Valerie Ann Jorgenson Anderson

Isn’t she lovely?
The gracious and luminous lady
with whom I have the incredible honor
to be joined for eternity.
I. Though she enters my Mammy’s Gedenkschrift (the Section entitled “Leola”) rather late in the chronology, she quickly becomes an important character in that central story.
Married by Ben Bowring
At Mammy’s birthplace
Showing off first child in San Diego, 1966.
Golden Andersons
Anderson Generations
Another New Anderson
Temple Garden
Seminary 1958-59
John Harvard
Boston Harbor
Sycamore Sidewalk
Christmas in Paris
Visited Nauvoo in 2001
II. Since she and I are near contemporaries, she turns up even more frequently and significantly, in picture and prose, in my personal history, named Such A Life; it occupies the longest Section of this account.
Chapter Zero: Timeline, 1941-58
Met in 1956
Nowadays, at Bryan’s baptism
Chapter One: Here and there in Utah, 1941-1946
Chapter Two: Here and there in Utah, 1941-1946
Pretty at bridal shower
Rock garden artist
Resigned to my wet-blankethood
…especially as regards dancing
Triple date, with Brent & Karen
In Pappy’s Corner
Treasures Pappy’s writing-board
Loves Thompson seedless grapes
With Mammy, by lemon tree
Drove Bébé to work
Lived at 16th Street with Brent & Allens
Curlers & Brigitte, 1965
Double date, with Don Ellsworth
Double date
Posed, with poise
Dawn Harper, later Valerie’s brother Floyd’s first wife
Second-generation high school student in San Bernardino
Calls me “Richard”
First met in Third Ward Sunday School, age 15
Quiet Seminary neighbor
Leland Peterson a competitor for her affections
Seminary 1956-57
Seminary 1958-59
…First Institute Secretary
Chapter Three: College, missions, marriage, 1958-1971
Married half-way through college
Rejoices in my typing skills
Wrote to her about Shakespeare magic at MIT
Met in lounge at training center
Kept my missionary journal
Proposed marriage to her in the summer of 1961
Caused a bubbly feeling…
Tolerated my switch to French, not without protest
Transcribed my journal through 21 Jan 1964
Received spiritual help for ministry to her
Would meet my “Rennes mothers” in 1968
My other wonderful sister missionary companion in the French Mission!
Documented my year on the Staff mainly in letters to her
Pâtisserie Valérie
Cover of letter to Valerie
Lived with folks on Sixteenth Street in 1963
Says Mammy spearheaded their Europe trip in 1963
Reminded me of visit to Poiriers’ with folks
Esmé’s Cumorah, which she painted for Valerie and me
Letter from Le Mans, March 2, 1964
Joined in special fast
Knew Eve, Chris Fee’s fiancée, at BYU
Sent many letters, as my days in Tours came to an end
Married Richard in Los Angeles Temple
Paid for own wedding
Reception at Institute
Ever gracious
Borrowed wedding dress from Dean Jarman’s wife
Union Pacific to Boston
Cared for common areas at 115 Beacon Street
Her sisters say they’d never live there
Tulips & Mr. Washington
Autumn in the Arboretum
Depressed, but toughed it out
At the White House
Toured with visiting Beetle
World’s Fair
Visited Maggie’s Table at Durgin-Park
Blithe poverty
Chose Stanford
Five months pregnant, at Cumorah
Babysat at Stanford to alleviate poverty
Loved being pregnant
Loved boring weather
Church News couldn’t spell her name
Expected schoolteacher husband
Rick arrived; Seminary cheered
Developed primip’s case on Creevy
Gave her Knickerbocker Poohs
Visited Capuchino
Karen’s smashing Matron of Honor
Loved that little outfit
Held her peace, as Mammy and I disagreed
Deserves a better kitchen
Best friends Linda, Glenda, Kay
Served escargots to guests
Gloriously pregnant, helping Kay Silver hold up a door
Babysat governor’s granddaughter
Presented books to library
Showing off Rick in San Diego
Visited Jorgensons in Mount Pleasant
First visit to Church history spots
Loved Dover sofa
Says Rick wore out white shirt
Suggested I share old tuition flyer
Slid on Brattle Street ice
Autumn leaves
Folks’ Boston visit, Christmas 1966
Sang on Louisburg Square
Not in love with my French dishtowels
Old Ironsides
Hosted Leroys in Belmont
More Sturbridge
Amused by Mammy’s anxiety
Fertility issues
Major baby-lover
Cut down sport coat into overcoat for Rick
Foster care
Visited Kieslings in Le Vesinet
At Chambord, in Citroën, at Christmas, 1967
at Notre-Dame, with Brent and Rick
at Chenonceaux
In Bombinette at Chambord
With sleeping Rick in casserole
Glamor shots
Another foster child
Mommy’s gwoss hair
Adopted Erik
Went back to Paris to help Pappy
First family portrait, by Duette
Separate passports
