the Council House, and worked as a mason on the tithing office, which was built on the ground now occupied by the Hotel Utah. Being called by Pres. [Uncle Brigham] Young to aid in settling Sanpete valley, he started for that part of the country, but was attacked by Indians in Spanish Fork canyon. By the heroic effort of Ephraim K. Hanks, peace was made with the Indians and the party reached Manti in a snowstorm.
Marshalsea prison, Southwark, London, England Place of imprisonment in 1448 of 16GGF William Tailboys, de jure 7th Baron Kyme
Massachusetts Bay Colony Early home of our Middlesex pioneer Ancestors
Chartered Harvard College in 1636
The New Towne situated to plug a gap in defenses
Nathan Munroe signed a petition to the General Court of Massachusetts Bay Colony to create a separate township or district for them

9GGF Joseph Farwell, born 1641 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts Bay Colony
9GGM Hannah Learned 25 Dec 1666 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts Bay Colony
8GGM Hannah Farwell married 8GGM Samuel Woods II 30 Dec 1685 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts Bay Colony
7GGF Samuel Woods III born c.1700 in Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts Bay Colony
married 7GGM Patience Bigelow 29 Nov 1720 in Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts Bay Colony
6GGM Abigail Woods born 1726 in Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts Bay Colony
married 6GGF Oliver Wheeler I 10 Oct 1747 in Acton, Middlesex, Massachusetts Bay Colony
5GGF Oliver Wheeler II born 13 November 1748 in Acton, Middlesex, Massachusetts Bay Colony
Massachusetts Bay Colony Tercentenary Commission
Massachusetts Bay Colony chartered the New Towne in 1635
Situated to plug a gap in defenses of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Massachusetts Bay Colony founded at Salem September 1628
Massachusetts Bay Colony absorbed the Plymouth Colony
the Massachusetts Bay Colony chartered NewTowne in 1635
New Towne, Massachusetts Bay Colony
31: in the defenses of the new Massachusetts Bay Colony
Precinct of Cambridge Farms, within the Massachusetts Bay Colony’s New Towne
massacre in Lancaster, Massachusetts Bay Colony
Menlo Park, San Mateo, California Sweet Seminary class
Standing O for Rick’s arrival
Menotomy, Middlesex, Massachusetts Early home of our Middlesex pioneer Ancestors
Married Mary Hubbard; father of Hubbard; grandfather of Jason of Menotomy
Of Menotomy; played a prominent and terminal role in the hostilities of the Lexington-Concord Alarm
Jason Russell House: Revolutionary shrine in Menotomy (called Arlington, since 1867)
Credited with building Jason Russell House in Menotomy
Our family’s history abounds in colonial New Towne, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, and in its successor communities of Cambridge, Menotomy (now Arlington), and Lexington.
As Menotomy, an early precinct of Cambridge
Menotomy became West Cambridge, 1807
Menotomy Rocks in Arlington.
Rick, gathered with the fife-and-drum corps of the Menotomy Minute Men on the lawn of the Jason Russell house, headquarters of the Arlington Historical Society.
Arlington (originally and properly Menotomy
Menotomy Precinct
present-day Arlington (former Menotomy, just east of Lexington)
Of Menotomy in the Lexington-Concord Alarm
a seat of the prominent Russell clan and of our family in Menotomy
Jason Russell House in Menotomy
Revolutionary shrine in Menotomy (called Arlington, since 1867)
Concord, Lexington, Menotomy, Cambridge
To the west, the Precinct of Menotomy became West Cambridge in 1807 and then Arlington (after the Virginia cemetery)in 1867.
Lexington, Menotomy, Cambridge…every American cherishes
We could’ve taken this one in Menotomy Rocks in Arlington.
Rick joined the Menotomy Minute Men and its fife and drum corps;
In April, Rick took part in his final Patriots’ Day reenactment of the first day of the American Revolution, as a member of the Menotomy Minute Men.
it had borne the elegant Algonquian name of Menotomy (usually, more formally, the Menotomy Precinct of Cambridge). We were told that an effort to restore the distinctive handle by initiative petition, before we moved in, had been turned back by the veterans’ organizations
The City of Cambridge erected this monument in the Old Cambridge Burying Ground in Harvard Square in honor of the three Cambridge men (all of Menotomy) who died on the Nineteenth of April.
honor the memory of Captain Benjamin Locke, leader of the Menotomy Minute Men
Menotomy Minute Men fife and drum
Lexington (Cambridge Farms) and Bedford remained precincts of Cambridge into the 18th Century, and present-day Arlington (originally Menotomy) into the 19th.
Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Early home of our Middlesex pioneer Ancestors
Heroism, etc., in Pioneer Middlesex
Michael’s adultery and Mary’s fornication scandalous, but not unique in their neighborhood
Cyndi was widely feared as a practitioner of secondary-school soccer and field hockey
Millbrae, San Mateo, California
Student-taught physics at Capuchino High School
Montrose, Lee, Iowa
City 12 miles north of Keokuk, directly across the Mississippi from Nauvoo
Nauvoo Temple aligned with Main Street
Montecito Memorial Park and Mortuary, Colton, San Bernardino, California Graves of H Duane Anderson, Florence Norma Pardoe Wright Anderson, Leola Seely Anderson, Thomas M Elder, and Elsa R Elder
Moulton, Lincolnshire, England 12GGM Elizabeth Thimbleby, born before 1535 in England, daughter of 13GGP Richard Thimbleby and Katherine Tyrwhit. She married 12GGF Thomas Welby “of Moulton”, son of Thomas Welby and Catherine Bray. The lastborn of their three children was 11GGF Richard Welby who married 11GGM Frances Bulkeley.
10GGM Olive Welby, born 1604 in Moulton, Lincolnshire, England, daughter of 11GGP Richard Welby and Frances Bulkeley. She married 10GGF Henry Farwell 16 Apr 1629 in St. Botolph’s, Boston, Lincolnshire, England. Their son 9GGF Joseph Farwell, the fifth of their six children and our third male Plantagenet ancestor since Longshanks, married 9GGM Hannah Learned. 10GGF Ensign and Deacon Henry Farwell, tailor, son of William Farwell of Boston, Lincolnshire, was born about 1605 in England.
THIMBLEBY WELBY, Elizabeth (12GGM, 1535–aft.1590) In our Plantagenet line as a daughter of 13GGF Sir Richard Thimbleby and 13GGM Katherine Tyrwhitt Thimbleby: Married 12GGF Thomas Welby “of Moulton”. Mother of 11GGF Richard Welby.
WELBY, Thomas “of Moulton” (12GGF, 1505–bef.1571) Born before 1505 in Moulton, Lincolnshire, England; . Son of 13GGF Thomas Welby and 13GGM Catherine Bray Welby. Father of 11GGF Richard Welby.
10GGM Olive Welby, born 1604 in Moulton, Lincolnshire, England, daughter of 11GGP Richard Welby and Frances Bulkeley.
Birthplace 1604 of 10GGM Olive Welby
Her grandfather, our 12GGF Thomas Welby, was called “of Moulton”,
Mount Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah The wooden case at lower right contains their wedding silverware. The case and its contents now reside at the home of Marc (son of Brent) and Sarah Anderson in Mount Pleasant, Utah.
Marc Anderson, with his wife Sarah, here from Mount Pleasant, Utah; and their children Ellie, Ben, Lilly, and Maddie (Leola’s great-grandkids)
Grandma Anderson’s mother, Sophia Jensena Mogensen Poulsen (1867-1943) of Mount Pleasant, Sanpete County, Utah, was my only surviving great-grandparent, in those days.
Not one of our Seelys, but a descendant of the Mount Pleasant Seelys who were among the original “Mormon” settlers of San Bernardino. They came through Captain Robert Seely’s son Nathaniel; we’re from Obadiah, his (foster?) brother.
Mount Pleasant Jorgensons
First stop, Mount Pleasant, Sanpete County, Utah, to visit Valerie’s Uncle Dale and Aunt Ruth Jorgenson, and to give Rick his very first equestrian experience.
Mount Pleasant Jorgensons
Valerie was out of town, but I drove down on the tenth of July to Mount Pleasant (in Sanpete County) to join nephew Marc in the circle for the blessing of their new (and of course adorable) Amelia.
With Mount Pleasant Jorgensons
Visited Jorgensons in Mount Pleasant
Home of Grandma Sophia
Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois and arrived in Nauvoo in 1841.
At Warshaw [sic], 18 miles below Nauvoo, we were met by Apostle Willard Richards
abode at Nauvoo…
Isaac Decker [Nauvoo Block 160]: Value of Watches: $5; Other Property: $30
Tenant at Blk 160, Lot 4 in Nauvoo.
the saints should remove from Warsaw to Nauvoo immediately;
…[at Nauvoo] Harriet separated from Isaac Decker
Endowed 24 Dec 1845, Nauvoo Temple
wife and daughter returned to Nauvoo with Lorenzo
Edwin Sobieski Little died during the exodus from Nauvoo
Harriet and Isaac separated in Nauvoo in 1841.
moved into Nauvoo
Harriet was handicapped with Isaac Perry, a kid of six, whose father was still in Nauvoo.
Grandpa Jason’s brother, our GG Uncle Dexter Stillman seems to have achieved some prominence there
other Stillmans came to Nauvoo at about the same time.
