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Immediately to the right of Uncle Philip Russell lie his two youngest daughters, Phebe Russell (1725-1736) and Mary Russell (1721-1736), born to him by his second wife, Sarah Brooks, whom he married two years after Joanna’s death, aged 43, in 1703.

Since they died only two weeks apart—Phebe aged 11, and Mary aged 15—we suspect that they may have succumbed to the same contagion. Their stones appear to have been fashioned by the same hand. While smallpox outbreaks were recorded in 1730 and 1752, that plague doesn’t seem to have been active in the year that they died. There were plenty of diseases around, though.
1Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877 (Boston:H.O.Houghton and Company, 1877), pp. 128-9.
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