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Joan of Acre, with her betrothed Hartman of Germany
22GGM Joan of Acre: Countess of Hertford, Countess of Gloucester—not to be confused with Joan of Arc. An English princess, a daughter of 23GGP King Edward I of England and Queen Eleanor of Castile. The name “Acre” derives from her birthplace in the Holy Land while her parents were on a crusade. They also call her “Joan of England.”

Grandpa King Edward arranged for her betrothal at age 5 to Hartman, son of King Rudolph I of Germany, but he drowned. She was then married twice; her first husband and our ancestor was 22GGF Gilbert de Clare, 7th Earl of Gloucester, one of the most powerful nobles in her father’s kingdom.
They had one son and three daughters; their middle daughter became our 21GGM Margaret de Clare.

Grandpa Gilbert died in 1295, and Grandma fell for a squire in her father’s household and married him in secret. Grandpa Edward was furious and imprisoned his new son-in-law. Eventually, though, all was forgiven, and Grandma Joan had four more children by her second husband.

For what it’s worth, the literature mentions Joan a number of times, including allegations that miracles have taken place at her grave, although she’s never been a serious candidate for sainthood.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. No, I’m not going to get into the debate about Wikipedia’s value or credibility as a source of ultimate truth. I’ve already confessed that this whole effort doesn’t qualify as serious academic research: I aim, more modestly, to grab my descendants’ attention and to convince them that we, their ancestors, are worth knowing more about. I’m grateful to and for Wikipedia for giving me interesting text and images without the burden of copyright restrictions.

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