Founder of Nauvoo
Nauvoo 2001
Visited Nauvoo in 2001
Joseph Smith Academy
Nauvoo House
Isaac Decker was a tenant in Nauvoo’s Block 160, bounded by Lumber, Durphy, and Wells Streets and by the Mississippi River
Stone Arched Bridge
Uncle Brigham’s house in Nauvoo. This (now a major tourist attraction) was his dwelling.
Here’s great-great-great-grandma Harriet Page Wheeler Decker Young, flanked by her two loving spouses.
One record says that Isaac’s daughter Clara “…was married from her father’s house in Nauvoo.” To Brigham Young. In 1843. Before her sixteenth birthday.
In Nauvoo, our pioneer great-great-grandparents Joseph and Evaline McLean Fisher
Hotel Nauvoo dining room
Isaac Joseph Seely was born August 25, 1837, in Chicago; he lived in Nauvoo and he and his sister Harriet crossed the plains in 1848
Married Elizabeth Fisher
“Clara was married from her father’s house in Nauvoo”.
Isaac never owned property in Nauvoo.
Builder and Dreamer of Nauvoo.
Nauvoo property
Tenancy in Nauvoo
Little and Hanks did live in Nauvoo,
Separated from Lucy
William Seely’s not mentioned, perhaps indicating that they were separated before Lucy took up residence in Nauvoo
between the Mansion House and the Nauvoo House.
hosting 50 couples in ball-gowns and Nauvoo Legion uniforms
The Mansion House at Nauvoo
Joseph intended the Nauvoo House as a world-class hotel
Mansion House and Nauvoo House
he was present in the Masonic Hall in Nauvoo
The Masonic Hall served a variety of public purposes, while the “Mormons” were in Nauvoo
Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois
The Nauvoo House, a $100,000 hotel
Emma died here in 1879.
little more than the foundation of the Nauvoo House had been laid.
the woman and child in the painting are meant to depict Emma and David himself
it surely depicts a much larger Nauvoo House
departed south wing of the Nauvoo house
Nauvoo House Cornerstone
the brochure Nauvoo, City Beautiful
John and Mary Barr Neff came to live in Nauvoo
Neff History
Mansion House and Nauvoo House
Many of the best-preserved structures from Old Nauvoo
Here’s that first list of 36 Nauvoo pioneers
Nauvoo resident
In Nauvoo
Porter had a homestead in Nauvoo
When he lived in Nauvoo, our Uncle Orrin Porter Rockwell
the governor’s posse arrived in Nauvoo to arrest the Prophet
their property in Nauvoo would be destroyed
about Porter’s Nauvoo tenancy
and the >Nauvoo House
Barber shop
the intersection of Main and Water Streets
the Stone Arched Bridge
Nauvoo Temple, 2001
The Nauvoo Temple on a rainy 4 October 2001
Nauvoo Temple, 2001
Nauvoo Sealing
Financed much of the exodus from Nauvoo
Nauvoo Map
Nauvoo Sealing Record
we made a stop, on their behalf, at the Nauvoo Temple
We got rather standard touristic shots of some key “Mormon”-history places in Nauvoo and nearby Carthage, Illinois
The Neffs took their grinding wheels with them to Nauvoo
2001—October and November: Nauvoo
Section: “Nauvoo2001” Includes some good shots of the new Nauvoo Temple, then under construction.
Joseph Smith appointed Isaac Decker presiding officer of a temporary settlement of “Mormon” immigrants on these mud flats between the Mississippi and the Warsaw bluff.
David’s Chamber
Isaac Decker’s dwelling was on Lumber Street, in that neighborhood, on a spot now covered by the Mississippi.
Joseph Smith’s Mansion House, the Nauvoo House, the Smith homestead, and a reconstruction of the Red Brick Store all reward repeated visits.
The Stone Arch Bridge
We made it a point to visit to the Joseph Smith Historic Site in Nauvoo
From the edge of Montrose, Hepzibah and I saw the new Nauvoo Temple across the river, framed in the trees at the end of the street.
Isaac Galland, laid out Montrose, aligned with Nauvoo.
We made a stop on the behalf of the Seven Little Stillmans, at the Nauvoo Temple.
Isaac was the presiding elder in Warsaw. Finally, they said, “Come on into Nauvoo,” and he did.
The last thing we hear about him in Nauvoo was when he got married, twice, to two women, in the Nauvoo Temple
our family’s participation in the trek from Pennsylvania to Nauvoo to the Salt Lake Valley
Nauvoo 2001
Jobiska/Content Archive/Family publications/Nauvoo2001.pdf
Nauvoo 2001
Nauvoo 2001
Susannah Cynthia Olsen received the ordinances of baptism and confirmation in the Keokuk Branch, Nauvoo Stake
As usual, we enjoyed a family excursion to the Nauvoo Temple.
