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This table is my attempt to pull together in chronological order everything relevant that I’ve encountered while getting to know Grandpa Isaac. Dates appear in the left column; reference notes, in the rightmost; sources, numerically, at the end of the whole chronology.

You’ll notice that I include conflicting versions of many events, starting with Isaac’s birth. That’s the condition of the record. I’ve tried not to play favorites with sources, leaving such judgments to the reader. Once you absorb this, you’ll know as much as I do. I trust you’ll have come to love Grandpa Isaac as I do.

Many entries come from Source (23), Cousin Wayne Decker’s “Some Bits of History of the Decker Family,” which I’ve taken the liberty of including in its entirety as the fourth section of this eclectic account. With thanks to Cousin Wayne, who I understand is deceased, which may explain why he’s never returned my e-mails.
29 Dec 1799 Isaac Decker born 29 Dec 1799, Tyconic, Columbia, New York. (1) *FILE*-14728
29 Nov 1800 “Decker, Isaac (son of Peter and Hannah Decker of Holland). Born Nov. 29, 1800, in Holland [widely-reported variant date and place; doubtful].” (3) p. 842.
1820 “She [Harriet Page Wheeler] is next heard of as the wife of Isaac Decker, of Phelps, New York, about four and a half miles from Hill Cumorah… (2) Vol 8, p. 175.
[Isaac and Harriet] were intelligent, hard-working frontier people who were wholeheartedly “taming the west”. Land was comparatively cheap the further west you went. If you were a hard expierced [sic] worker, you could clear the land, build a house, raise some crops, some stock, and some children. When the “spread” was complete, you could sell it as a going concern, pack up your family and go further west with sufficient capital to take on a larger project.

…Isaac Decker had been successful by the time he married the village school teacher in Phelps, Ontario, N.Y. about 150 miles northwest of his birthplace, Taghkanic, Columbia N.Y. which is about 50 miles south of the present Albany. How many stops he made between his birth place and Phelps, I don’t know, but a few months before Clara’s birth he moved to Freedom, Cattaraugus, New York, about 80 miles southwest of Phelps. Here he lived for about 6 years … before moving on to Portage County Ohio. Because no town is mentioned, I surmise he had taken a considerable ranch project by this time.
17 May 1822 Daughter Lucy Ann born 17 May 1822 Phelps, Ontario, New York. (3) p. 842
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