2002: Index
401-01  2002: The Year the Sky Fell In
402-04  January: Flat Stanley in Plymouth
402-06  January: Flat Stanley in Boston
402-07  February: Jacob
402-19  April: Amy and Tor
402-21  April: Primary Brunch
402-24  April: Patriots’ Day
402-52  Christmas
Travels & Transitions
402-03  Olsens
402-42  August: Matthew!
402-43  October: To Reno
402-49  In Timbaloo
402-49  Transition…
402-32  Shakespeare, Seely and Samaritans
402-33  Harriet
402-35  Oliver
402-37  To Die at Abt Associates, 1983
402-39  Carl
402-41  Asimov
Family History: Treasure Cities
402-09  February: Salem
402-12  March: Carlisle
402-13  April: Menotomy
402-15  April and May: Cambridge
402-23  April and June: Lexington
402-25  April: Acton
Family History: Buried Treasures
402-05  January: Cole’s Hill, Plymouth
402-08  January: Ancient Little Neck Burial Ground
402-10  February: Salem North Cemetery
402-15  April: Harvard Square Old Burying Ground
402-26  April: Acton North Cemetery
Family History: Repositories
402-11  February: NEHGS
402-18  April: Woburn
402-20  April: Barron
402-28  June: Acton Historical Society
402-29  June: Buckman Tavern

*You may notice that the events and the Family History excursions I’ve recorded for A. D. 2002 tended to take place in the first half of the year. There’s a reason for that. Please don’t expect a lot of detail on the dreadful process of divestiture that we suffered through, that summer and autumn. Combine thirty years of real life with some significantly-untidy pack-rat tendencies, and you get what we got. And what we had to get rid of.

Were the New England leaves beautiful in 2002? Probably, though surely less so, through tears.

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