Lorenzo Dow Young was a close friend of Isaac and Harriet before their divorce in Nauvoo.
“During the Nauvoo years, Charles began to court [Uncle] Brigham Young’s oldest daughter, Vilate
forced their exodus from Nauvoo
George Edwin Little (born at Nauvoo, 6 August 1844)
Ephraim enlisted in the first company of pioneers which was sent west from Nauvoo
Ephraim reached Nauvoo in 1845
Ephraim went to work on the Nauvoo Temple.
Soon after that he left Nauvoo
Uncle Brigham Young, at his house in Nauvoo, performed the ceremony that united Feramorz Little to Aunt Fannie Maria Decker
Uncle John accompanied them to Nauvoo
In Nauvoo, Luana left Porter,
New Boston Inn, Sandisfield Sandisfield’s only lodging-house, the New Boston Inn, which dates from 1737.
New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut Captain Robert Seely (1619-1657) is reputed to have laid out the original roads and property boundaries in Watertown, Wethersfield, and New Haven
Obadiah Seely (1619-1657) did apparently live for many years in Robert’s immigrant household in Watertown, Wethersfield, and New Haven
New Towne, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Early home of our Middlesex pioneer Ancestors
Situated to plug a gap in defenses of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Harvard Square homesteads, 1635
Between Charles Towne and Water Towne
Became Cambridge, 1638
New York, New York Thomas Willett, first mayor
resigned as Deputy Governor of the Plymouth Colony so that he could serve as the first >Mayor of New York City.
Dining al fresco chezKarps in New York
Frederick Law Olmsted designed Central Park in New York City
In 1957, our first-ever trip via New York
UN building in Turtle Bay, New York City
Leola, a tourist in New York
Leola and Linda Foutz at 46th and Broadway, in New York City
David Kirkpatrick of the New York Times approached us to find out more about the accident.
City Club of New York commemorated Thomas Willett> as the first Mayor of New York.
colonial immigrant ancestors: …Thomas Willett, the first mayor of New York City.
First Mayor of New York
appears in the New Netherlands and New York records
…in New Amsterdam. He did keep a house there, but he had an extensive business, ships, and a warehouse
Captain Thomas Willett was chosen by Colonel Nichols to be the first English Mayor of the renamed New York City
Even though he was governing New York, Thomas still found time to increase his land holdings in Rhode Island.
New York was then a small town of a few narrow streets
Capt. Thomas Willett was proclaimed on June 12, 1665, as the first English mayor of New York City.
Richie Garber went to Church with me for a while and, in visits to his family in New York, taught me some precious lessons about the fellowship and hospitality that are traditional in Jewish families
At some time in his Brooklyn, New York, youth, Chester was active in The Church
we took in the World’s Fair in New York
Gordon Jones and his friend Jim Green came from New York (Columbia)
Y’can’t go to New York and not take in a show
Valerie’s first snails!
Valerie’s attitude toward escargots has clearly improved in the year since our visit to the World’s Fair in New York.
We cherish (then and now) an early New York Pro Musica recording
We still have quite a few photos of our 1970 visit to the home of the Karps, in the vicinity of New York City
medieval music, played on some cassette tapes dubbed from New York Pro Musica vinyl recordings
If you remember 2001, chances are you remember it for a dreadful day in New York
We shared with Beetle a trip to the World’s Fair in New York
the New York Times quoted me extensively later from the record of that interview
Romney’s life took a turn in France, By David Kirkpatrick The New York Times
We went to hear the New York Pro Musica
Newcastle upon Tyne, England Beheading and burial of 16GGF William Tailboys
Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts Split off from Watertown, then from Cambridge
Early name of Newton
NewTowne stretched 35 miles, from present-day Newton on the south to Billerica on the north.
Teddy Mann, Mayor of All the Newtons.
Originally included present Newton
Eventually, its boundaries extended 35 miles, from Billerica on the north to present Waban (a village of Newton) on the south.
The original name survives in today’s City of Newton, a piece of Old Watertown (settled as such in 1630) that the Court took away to make the New Towne more attractive. While it was part of Cambridge, it bore the name “Cambridge Village.” Nowadays, it consists of eleven or more (up to 14, depending on whose word you accept) “villages.” Its chief executive, I’m told, is known more or less formally as “Mayor of All the Newtons.”
In those days, Asimov was still married and lived in Newton.
We “forty-eighted” with our kind friends Gael and Laurel Ulrich, at their home in Newton.
Hepzibah: a black 1993 Bridgestone from Farina Cycles in Newton Corner
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