Mission to France, 1968-69, with Pappy, Me, Rick, and Erik
With Pappy, counselors, and me in Paris
Joined the welcoming committee at Los Angeles International
Describes her contribution dismissively
We shared family love and support
Took part in missionary zone conferences and member district conferences
Showed off our gorgeous children
“Supervisor of Mission Auxiliaries”
As “Mission Mother”
Spoke at Le Mans district conference, 1 December 1968
Her French rudimentary: I translated her discours
Release letter
Less-formal release letter expressed Pappy’s gratitude for Valerie’s sweetness
Salient characteristics of our cohabitation
Gained addiction to speaking in Church
Second consecutive Christmas in Paris
Mission Presidency’s holiday greeting card/calendar
Family Christmas letter, 1968
With baguette, President Grandpappy, Elder Ricky in front of patisserie
With Rick and Erik on the rue de Rivoli
Presiding at Rick’s third birthday in the Mission Home dining room
Formal release certificate
…Flew home via Air France first-class
With ajonc among menhirs at Carnac
With ajonc among menhirs at Carnac
On the beach at Dieppe
In Madrid
Back in Belmont
Identifies location of photo as George’s Island
Christmas card and photo, 1969
Family Christmas letter, 1969
1970—another big year
Christmas card, photo, 1970
Family Christmas letter, 1970
11 Hearthstone Drive, 1970
Gardening novices
Snow and Heartquists
Foss and the Super-Wagon
Christmas card, photo, 1971
Christmas Letter, photo, 1971
Olivewood Lane
Christmas morning, 1971, on Olivewood Lane
With Erik and Chris, in Burlington
With kids and her parents, in Yucaipa
Allergies deprived her of the pretty in the Northwest
On the deck, at Karps’
Brent’s and Janet’s marriage and Erik’s sealing
At the Taits’, 5 June 1969
Erik’s second birthday
Chris born, 18 May 1970
Valerie a precipitous deliverer
Brand-new Chris, with family members
Morning sickness a good sign?
Enjoyed Brunnhilde’s turning radius
Didn’ marry her for her typing skills
In the Yahd
In the Burlington back-yard: the family group on Commencement Day
Loved teaching little kids in Primary
Tolerated my traveling assignments
Comparing babies with Pat Cantera
Chapter Four: Raising the kids, 1972-2002
Cyndi arrives
With Cyndi
Family groups
With Cyndi, Christmas 1972
Christmas card, family portrait
Christmas letter, 1972
…Comfortable working in Primary
…Loved teaching Gospel Doctrine in Sunday School
Primary assignment in Cambridge Ward
…Loved New Orleans
With kids and cats
Called Cyndi “Tootsie-Pop;” her version was “Ninny Be-Bop”
At Weir’s Beach
Chose bear-decals for blue cradle
Christmas letter, 1973
Lookin’ good in ’74
Washington DC Temple
Washington Temple
Debbie arrives
With siblings in Yucaipa
With Debbie at Christmas
Christmas letter, 1974
Allergic to linden
Marched in Army Bicentennial parade;
Elephant cake for Erik’s 7th birthday
Christmas letter, 1975
At Concord Bridge, with Floyd and girls
On Concord bridge with her dad and daughters
Rebecca arrives
Might have preferred to update kitchen appliances
Lost “little trees” to Debbie
“Antiqued” estate furniture from Dover Country Store
Reserved kitchen, except Saturday mornings
Christmas letter, 1976
1977—Made daughters dress-up dresses
2 March 1977—Cindy’s Fifth
Rick’s Twelfth; separate cakes for friends’ and family parties
“Widder Anderson”
Made Debbie a traveling outfit
Christmas card, 1977
Christmas letter, 1977
Six months pregnant when The Blizzard hit
Justin arrives
Christmas letter, 1978
Made frocks for our daughters
On Georges Island
In Redlands
Set up Christmas-morning parade into family room
Christmas letter, 1979
Made beautiful traveling outfits for Debbie
Approved of my shelf-building
Labeled January portraits
In family room with Becky
Christmas morning, 1980
Belated mini-honeymoon, out around New Brunswick
Christmas morning, 1980
Christmas letter, 1980
Served on an advisory committee to the Arlington Redevelopment Board
Lit birthday candles for Grandma’s Ninetieth
Hosted international students for MIT and Harvard
1981—Autumn in New England
Clowning with Janet
Napping with Justin
Made me chef’s attire
Autumn in New England
Christmas letter, 1981
Child care, PTO, Brownie troop, Primary
…Connecticut River to Indiana
Helped push Van Wiggle from … Palmyra, Manchester, Fayette, Cumorah
1982—Niagara and Gettysburg
Batesville Reunion
Stairstep family portrait in Batesville
With Brownie troop
Granny & Karen Visit
Adjusted antique dressers
Presided at birthday celebrations
…Christmas morning
…Christmas morning
Christmas letter, 1982
