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Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Cambridge Farms, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Cambridge Village, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Carlisle, Cumberland, England
Carlisle, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Carthage, Hancock, Illinois
Casper, Natrona, Wyoming
Castile, Kingdom of
Charleston, Wasatch, Utah
Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina
Chelmsford, MiddlesexMassachusetts
Chicago, Illinois
Colebrook, Litchfield, Connecticut
Colton, San Bernardino, California
Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Concord, New Hampshire
Concorde, Place de la
Crooked River, Missouri
Cumberland, Maine
Cumorah (Hill, New York)
Dublin, Indiana
Dublin, Ireland
Dunstable, Middlesex, Massachusetts
California Ralstons succumbed to the siren call of southern California
A little girl in Fontana
San Bernardino
Ephraim Hanks returned from California
Beauties of California
Tourist in California
Sorrow in California.
California writing group
The Temple a big deal in our Californian lives
Left to seek gold
Went to California
Pappy, Californian
Pappy had taken a job
Couch went with us
Pappy was ’way off in California.
Moved to California
Firmly ensconced in California
Pappy met Dr. Lounsbury
Julia has a son in the Legislature
First snow in California
Brent in California.
No degrees after moving to California
California’s stubborn weeds.
Del Riddle Governor of California-Nevada-Hawaii District
Christmas Greetings from California
Settled in as Californians
Del Riddle, impressive character
Brent and Valerie held down the homestead
Family Cars in California
California-mandated Social Living
Pacific High California’s greatest
California Portland Cement Company
California-Nevada-Hawaii District of Key Clubs
Church and State too close to each other
Government (a California graduation requirement)
California Scholarship Federation
California Scholarship Federation
California Scholarship Federation
Southern California Seminary
Seminaries of Southern California
California’s own Lyman C Berrett
California teaching credential
Fifty cents an hour from the State of California
California-raised Tech tool
callow Californian
Harvey Mudd College in Claremont,
Valerie kept the book
some in California, who might have sent me letters
Elder Fee, a Californian
job at the California Portland Cement Company
California Teacher’s Association
Valerie a lifelong Californian
back to California
fleshpots of California
can’t manage without a car
Weren’t we Californians?
high schools still enjoyed a reputation for quality
Seminary in Menlo Park
crossed the state line
granddaughter of the Governor
Kathleen, State Treasurer
teaching credential
California Teachers’s Association
teaching credential
California goodbyes
figured that we had returned to California
Leroy family on their way to California
Doctor Creevy left safely behind
Seminary in southern California
Mammy’s funeral
missionary preparations
Pappy flew back
Ron and Crystal Packard in Los Altos Hills
sent this card to her folks
Christmas visit
flew to California for Christmas
Fords live in Rocklin
Brent and Janet solemnized their marriage
drought story
Fell on Rick
trip to California for Valerie, Becky, and Justin
In the California Woods)
in California in a later year
Erlynne and Ken Anacker
Lindsay’s baptism
Rancho Cucamonga with her siblings
Santa Monica to see Josette
2009—Siblings in California
Rebecca and Mark left Santa Cruz in 2016
Pappy’d moved to California to escape snow
Julian Moses stayed in California
Isaac Seely ran away to
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England Little Neck Cemetery Stratford closer to Cambridge than to Oxford
Reverend John Robinson graduated from Cambridge University
The Browns immigrated from Cambridge, England
Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts Early home of our Middlesex pioneer Ancestors
Treasure City
Location chosen, 1630
Early boundaries
Chartered as New Towne, 1635
Harvard Square homesteads, 1635
Only Farwell Place in Harvard Square, bears the same name by which it appears in street maps of 1636
Our descent from Cambridge pioneers
Harvard Square Burial Ground
