…after La Bardot, of course. She was a Renault 6CV (six chevaux), the next model up the scale from Bébé. 1 Here we are from two angles, all ready to pull out of the driveway in San Bernardino to go up to Stanford for a twelve-month master’s program from June 1965 to June 1966.
Note pregnant Valerie’s hair curlers; we haven’t figured out why she wished to pose thus. Far’s I’m concerned, she’s gorgeous, even so. Also the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook in the rear window. Brigitte came with us to Stanford, and then back to Cambridge the next year, by the ever-reliable kindness of Pappy and Mammy.

1In the other direction, there was a Renault 2CV (deux chevaux), by the way, which I encountered in France. Still may be, for all I know. It was never considered roadworthy in the United States.

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