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Isaac Decker The story goes that in 1841 our great-great-great grandfather Isaac Decker arrived in Nauvoo penniless, having given everything he and his family had in a vain effort to rescue Joseph Smith and the Church from the financial troubles in Ohio. As far as the records show, Isaac never owned property in Nauvoo. He is listed as a tenant at Lot 4, Block 160, a block bounded by Lumber, Wells, Durphy, and the Mississippi River.
You’ll find here a narrative by Wayne Decker, including pretty much all we know about Isaac’s life. I've also pulled together here an appeal for funds to give Isaac a gravestone (which objective we finally achieved in 2006). As part of that piece, I assembled a chronology of his life and some material on various family members.

One account (Utah Historical Quarterly, Volume XIV, page 174) says that Isaac’s daughter Clara “was married from her father’s house in Nauvoo”. To Brigham Young. In 1843. Before her sixteenth birthday. Well… by that time, her mother had been Lorenzo Dow Young’s wife for a couple of years. Perhaps the wedding took place at one of Dow’s properties.
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