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The Russell branch of our family is also well represented in the Lexington Burial Ground. These handsome stones mark the resting place of our Uncle (ten greats) Philip Russell (1650-1731) and his first wife Joanna Cutler (1660-1703). Both family names are still prominent in the area, particularly in the Arlington where our kids grew up.

Son of our ten-greats grandparents, the immigrants William Russell and Martha Davies Russell, and younger brother to our Lexington, Concord, and Carlisle pioneer nine-greats grandfather Benjamin Russell, Philip, a carpenter, grew up across the Woburn Road from William and Martha Munroe’s farm in Lexington.

Philip was 62 in 1712, when “Cambridge Farms ” finally evolved from a westerly precinct of Cambridge and was formally organized as the new Town of Lexington. While it is correct to call him, as the records do, “Philip Russell of Cambridge” (he was Selectman in 1700 and 1701), he qualifies as a pioneer of Lexington, where he and Joanna raised their family and where they are buried into the fourth generation.

On the other hand, Paige1 says that Uncle Philip “…appears to have res. at Menot., and afterwards at the Farms.” So present-day Arlington can claim him, too. Colonial Cambridge was a big place.
1Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877 (Boston:H.O.Houghton and Company, 1877), p. 647.
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