Chapter Three: College, Marriage, and Missions, 1958-1971
August, 1958. A fellow freshman whose name I now forget pulled up to the Homestead in his stylish Volkswagen Bug. I added my worldly belongings to his,* and we headed out along US Route 66 to Joplin and points East. Eventually to MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

We left something important in San Bernardino.** I forget what, but dear Pappy caught up to us in Victorville and made sure we had it…
Two missions to France, alternating with marriage and five episodes of college life, occupied my next thirteen years. Almost half-way through, Valerie and I were joined forever in the Los Angeles Temple, attaching a permanent meaning to all that effort.

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Chapter Foreword: Some Thoughts About “Career(s?)”

*In a lifetime of energetic jigsaw puzzling, doubtless my most distinguished achievement.
**Actually, it’s clear now that I left a whole lot more behind than I was ready to acknowledge at the time. Probably a major reason that I have to construct this account.

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