Our kin in the Burial Ground
Henry and Olive Farwell ancestors of our kin in the Ground
Oliver and Hepzibah Wheeler: our link to early Cambridge
Plan of the Burial Ground
Our Barron relatives
Our Farwell relatives
Our Russell relatives
More Russell relatives
Our relatives by blood
Our relatives and their spouses
Our Lexington heritage
Cambridge Farms precinct
Early settlers
Munroe and Russell homesteads
Lexington topographic
Town limits
Lexington Green
Russell homestead
Munroe homestead
Woburn Street
Old Lexington Burial Ground
The Old Cemetery, 1692
The Annex Cemetery, 1747
The Proprietors’ Cemetery, 1835
Our Munroe descent
Our Russell descent
Gerry’s Landing
Russell heritage
Russells of Cambridge settled Carlisle
Hepzibah Munroe Wheeler
William and Martha Russell of Cambridge
Cambridge Farms, later Lexington
Some sources give his final address as “West Cambridge,”
Old Burial Ground
Captain William Russell “of Cambridge Farms”
Paige, History of Cambridge
stone in the Old Cambridge Burial Ground
Cambridge branch of our Russell family
Philip Russell of Cambridge
Nathaniel and Prudence Hancock
Joseph Munroe
Mary (Ball) Monroe
Mary R. Ball Munroe of Cambridge Farms
our beloved home town, Cambridge
Buried Treasures, Volume 1
connections in Cambridge
our pioneering people settled in Cambridge
Ellis and Grace Barron
William and Martha Munroe
William and Martha Russell
Samuel I and Alice Rushton Woods
Thomas Hooker
John Benjamin
Joseph Almstead
our descent from Cambridge pioneers
Cambridge Ward
new Cambridge Stake
Wife of Oliver Wheeler III, of our Benjamin line of Cambridge pioneers
In our Benjamin line from the Cambridge pioneers Cambridge pioneer: our descent from Wife of Abel Benjamin, of our Cambridge pioneer line
First constable in Cambridge
Cambridge pioneer: our descent from In our Benjamin line from the Cambridge pioneers Wife of John Benjamin, of our Cambridge pioneer line
In our Benjamin line from the Cambridge pioneers
Thomas Hooker, the community’s first preacher
Harvard Square, 2000 A.D.
John Benjamin, Constable of Cambridge
Our Cambridge Heritage
Our Cambridge Homesteads
Cambridge Farms (Lexington)
Cambridge Farms
Harvard College chartered 1636
First called Cambridge 1638
jumping-off point
four additional early-settler couples
Harris: Epitaphs
Plan of the Old Burial Ground
Split into several communities
Mayor of All the Newtons.
Lexington, Menotomy, Cambridge
Cambridge Farms
Incorporation 1715
Hired the Reverend John Hancock
William Tidd
Philip Russell
Cambridge was a big place.
Paige, History of Cambridge
Cambridge Farms
I was in Cambridge
back to Cambridge
Had to sell Hesperus before leaving
Cambridge Branch
To MIT in Cambridge
Across the river
3 Ames Street, Cambridge
jokes about Pru and John
across the Charles River Basin
toward Central and Harvard Squares
perennial Cambridge pun
Cambridge Branch on Longfellow Park
Longfellow Bridge from Cambridge
estlin cummings
first Thanksgiving in Cambridge
Norbert Wiener
new Cambridge chapel
Branch President E. Earl Hawkes
The Call
Cambridge friend John Schreiner
Cambridge friend, Lynn Bennion
back to Cambridge
MIT and the Cambridge Ward, 1964-65
Cambridge Branch
Cambridge Ward
Cambridge Chapel
Elaine was living on Lee Street
Salt-and-Pepper-Shaker bridge from Boston
Church meetings in Cambridge
goodbye to the Cambridge Ward
couldn’t wait to get back to Cambridge
care not to mention Cambridge
offer to return to Cambridge
Doctor Jock Robey, Cambridge pediatrician
Dan Kane, President of the Cambridge Elders’ Quorum
Sears, Roebuck
Escondidites also headed for Cambridge
still a newcomer
ugliest building in Cambridge
Farwell Place ends at the Old Cambridge Burying Ground
focussed on the MIT end of Cambridge
Uncle John Farwell died in 1709, aged 23, while traveling through Cambridge
Cambridge Chapel
Divinity Street
Seminary in Cambridge
Ward Choir on Louisburg Square
At Stanford, I missed Cambridge
managed very well, back in Cambridge
Beetle joined us at HGSE and in the Cambridge Ward
met Clark Abt
near Fresh Pond
Hawthorne Street
arrived back home in Cambridge
New Towne became Cambridge
Mammy called me in Cambridge
Back to Cambridge
Legal Sea Foods
Cambridge Ward, Boston Stake
Cambridge Savings Bank
Cambridge Hospital
Cambridge Street
Harvard Underpass Anderson.
