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Geneva, Switzerland
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Gloucestershire, England
Green Oak, Livingston, Michigan
Greensboro, Guilford, North Carolina
Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Hamburg, Livingston, Michigan
Hancock/Clarke House
Hartford, Connecticut
Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Haun’s Mill, Missouri
Heber, Wasatch, Utah
Helmsley, Yorkshire, England
Henniker, New Hampshire
Hillsborough, New Hampshire
Housatonic Township No. 3
Geneva, Switzerland Headquarters of the French East Mission, where we picked up Brent in 1967.
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Settled by 5GP William and Elizabeth Rule MacLean
Gloucestershire, England Fief of 22GGF Gilbert de Clare, 7th Earl of Gloucester Domain of our 21GGF Hugh de Audley, 1st Earl of Gloucester, and of his wife, our 21GGM Margaret de Clare, Countess of Cornwall, Countess of Gloucester
Green Oak, Livingston, Michigan Settled by Sawyers and Jaquishes
Green Oak Township Intensive Level Survey 1999
Hannah’s Sawyer heirs had moved to Green Oak
1840 US Census of Green Oak
In Green Oak, we have a blended family
Green Oak, Michigan
Greensboro, Guilford, North Carolina Residence of Rick and Laura and family in the waning years of the millennium
Tucker’s birthplace
Andersons and Ralstons gathered
“Maestoso” photo of 1-year-old Tucker
Portraits of ever-burgeoning cuteness.
Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts Early home of our Middlesex pioneer Ancestors
Birthplace c.1700 of 7GGF Samuel Woods III; he married 7GGM Patience Bigelow there 29 Nov 1720; their daughter 6GGM Abigail Woods was born there in 1726. Samuel Woods III of Groton, Middlesex County, and Patience Bigelow. It is through the New England pioneer ancestry of Samuel’s mother (8GM) Hannah Farwell that we’re descended from the Plantagenets
Abigail Woods Wheeler born in Groton
married 7GGM Patience Bigelow 29 Nov 1720 in Groton
7GGF Samuel Woods III born c.1700 in Groton
6GGM Abigail Woods, born 1726 in Groton
tombstones in Groton and Lancaster, Massachusetts
9GGP Samuel I and Alice Rushton Woods removed to Groton
married Abigail Woods of the first families of Groton
Hamburg, Livingston, Michigan Settled by Sawyers and Jaquishes
The Sawyer Stone House
a tale of unrequited love, a suicide, and a suspected murder
Hamburg is a very small town and I am sure tales were told
Caroline’s gravestone in Hamburg says that she died 23 September 1840, aged only 29 years, 6 months, and 21 days. Assuming that’s accurate, that would put her birth at 2 March 1811.
Hannah’s Sawyer heirs moved to the Green Oak/Hamburg area as early as 1836.
Hancock/Clarke House Reverend John-the-grandfather was the original builder of the Hancock/Clarke parsonage, where Samuel Adams and John Hancock the grandson (these folks’ great-nephew) would spend the night of April 18, 1775. In front of which our cousin Sergeant William Munroe would shush Paul Revere in the middle of the night…
Hancock built the Lexington Parsonage, now a museum called the Hancock/Clarke House, belonging to the Lexington Historical Society. Clarke’s family lived there in April, 1775, when John Hancock (the Reverend John’s grandson with the impressive signature) and Samuel Adams were their guests and primary targets of the Redcoat expedition.
Hancock-Clarke Parsonage
“Hancock-Clarke” house, became famous for its rôle in the Lexington-Concord Alarm
Brother of John Hancock’s grandfather, Reverend John Hancock of Lexington, husband of my first cousin, ten generations removed, Prudence Russell Hancock, and original proprietor of the “Hancock-Clarke House” parsonage, whence Paul Revere rousted John Hancock and Samuel Adams, to keep them out of the hands of the coming Redcoats.
Hartford, Connecticut Harriet Seymour’s birthplace
Founded by Thomas Hooker
Lieutenant John Stillman a descendant of those pioneers in Hartford
passing through Hartford (and occasionally getting lost)
Stillman and Hurd histories in the Hartford area
the founders who accompanied Hooker to Hartford
irect ancestors in Hartford’s early years:
9GGM Elizabeth Butler, a Hartford founder
founded Hartford and the Connecticut Colony
Founded Hartford, Connecticut?
Hooker moved a more orthodox group and founded Hartford
boundary commission between New Netherlands and Hartford
Hartford was asserting territorial jurisdiction
Government of Hartford to all of Long Island east of Oyster Bay
The treaty was signed at Hartford
GGM Harriet Elizabeth Seymour was born 22 April 1804 in Hartford
Harriet Elizabeth Seymour of Hartford
to the Connecticut Valley to found Hartford
forebears had taken their families on to …Hartford
We had Motel 6 reservations in Hartford
founders (with eighth great-grandfather Thomas Hooker) of Hartford
our area included the Hartford Stake
July: Hartford Ancient Burial Ground
that would become founder of Hartford
Burying Ground in the heart of Hartford
Hartford Ancient Burying Ground
early years of Hartford
2001—July: Hartford Ancient Burying Ground
our Treasure City of Hartford
Hartford Ancient Burying Ground
horrors!—the flesh-pots of Hartford
Motel 6 reservations in Hartford
reserved sack in Hartford
Ancient Center Church Burying ground in Hartford
Visited together the Ancient Center Church Burying ground in Hartford
Hooker sent letters urging Shepard to follow him to Hartford
our 8th great grandfather the Reverend Thomas Hooker
residents of Hartford, became direct ancestors
on their way to the founding of Hartford
she married a Butler and joined Hooker in founding Hartford
Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts Barron kin buried in the Old Burial Ground
Near Saltonstall's Landing, 1630
Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Buried in Harvard Square
stone in the Harvard Square calls him “Hubert”
stones in the Square
ancestors of our kin in the Square
Only Farwell Place in Harvard Square, bears the same name by which it appears in street maps of 1636
Harvard Square homesteads, 1635
Figure 2. Harvard Square, Cambridge, 2000 A.D.
