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Captain William Russell (1686-1731), son of Philip and Joanna Russell, is (therefore) our first cousin, ten generations removed. His wife, Mary Bridge (1688-1716) is also our blood kin1. As the firstborn of Matthew Bridge and our cousin (also first, ten generations removed) Abigail Russell, Mary is our second cousin, nine generations removed. They lie in the Old Cemetery, next to William’s parents, very near our distinguished Munroe ancestors with the same given names.

This William-and-Mary couple had five children, including, yes, another William Russell. The Russells seem to have shared with the Munroes an intergenerational fondness for Williams, with at least one in every generation.
1As Brent likes to remark about a much later segment of our family, we don’t have so much a family tree as a family thicket…
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