Ready for my thesis required
Radcliffe President’s House at 76 Brattle Street
Book Award
Back in the Cambridge Ward Assistant Ward Clerk for Home Teaching
Ward Executive Secretary
Also University Ward’s first Executive Secretary
distinguished academics
Jacob Cohen, Richard J Light
We wanted to return to the Cambridge Ward
Cambridge Savings Bank
Ward Mission Leader
became a member of the Cambridge Branch or Ward seven times
Stake Clerk
Cambridge Stake
Boston and Cambridge Stakes
returned to our Church home
Cambridge Ward Mission Leader
parade up Cambridge Street
Blizzard: no parking
Baptized Chris in Cambridge.
Mission Home on Hawthorne Street
Mitt and Ann Romney, our Cambridge Ward neighbors
Lorraine Lee, a Cambridge-area resident
Father George Perera came to the Cambridge chapel
Ward divided
Christmas party
Abt Associates headquarters on Wheeler Street
reality-based advice
Ward leaders
Pepe le Pew
Branch leadership
Church music
Branch Choir
Ward Choir
Munroes of Cambridge Farms
Stake High Council
Seminary teacher
Edna Penn
Home Teaching
burial ground
Historical Commission
Cambridge Stake High Council
Grandpa Hooker
“a Cambridge character.”
special-purpose congregations
West Cambridge
Menotomy Precinct
three who died
Memoir Group
Gordon, Elaine, Susan
Stata Building
Cambridge Reunion
Richard Bushman
Old Cambridge
a Cambridge character
Cambridge Chapel burned
Pepe le Pew
pioneers interviewed by Clayton Christensen
Cambridge became a town
first settled minister
precincts of Cambridge
Cambridge farmer Benjamin Russell
Cambridge Farms, Middlesex, Massachusetts Became Lexington, 1712/3
Early name of Lexington
Benjamin grew up
Purloined Swine
Captain William Russell
Philip, a carpenter
Mary R. Ball Munroe
8GGF William Munroe
donated this Ground
present-day Lexington
incorporated as Lexington in 1712/3
Precinct of Cambridge Farms
Cambridge Farms Precinct
a westerly precinct of Cambridge
colonial Cambridge Farms
founding settlers—MY COUSINS!
donated this Ground to the Precinct
precinct of Cambridge into the 18th Century
Philip Russell residence
Cambridge Village, Middlesex, Massachusetts Early name of Newton
Cape Cod, Massachusetts The quadricentennial of the arrival of the Mayflower
Carlisle, Cumberland, England James “Goodman” Adams’ birthplace
Massachusetts town its namesake
Carlisle, Middlesex, Massachusetts Early home of our Middlesex pioneer Ancestors
Section: Our Heritage in Carlisle
Treasure City
Map of Greater Boston, centered on Carlisle.
Carlisle Road in Acton becomes Acton Road in Carlisle
The Acton-Carlisle Town Line
Along the Carlisle Road
Carlisle Road, Acton
Before Carlisle Was: Acton
each arguably a Carlisle boy
Four Sites in Acton
The burying ground
a northbound traveler sees, looking to his left
Oliver Wheeler I(1722-1804)
Before Carlisle Was: Acton
a neighborhood of Concord
Benjamin Russell homestead
Creation of Carlisle
How Carlisle became “Carlisle”
Second District of Carlisle
Carlisle Minute Men
Acton’s men were prominent
Before Carlisle Was: Concord
Green Cemetery,
Birthplace of Hepzibah Munroe Wheeler
Hepzibah’s Billerica birthplace
Carlisle’s company
Our Carlisle Minute Men
The commander of the Carlisle Minute Men
Carlisle Minute Men
9GGF James Adams, first white man to settle
James Adams homestead
1C7R Jonas Munroe (1752-1840) was at age 18 the drummer and the youngest
Jonas was an incorporator
Wheeler homestead
Hughes home at 250 Acton Street
Corporal Joe Munroe moved
Corporal Joe Munroe: house
Sold it to Joshua
Westford Road is State Route 225
Corporal Joe Munroe: homestead
Judah Wheeler
Formed from Concord, Billerica, Acton, and Westford
Zooming in on Carlisle
Five ancestral homesteads
the Carlisle Minutemen of 1775
Abi came along in ‘75
Nathan Munroe: homestead
Minute Companies were defined with an eye to youth and mobility
Between Acton and Billerica
Prologue: How did they meet?
