Escondido Village

A couple of cute neighbors adorn the central play area; you can see how the apartments surround it, with chain-link fencing and gates in the gaps, to keep the little darlings enclosed.

The white Renault 6CV parked out front was Brigitte, our very first automobile together, which we had by Pappy’s and Mammy’s generosity. After we delivered her little sister Gaby to San Bernardino, they gave Brigitte to us. Good thing: one can’t really manage in California without a car. Nor can two and a half. Toto, we aren’t in Kansas (nor Boston) any longer.

These weren’t brand-new facilities, but they were quite up-to-date. ’Specially in contrast to The Sieve and Crockery Jar. We marvelled at some of the space economies their builders achieved. The bathroom door, for example, only just cleared the toilet, if you opened it all the way. And just wait ’til you see the kitchen! Wondered idly whether NASA’s space-vehicle designers came from Stanford. Or maybe vice versa.
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