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Here’s that first list of 36 Nauvoo pioneers. This section focuses on them. Since that turn-of-the-millennium trip, though, research has continued. I hope to get a chance to add in our Felt, Russell, and Ashby families, who bring the count to more like 100.

Charles Franklin Decker
Clarissa Decker
Fannie Maria Decker
Harriet Amelia Decker
Isaac Decker
Isaac Perry Decker
Lucy Ann Decker
Curtis G. Fisher
Elizabeth Jane Fisher
Helen Maria Fisher
Henry Charles Fisher
James Madison Fisher
Joseph Fisher
Joseph Armstrong Fisher
Ephraim Knowlton Hanks
Feramorz Little
Evaline McLean
Amanda Neff
Amos Herr Neff
Barbara Matilda Neff
Benjamin Barr Neff
Cyrus Neff
Elizabeth Neff
Franklin Neff
John Neff II
John Neff III
Mary Ann Neff
Mary Barr Neff
Susanna Neff
Orrin Porter Rockwell
William Seely(?)
Harriet Elizabeth Seymour
Frances Mariah Stillman
Harriet Page Wheeler
Brigham Young
Lorenzo Dow Young

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