So how did Oliver and Hepzibah ever meet
>sixteen direct ancestors
family treasure in Carlisle
in Boston‘s Metro West
Our Connections in Carlisle
Munroes in Green Cemetery
Our Connections in Carlisle
Our Resident Ancestors
Sixteen resident ancestors
Russell heritage
they all lived in the area now called Carlisle
3C6R James Sullivan Russell taught mathematics
Lt James Russell commanded Carlisle’s Minute Men
(10GU) Philip Russell a son of William and Martha Russell
Brick-End House
ValleyHead Hospital
Wheelers of Concord, Lancaster, Acton, Carlisle, and Hillsborough
Lt Isaac Wilkins
married Hannah Adams
Nathan a founder
Uncle Joshua and Aunt Ruth original members of the church
Asenath Munroe Wilkins
part of Colonial-era Billerica is now in Carlisle
Hepzibah a native of Carlisle
6GGP Nathan and Mercy Benjamin Munroe early settlers of Carlisle
Corporal Joe Munroe: Concord Bridge apocryphon
amusing but spurious episode
Prescotts also kin of ours
receives no Revolutionary honors
locke Mrs. Towle’s orchard
oldest Minute Man
Towle Field
Uncle Aaron Munroe was one of the youngest
flag and star on his grave
Oliver Wheeler I senior member
Acton a mile from her birthplace
Lucy Ann Decker Seely Young
a Plantagenet descendant
Olive Welby Farwell’s Plantagenet connections.
Hepzibah Munroe of Billerica
Oliver Wheeler of Acton
Lexington-Concord Alarm
Grandma (8G) Mary Ball Munroe
Reverend John Hancock
Philip Russell
Matthew and Abigail Bridge
Aunt Fannie Maria Decker
Harriet, Lucy and Clara all Plantagenet descendants
Lucy and Isaac are in our Plantagenet line
Richard Coeur de Lion Plantagenet
Olive is our link to the Plantagenets
Counts of Anjou were direct ancestors
Grandpa King John Lackland
Our Grandpa King Henry II Fitz-Empress Plantagenet
Uncle King Richard I Coeur de Lion Plantagenet
Grandma Eleanor
Hugh de Lacy
Minute Men spiel for mission presidents
terrifying rapidity
she was born there
At Kimball’s Farm
Kimball’s Farm
Hepzibah born in Billerica
Kimball Farm
earliest versions of sections
Amos Doolittle
five founding households
March: Carlisle
Town of Acton Treasure City
Wheeler Lane
Oliver Wheeler I and Abigail Woods
parents of Granny Hepzibah’s husband
sixth great-grandparents
Acton Militia Roll
Oliver Wheeler Jun.
Lexington-Concord Alarm
Grandpa Oliver married a real lady
Hepzibah Munroe
stubborn enough to be Welsh
Oliver Wheeler of Acton
Eleanor of Aquitaine
King John
provide for their Father and Mother
Timbaloo Two Trust
Granny Hepzibah, my guide
our heritage in Colonial New England
19th of April
fascinating ancestors
Kimball family ice cream
PDF version of the Carlisle section
Mammy nudged me gently
colonial New England linkages
other ancestral lines
Don’t “Lock the Locke
scarlet jacketsf
Bad King John
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Isabeau Taillefer d’Angoulême
Harriet never saw fit to tell Orson Whitney
Book of Uncles
thirteen children
Oliver Wheeler
5GGP Oliver and Hepzibah
Benjamin’s house
Concord’s Hill Cemetery
Carthage, Hancock, Illinois Site of Smith murders
Birthplace of grandson Jonathan Olsen
Isaac bought a house about four miles from Carthage
assassination in Carthage
bought a house
learned of the assassination
ready to go to Carthage
Nauvoo, Carthage
The Carthage Jail (very much rehabilitated)
12 July: Carthage
Jonathan Anthony Olsen the child born to a family of my faith in Carthage in 2004
12 July: Carthage
mob murders
Johnny Olsen, was born at this clinic
modern playground
Carthage Hospital
Frank Worrell, Captain of the Carthage Grays
sang “The Stranger”
Johnny born 19 June 2004 in Carthage
Casper, Natrona, Wyoming Laura’s home town
Higher average wind velocity than Boston’s.