Scribe for family journal
1983—On Our Way: Strasburg
Family groups in Batesville
Family groups in Batesville
With kids and butterfly
At Neff homestead in Strasburg
Cared for Joey
Hairdo ‘n’ Flutterby
Took care of Jock Jerrett’s daughter
Christmas letter, 1983
Crystal, Kelly, Karen, Becky, Floyd, Wade, Justin, Valerie
Yucaipa, with parents, sisters, Becky, Justin
Christmas letter, 1984
Income from day-care helped a great deal
Corrected my dating
On back-yard lawn with day-care kids
With Pappy & Norma in Boston
On couch with me, kids, Puddleglum
With Puddleglum
Back-yard picnic with day-care girls
Christmas letter, 1985
Teaching Gospel Doctrine, rooting for the Celtics
Christmas letter, 1986
Working in high-school cafeteria
At Chris’ high school graduation
Still a virtual widow
Christmas card, 1987
Christmas letter, 1987
Christmas letter, 1988
Young Women’s president
Debbie, 15, delighted with bears
Christmas card, 1989
Christmas letter, 1989
Reception line
Wedding reception for Rick and Laura
Kvelled as Cyndi received the McAvoy Prize
Tall ships
Christmas morning
Christmas letter, 1990
In Camp
Valerie’s Young Women
Christmas letter, 1991
Primary presidency
At Debbie’s graduation
At Debbie’s graduation
Wedding reception for Cyndi and Ron
Cyndi and Ron
Christmas letter, 1992
All the kids are taller than their mom
In the entry hall
In the mountains, with the Webbs and the Ralstons
Christmas letter, 1993
Teaching in Relief Society
Still Life with Chocolate Chips
Maggie and kin
Seeing Debbie and Rebecca off at South Station
Camerata and Shakers at Tanglewood
Christmas letter, 1994
Marriage of Debbie and Tony Olsen
At the Temple
Family group
Reception line
Between Doris & me
Spring Sing
Christmas letter, 1995
Salem: Chris and Mary Beth wedding
Mary Beth wedding shower
With Arlington Ward at Boston Temple site
Christmas letter, 1996
Boston Temple site
Christmas letter, 1997
Granny Valerie shows Tucker off
Valerie, Rick, Rebecca, Merielle
Wrasslin’ with Andergrandsquirts
Greensboro Andersons
Lindsay’s blessing day
With Emily, in Washington
At Timbaloo, with Olsens
Granny and Tucker
Jerry with Valerie, Doris, and Annie-cat
At Marc’s wedding
Holding Maestro Tucker
With new Zannah
At Maggie’s baptism
Burgeoning cuteness
With Anderson grandkids in Greensboro
With Bethany and eyebrow ring
Perennially grateful for indoor plumbing
Away for Temple dedication
With Nielsen kids on the “T”
With Heather in Concord
At Kimball’s Farm
Patriots’ Day
She doesn’t believe she takes a good candid. What do you think?
Christmas letter, 2000
Reunion at Timbaloo
With Possums in the park
Enjoying our gravestone
Visiting with the Neffs
At Strawberry Park, with Dry Branch
Requested “If I Could But Touch the Hem of His Garment”
With Ralph Stanley
Visited together the Ancient Center Church Burying ground in Hartford
With Emily in the entry hall
Reunion piñata
Reunion ring-around-the-rosie
Reunion at the Forest
Swimming at the Forest
Public Garden and ducklings!
Swan boats!
With grandkids, in front of Timbaloo blackberries
Christmas letter, 2001
Primary Brunch
With new Matthew
Matthew’s blessing
Auto museum, Reno
Auto Museum, again
Family Room & ficus
Christmas letter, 2002
Chapter Five: Retirement, 2003-?
With Chris & Mary Beth at Promontory
At First Encampment park
Bountiful Temple workers
On Chankly site
Oakland: Nathan & Sarah
East Mill Creek: with Betty at the birthplace
Los Altos: with Jorgenfamily
Carson City: with Wolzes
Reunion: Talent Show
As my talented hands
Sparks: with Andergrandkids
Chankly garden
Christmas letter, 2004
Haute Courtoisie
Christmas letter, 2005
Rejoiced that Haute Courtoisie deal fell through
Colebrook digression on our way to Commencement
The One True Ward in front of the completed Boston Temple
Granny Doris died
Reunion at Chankly
Reunion piñata
Reunion portraits
Fluffalo hike
By Isaac Decker’s monument
By our gravestone
Followed ancestral peregrinations
2008: made Rachel’s blessing dress
Will be buried near Grandpa Isaac
2009: with siblings in California
April 2010: gathering at Chankly
2011: missed Amelia’s blessing
A perennial treasure of frugality
2013: Out of town for cataract surgery
On duty at Temple to receive news of Chris’ death
Made quilt for Chris’ friend Derek
Church travel motivated AAA membership
Copycat gallstones
Spent January in Australia with Rebecca and Mark
Chris’ fifth, 2018
Missed Tucker’s endowment—in Australia again
Totalled Eleanor
Wore the obligatory face-mask in deference to the pandemic
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