Chapter Four: Raising the kids, 1972-2002
Longmove In our first decade together, we followed our opportunities and obligations, hiking up our skirts and displacing our young household eight times. Chapter Three chronicled most of that mobility. In five of our first six déménagements we traversed either the continent or the ocean. By contrast, Moves Seven and Eight, in 1970 and 1973, covered so little territory that they wouldn’t even show up on this map.
Once we settled in Arlington, it was our joyful privilege to stay put for thirty years, while our children grew up. Chapter Four is mainly about our three decades in Timbaloo, although as 1971 ended we still had almost a year and a half to live in Burlington.
I’ll organize Chapter Four chronologically, beginning each year’s subsection with its page index, putting up front in each the main narrative of family events: what happened, how we earned our keep, Church and civic and educational activities and assignments, and so forth. The year’s Christmas letter winds up each section, preceded by a gallery of look-how-they’ve-grown portraits of our lovely children. BosArea
As the title suggests, this chapter will tend to have the flavor of an annotated photo album, rather than an illustrated autobiography, showing off our adorable children as they grew during our thirty Timbaloo years. Who was it that described a chicken as the device an egg exploits to produce more eggs? With the kids at center stage, it behooves us of the declining generation to fade back, more and more, into the wings.
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