Rick and Laura wedding reception
Home of Paul and Geri Wolz, Laura’s parents
Castile, Kingdom of daughter of 23GGP King Edward I of England and Queen Eleanor of Castile
ALIANORE de Castile
his first consort, 24GGF Alianore de Castile
ALIANORE de Castile (23GGM, 1241-1290)
188: daughter of 24GGF Ferdinand III of Castile y Leon
23GGM Eleanor of Castile, first consort of 23GGF King Edward I
Infanta de Castile y Leon
daughter of 24GGF Ferdinand III of Castile y Leon
second Joan of eleven daughters
Second Joan of eleven daughters
23GGM Eleanor of Castile
Castile, Kingdom of
23GGM Queen Eleanor of Castile
Charleston, Wasatch, Utah Site of Isaac Decker’s ranch
Named for our Uncle Charlie Decker
Charlestown, Massachusetts Map location
Influenced location of Cambridge
Preceded Watertown
immigrated as a child to Charlestown
originally in Middlesex County, annexed to Suffolk County in 1874
Somerville (Charlestown, in Revolutionary days)
Reproved in June Last
Boston annexed Charlestown
illegal Baptist church in Charlestown
Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina Ralston residence in the waning years of the millennium
Lindsay’s birthplace
We showed up for her blessing, of course.
During the transition between their residences in Charlotte and in Sugar House, our Ralstons stayed in Springville.
Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts Early home of our Middlesex pioneer Ancestors
Part included in the Second District of Carlisle, 1780
Birthplace 1667 of 8GGM Hannah Farwell; she married 8GGM Samuel Woods II there 30 Dec 1685
Thaddeus & Hannah Richardson Munroe Chelmsford
pieces of Chelmsford
lost a couple of chunks to Chelmsford (1783)
Cousin Thaddeus married Hannah Richardson of Chelmsford
original settlers of Chelmsford
assembled from pieces of Chelmsford…
founded Chelmsford
re-enacter recruited from Chelmsford
Chicago, Illinois Isaac Joseph Seely
GGF Isaac Joseph Seely born 25 Aug 1837 in Chicago
Isaac Joseph Seely born August 25, 1837
Chicago’s Heinrich Fleischer
stopped for a couple of days in Chicago
Chicago (the “Windy City”), mirabile dictu, comes in third
a project that had been created in the Chicago Mission
Visited in Chicago, 1964
Ephraim now went to Chicago
Colebrook, Litchfield, Connecticut Treasure Cities, Volume 4
Sandisfield, Massachusetts
New York-Massachusetts land dispute
Housatonic Township No. 3
The Proprietors offered inducements to settle in disputed lands
Norton Fletcher and Willard Platt assisted my research
Appleton and Robert Stillman were major property holders
Appleton’s homesite and rock-work
I haven’t discovered Grandma Amanda’s resting place.
