The Washington DC Temple was dedicated 19 November. We didn’t get to the dedication, but this happy shot shows us there, not too long afterward: Valerie did have to recover from Debbie’s birth. She looks real good, wouldn’t you say?

When we decided to make our life in Massachusetts, we had to take into account that temple access would be notably difficult, for the time being. We had not come to the Temple, indeed, since Bern at the end of 1967. Before that, the Silvers had kindly invited us to ride with them to Oakland in 1966.
Until this temple opened, when a young couple in Cambridge was ready for temple marriage, we’d take them to the chapel and unite them for time only, so that they could with decorum travel together, either to London, or to Salt Lake. London was cheaper and closer, but most of them chose Salt Lake, in deference to family obligations.

Until the year 2000, when the Boston Temple opened at the end of Appleton Street, a mile from our front door, we generally joined Boston Stake bus excursions that would leave Thursday evening from Belmont and return late Saturday. An intense experience, each time.
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