Harvard Square Burial Ground
“Plan of the Old Burial Ground”
Ancestor of our kin in Harvard Square Burial Ground
By 1642, all four had moved on
Presumably buried in the Square
Figure 6. Plan of the Old Burial Ground
Figure 7 - Barron kin in Harvard Square
Figure 8 - Farwell kin in Harvard Square
Figure 9 - Russell kin in Harvard Square (via William and Jason)
Figure 10 - Russell kin in Harvard Square (via Joseph)
Wife to John Parker, buried in Harvard Square
Buried in the Square as Mary Lyon
Situated to plug a gap in defenses of the Colony
Cambridge Towne grew up around present Harvard Square
Photo: the Yard from the Burial Ground
Blueprint: Plan of the Burial Ground
Locations of our people Burial Ground at Harvard Square
Prudence and Nathaniel are in the Square
Reverend Mr. Olmsted likely kin to James and Nicholas Olmsted
Farther up toward Harvard Square
Kendall Square, taking the MTA Red Line to its terminus at Harvard Square
A thin dime would take us to Harvard Square
Sears, Roebuck (Mass Ave Central and Harvard Squares)
Harvard Square, in case you’re a real furriner
A lot has changed in Harvard Square
traffic around Harvard Square
startling sight: Harvard Square with no traffic
Harvard Square Burial Ground
I’d strolled through the burial ground
monument to three Cambridge men
Burying Ground
precious rarity: a convenient parking space
Harvard Square Old Burial Ground, redux
Harvard Square Old Burial Ground, redux
what we now call Harvard Square
As in the Harvard Square
Haun’s Mill, Missouri the Haun’s Mill
Haun’s Mill Massacre on the 29th
Heber, Wasatch, Utah near Heber City
successful rancher up Heber
the home of Isaac Decker near Heber
everybody was ordered to “fort up,” so Mr. Decker moved to Heber
he wound up ranching in the Heber area
In later life, he farmed in the vicinity of Heber City
his homestead was in Heber Valley
a successful rancher up Heber-Charleston way
what is now called Heber Valley
Elder Hanks bought a saw mill and located near Heber City
Decker family
Isaac Decker
Decker ranch
Helmsley, Yorkshire, England Birthplace 1365 of 18GGM Margaret de Ros
Henniker, New Hampshire Barnard & Betsey “W.T.” (Wheeler) Carter Whitcomb
Hillsborough, New Hampshire Oliver married Hepzibah in 1773 and moved to Hillsborough
He married Hepzibah Munroe in Hillsborough
Settled Hillsborough
Carlisle Munroes settled
gravestone in Hillsborough
Oliver & Hepzibah Wheeler moved in
Munroe pioneers in Hillsborough
ancestors of Oliver Wheeler III
Hillsborough 1735-1921, Published by the Town
4GGF Oliver Wheeler III, born 12 June 1782
Wheelers of Concord, Lancaster, Acton, Carlisle, and Hillsborough
Lt Isaac Wilkins
Granny Hepzibah Section
James & Abi Wheeler Carter
The remaining ten children were born in Hillsborough
Barnard & Betsey “W.T.”
Married 17-year-old Joseph Carter
Thaddeus and Hannah
served in the Revolutionary War
None named Ruth
Rays produced two sons and twin daughters
Little Ruth
Doctor Joseph Munroe, second physician in Hillsborough
Ransom Munroe
a long way from the bustling present-day town
Hillsborough Center, New Hampshire
In the Hillsborough Center Cemetery
The first generation of settlers
all by herself, a major topic
Harriet’s story
Oliver & Hepzibah Munroe
where she fits in
Cousin Jason H. T. Newell (1C5R)
deeded it to his son Jonas in 1775
Meeting House Site
Meeting House Monument
settling “Concord End”
Born in Hillsborough Center
Oliver and Hepzibah Munroe Wheeler, pivotal ancestors
Cemetery approach
brief history of the Colonial Grant
Revolutionary Marker
a Middlesex County couple who settled in Hillsborough
Oliver Wheeler III: Hillsborough
already his line of work in Hillsborough
Nancy Hartwell
Oliver III
OliverIII Section
Benjamin Franklin Wheeler?
Birthplace of Oliver Wheeler III
Oliver III married Hannah 1802
The next Memorial Day delivered my report to Granny
2001—May: Hillsborough Center Cemetery
no longer easy land grants
Hillsborough, New Hampshire, whither our family removed
Father is known in the history books
a thoroughly garbled picture of her heritage
Hillsborough Center Cemetery
our heritage in Colonial New England
an accomplished milliner and an excellent cook
native of Hillsborough
Harriet never saw fit to tell Orson Whitney
only one sister, Clarissa Caroline
Not all our interesting uncles are kings or great preachers
It was a surprising match. People must have wondered.
As far as I know, they never had any kids
eponymous Elbridges
Housatonic Township No. 3 forty shillings a head to bring their families to settle in “Housatonic Township #3.”
Early name of Sandisfield
brought eight or so of their eventual nine children
Housatonic Township No. 3, later named Sandisfield
seeking frontier opportunities and asserting Massachusetts’ claim to the region
all but one of the children were born in Connecticut
the family’s displacement may not have happened all at once
embryonic Board of Selectmen
Proprietors’ Book
Page 73 of the Housatonic Proprietors’ Book
Mr John Stillman as the Proprietors’ Clerk
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