Thanks to Bob Grigg, we’re now fairly confident that she did not remarry but lived as the Widow Amanda Stillman
Rebecca’s and Daniel’s stones
Our Hurds seem to have maintained a very low profile
Sandisfield contributed to the Revolutionary War effort
Lieutenant Benjamin Smith lies in the Sandisfield Center Cemetery with a star and flag
now it appears that it was not he but his son Benjamin and other family members who took part
Grandpa Appleton’s veteran status is amply documented
Our Smiths and Stillmans of Sandisfield were notably active citizens
Grandpa Daniel Hurd of Sandisfield, Massachusetts, appears to have died both intestate and insolvent
Step-Grandma doesn’t look like a gold-digger
Grandpa Appleton’s will named his brother Robert guardian of his minor children
John and Rachel Robbins Stillman were prominent among the founders of the Sandisfield/ Colebrook community
John’s stone in Beech Hill Cemetery denotes his status as a Revolutionary soldier.
original records that Grandpa John was indeed a Selectman when the Town was formed
The Stillmans joined our Mayflower line with the marriage of Grandma Amanda Hurd to Appleton Stillman
John and Rachel had five sons and four daughters, of whom at least eight lived to marry
great-grandchildren of Nicholas and Constance Hopkins Snow set up housekeeping two hundred miles west from their birthplace in Eastham
three of our lines met and conjoined in Sandisfield and in neighboring Colebrook, Connecticut
The Proprietors’ Book records that our Benjamin and his brother Solomon were offered forty shillings a head to settle in the new Township
Inasmuch as all the Smiths of that generation are buried in the Berkshires, we gather that they accepted the inducement.
their son (our Uncle) Lot Smith (b. 1756) was the first birth of a male child in the new settlement suggest that they had then arrived fairly recently
In the Sandisfield Center Cemetery, Lieutenant Benjamin Smith’s headstone stands with the flag and star insignia which identify him as a soldier of the American Revolution.
Apart from little Elkins and Grandma Rebecca, I haven’t yet found the graves of any of this generation
It isn’t as if the family’s migration from Sandisfield to Colebrook was a big deal, in a geographical sense.
This map may help us understand why it took a cash inducement to bring our Smiths from their Cape Cod home to the wilderness of the Berkshires.
Grandpa and Grandma Hurd lie in the Beech Plain Cemetery
Near the Smiths, back down in Sandisfield Center, is this intriguing stone.
Willard’s a former Selectman of the Town of Sandisfield. Norton is President Emeritus of the Sandisfield Historical Society. Each time I have come to visit (2005, 2007, and 2009), they have been most generous with their time and knowledge.
John and his sons, particularly Grandpa Appleton and Uncle Robert, invested heavily
Sandisfield’s only lodging-house, the New Boston Inn
I was aware that Sandisfield/Colebrook was an important family history site for us
The Sandisfield/Colebrook neighborhood is well off the proverbial beaten track
all of John’s and Rachel’s children were born in Connecticut, except for Robert
Before Sandisfield was, the Proprietors of Housatonic Township #3 functioned as an embryonic Board of Selectmen
Meanwhile, our Smiths have settled in and remained an important part of the Sandisfield scene, long after the founding Stillmans had moved on to the newer settlement in Colebrook.
I’ve been guided too much, under too many diverse circumstances, to retain any confidence in coincidence
But an accident firmed up our plans in a way we hadn’t anticipated.
Before returning to Utah, we had documented the “Seven Little Stillmans” from their Colebrook gravestone, the only surviving record of their brief lives. And we made a stop, on their behalf, at the Nauvoo Temple. Norton Fletcher of Sandisfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, was the past president of the Sandisfield Historical Society
Norton Fletcher and Willard Platt, by the gravestone of Lieutenant Benjamin Smith, my sixth great-grandfather, in the Sandisfield Center Cemetery
Then they showed me some documents from the pre-Revolutionary town’s records, and we went to the headquarters of the Sandisfield Historical Society, where we perused and I photographed more old records, and where Norton made me official with a Sandisfield Historical Society baseball cap.
I knew already that many of my Stillmans were very nearby, in the Beech Hill Cemetery, across the Connecticut line to the south.
found the Beech Hill Cemetery. Photographed the gravestones of many Stillmans and took the results back to Somerville for analysis.
All this was a powerful emotional experience for me, especially later, when I was able to figure out the inscriptions on the grave that seven infant first-cousin Stillmans share on Beech Hill
Only days later, Norton wrote that he’d located my elusive Grandpa Daniel Hurd’s grave
Norton and Willard were my guests for lunch in the Gentlemen’s Parlor
As in Sandisfield the day before, I spent my Colebrook day chasing around with the excellent Bob Grigg and snapping photos of various records.
