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Isaac This likeness of Isaac Decker (obviously derived from the portrait that leads off this account) appears on page 56 of Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah, by Frank Esshom, next to those of Isaac’s sons by Harriet Page Wheeler, our uncles Perry (Isaac Perry Decker) and Charlie (Charles Franklin Decker), and Perry’s son Franklin (also Charles Franklin Decker).

The caption, alas, is mostly wrong. The best data I’ve seen show him coming into the world on 29 November 1799 at Taghkanic (also spelled Taconic), Columbia County, New York. In the Decker line, Isaac was a seventh-generation American, of seventeenth-century New Netherlands stock, NOT an immigrant.

He came to Utah in 1850, not in 1847. The 1847 pioneer was Isaac’s seven-year-old namesake son Perry. At least Esshom didn’t give him Perry’s middle name, as most seem to want to.
In later life, he farmed in the vicinity of Heber City (“down Charleston way”). It does appear that that area used to be called “Provo Valley.” Actually, he wound up ranching in the Heber area, in the mountains east of Provo in Utah Valley City, at the other end of Provo Canyon. I’m told that Isaac named Charleston (now mostly under a reservoir) after his son, our Uncle Charlie.

Guess we should be grateful that Frank Esshom acknowledged Grandpa Isaac at all…

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