Colton, San Bernardino, California Location of Montecito, where Pappy, Mammy, Norma, and Valerie’s Elder grandparents are buried.
Rita Skousen Miller pioneered Seminary in Colton
In the summer of 1958, I worked for Rita’s husband Woodrow at their Miller Honey Company, in Colton.
A strongly-overlapping Colton Seminary group.
The Institute Building in Colton, Valerie’s first place of employment
The Institute Building in Colton, venue of our wedding reception.
“Colton gun-plastic” was the specialty of the Slover Mountain plant
Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts Early home of our Middlesex pioneer Ancestors
Map of Greater Boston, centered on Carlisle.
Oliver II took part in the Lexington-Concord action
Oliver Wheeler whose sword was displayed at the centennial
a neighborhood of Concord
The Concord-Billerica line
the modified Concord-Carlisle line
an early settler in Concord
Concord Road
First District of Carlisle established in 1754 from a part of Concord
Part included in the Second District of Carlisle, 1780
James Adams, the first white settler of that section of Concord
lost a couple of chunks to Concord
pieces of Acton, Billerica, Chelmsford, and Concord
Town of Concord paid minute-men extra
Concord Bridge, 19 April 1775
Lieutenant Isaac Wilkins (1733-?)
Oliver listed among the Concord Minute Men
Before Carlisle: Concord
Concord Bridge, 19 April 1775
Concord: Hill Cemetery
Before Carlisle Was: Concord
came to Concord from Connecticut in 1775
Concord’s oldest cemetery
9GGF Joseph Farwell, born 1641 in Concord
Birthplace 1641 of 9GGF Joseph Farwell
Concord: Hill Cemetery
Hill Burial Ground
Acton and Concord auspices
Priscilla Ramsden of Concord
Births of John and Jason recorded in Concord
led Carlisle’s contingent to Concord Bridge
Old Hill Burying Ground in Concord
youngest of Carlisle’s Minute Men at Concord Bridge.
Two Olivers in Lexington-Concord alarm
Concord Vital Records confirm Judah’s birth
Part became Carlisle
pre-existing Concord
Adamses of Concord settled Carlisle
Lexington-Concord Alarm of 1775, rather diffusely
Oliver Wheeler listed among the Concord Minute Men
Oliver Wheeler I (then aged 54) did not take part
listed among the Minute Men
Oliver Wheeler in Muster List
sword on display in Concord
at the North Bridge in Concord
adjoining outskirts of Acton, Concord, and Billerica
>Our Russells in the Old Hill Burial Ground
Adams family, pioneers of Concord
Lexington/Concord Alarm
Lexington-Concord Alarm
Concord, Lexington, Menotomy, Cambridge
Russell heritage
James Russell a Minute Man
Minute Men at Concord Bridge
twenty-one strong over Estabrook Road to Concord
Philip Russell younger brother to 9GGF Benjamin Russell
in Concord Centre
neighbors in Concord
one of the ‘Minute Men’ at the battle of Concord bridge
Battle of Concord Bridge
Plot #3 in Concord’s Old Hill Burying Ground
of Concord, Lancaster, Acton, Carlisle, and Hillsborough
early Carlisle (then still Concord)
William Russell in plot #1 in Concord’s Old Hill Cemetery
Born 4 Sep 1995 in Concord, New Hampshire
On Concord bridge with her dad and daughters
Took my Lexington-Concord tour, lunched at Concord Inn
Guided Lexington/Concord tours for forty years
With Heather in Concord
Thaddeus married Hannah Richardson at Concord,
Nathan was a founder of Carlisle
Concord Centennial
Oliver's sword
As the patriots formed up…
events of Lexington and Concord
Concord (unlike Lexington) did organize a Minute Company
Concord Muster Roll
Oliver a Minute Man
first Redcoat volley at Concord Bridge
relatives married Hosmers of Concord
Oliver was not far from Concord Bridge
Oliver Wheeler
Corrected Wheeler story at Lexington/Concord
10GGF “Goodman James” Adams first white man
buried in the Old Hill Cemetery
died in the Lexington-Concord Alarm
Immigrants 10GGP John and Johanna King settled in Concord
at Concord Bridge
Took part in the action
Mammy in the middle of Concord Bridge
Pity that Leola didn’t live to know
just the Concord Road
Philip, son of Benjamin Russell
Farwells moved on to Concord
Clark had spun off as Abt Associates
We did get the folks out to Concord Bridge.
Appleton Street coincides with the Battle Road
Concord Bridge, then lunch at the Concord Inn
Living since 1973 in the vicinity
The North Bridge in Concord
Powderhouse a precursor of the Lexington-Concord conflict.
Heather Telford at the Concord Bridge
Kimball’s Farm adjoining Concord
Bronson Alcott’s Orchard House in Concord
Old Hill Cemetery, Concord
Munroes removed from Concord to settle Concord End
2001—March: Old Hill Cemetery, Concord
snapping around Concord,
2001—March: Old Hill Cemetery, Concord
2001—March: Old Hill Cemetery, Concord
Col. Smith and Major John Pitcairn in the Hill Burying Ground
Doolittle came to Concord
five founding households
Oliver Wheeler II of Acton wore a sword at Concord Bridge
material on the Lexington-Concord Alarm.
Born right after the War at “Concord End”
headquartered once again mainly in Concord
retreated to Concord
the famous fracas at the North Bridge in Concord
sword at Concord Bridge
Oliver Wheeler II and his bride Hepzibah Munroe
the old-world Wheelers whence sprang those of Concord and Acton
sons of Oliver Wheeler II and Hepzibah Munroe
New Hampshire Name
Oliver Wheeler II wore a sword
the estate of John Ball of Concord
John and Johanna King Ball, settled further west, in Concord
John Hoare, attorney of Concord
Oliver (II) Wheeler would marry Hepzibah Munroe
William Russell occupies Plot #1 in Hill Cemetery.
Concord, New Hampshire first grandson arrived in Concord, New Hampshire.
Cyndi and I cycled to the state capitol steps in Concord.
New Hampshire Name Changes
“Concord End” in Hillsborough
Concorde, Place de la On Place de la Concorde. Really.
Place de la Concorde
After some formalities
Viewed at dusk
La Place de la Concorde
La Place de la Concorde
Christmas season, 1963
Looking westward
Church membership in Spain

Fountain in the Place de la Concorde

Bus, Pappy at Concorde
Paris: Eiffel, Concorde
La Place de la Concorde: Crillon, fountains
Cornwall A ceremonial county in South West England; domain of our 21GGM Margaret de Clare, Countess of Cornwall, Countess of Gloucester, and of her first husband, Piers Gaveston, scandalous favorite of the later Edward II, who made him the first Earl of Cornwall
In 1437, King Henry VI granted to our 17GGF Lord William Bonville the profitable office of steward of the Duchy of Cornwall.
Crooked River, Missouri Mob bloodshed
William Seely wounded in the battle of Crooked River
when Patten got killed
battle of Crooked River followed October 25
Isaac Decker was also in the battle of Crooked River
Cumberland, Maine Mary Jane Munroe Morris
Cumorah (Hill, New York) Phelps, New York, about four and a half miles from Hill Cumorah
having lived within a very few miles of the Hill Cumorah
Hill Cumorah
We did make a few “Mormon” history stops. At this distance, one can only barely discern Valerie’s honorable convexity beside that of the Hill Cumorah
Palmyra, New York, near the Hill Cumorah
Dublin, Indiana On reaching Dublin, Indiana, I found my brother Lorenzo and Isaac Decker
At Dublin, Indiana they were joined by the Prophet Joseph
here at Dublin Clara was transferred to the Prophet’s outfit
Charles Franklin…riding “Pony Express” out of Dublin, Indiana
Dublin, Ireland Several trips to London and Dublin during the fall and winter of 1969-70
Called from Dublin: morning sickness a good sign?
Peter and I flew to Dublin to meet with the Ministry folks
A twentieth-century Dublin educator with an ancient Anglo-Norman name.
American Express next to the historic Post Office
We never got back to Dublin
We were infanticipating. So I call from Dublin
Dunstable, Massachusetts 9GU John Farwell, of...
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