Leola Seely Anderson

As a central and formative presence in my life,
my beloved Mammy gets many mentions throughout this account…
I. …especially in a separate “section,” of her own, which Brent and I prepared for her centenary in 2010, entitling it “Leola” and terming it a Gedenkschrift.
Hundredth birthday
Centenary gathering
Funeral comment by Howard W Hunter
Leola the Teacher
Taught Boyd Packer
Teenage portrait
Birth certificate
Her Parents (and big brother)
Dancing in Rosette
With Verna and Grant
Verna’s tribute
With parents and siblings
The Glass Slipper, sorta
In front of Brigham City homestead
Seely Christmas 1941
Mad Seelys and Spouses
All four among Seelys, Christmas 1941
With us, Rick, Crow woman
The Mad Seelys — Final Assemblies
Myrle and Leola
Florence, Leola, and Myrle
High Adventure
Back in Town
Romantic Fantasy
In the Canyon
Wedding Presents
Mrs H Duane Anderson
Mr and Mrs H Duane Anderson
Winter 1942
Christmas 1941
Christmas 1948
Christmas 1957
Christmas 1958
Christmas 1967
At Home, Outdoors
Brent, the Scout
With Brent
Brent’s Cowlick?
At the Airport
With Brent at Manti
At Manti Temple for Brent’s endowment
The Andersons
Family Portraits
Andersons and Turkeys
Family Portraits
Golden Andersons
With Valerie by Lemons
Temple Garden
Seeing Richard and Valerie Off
Here and There
By the lake
Friends Still: Florence and Myrle
Friends Still: the Ellises
New Friends: the Bishopric
With Ords and Babbs at table
The Bishopric Bunch
New Friends and Old Kin
With Babbs and Seelys at table
In the kitchen: Grace and two Leolas
In the Kitchen
Cap and Gown
Seminary 1955-56
Seminary Chorus
Seminary 1956-57
Seminary 1958-59
Seminary 1958-59
Del’s Baptism
Annie’s Tribute
Leola, CES Chieftain
Leola, Writer
“As the Heart Grows”
“My Husband Calls on Fridays”
“The House in the Valley”
Leola, Tourist
British Columbia
In Victoria, BC Globe Theatre, San Diego
Los Angeles Temple
San Diego
Liberty Jail
Liberty Jail
U.N. building
United Nations
Mount Vernon
Washington, DC
Concord Bridge
New York
Bern Temple
Portal and Courtyard
Hyde Park
Harvard Yard
USS Constitution
Leola, Grandma
Boston Harbor
Revere Beach
Sycamore Sidewalk
Christmas letter
Christmas in Paris Mission Home
Farewell photo with Harts
Leola, Missionary
With missionaries and members
At Chambord, in Citroën, at Christmas, 1967
In the Mission Office
Final Scenes
Perched, unbelted, on the console in The Accident
Died in a clinic in Bazas
Press Notices
Press Notices
Later Press Notices
Verna’s Sketch
The End of This Road
II. Her images, memorable quotations, and other mentions in other Sections of this account, most particularly in my personal history incorporated herein as the Section named “Such A Life”:
Seminary 1956-58
In Ogden
In Price
In Sunset
Hospital booklet
Hospital pedigree
Bundled up
Documented our home in Price
Christmas, 1940
Parents & grandparents by the fire in Price
Christmas card, 1941
Playing bridge
Fresh air
Mourned baby curls
Amused at our snow-antics
Pinned Scout Brent
Porcelain treasures
Wearied of my scientific experiments
With Brent, Tjossems’
Checking snowy lemons
By the fireplace
In her “Studying Chair”
By the bookcase
Three generations, in San Bernardino
With aunties
…and the guys
Nuclear crew
Patriarchal Four
By the lemon tree
Counseled suicidal people
With Valerie, by lemon tree
Christmas Greetings, 1946
Christmas Greetings, 1947
Christmas Greetings, 1948
Christmas Greetings, 1951
Christmas Greetings, 1952-3
Christmas Greetings, 1956
Christmas Greetings, 1958
Christmas Greetings, 1959
Christmas Greetings, 1960
Christmas Greetings, 1961
Held down the fort with Valerie and Allens
Christmas Greetings, 1964
Gave us Brigitte Engineered dates
Date-time shutterbug
Regretted letting me skip a grade
Encouraged my reluctant College degree
Seminary Chorus
Annotated Bank of America program
Never called Pappy “Andy”
Shepherd of swollen head Moved me next to Valerie
Seminary “Coach”
Seminary 1955
Seminary pioneer
Signed Seminary certificate 1956 Tough grader
Seminary 1958-59
Lambda Delta Sigma
LDS Institute
Second Ward Seminary
Spoke at my farewell
Her Seminary prepared me for missionary duties
At Bern Temple
Came with Pappy to Paris in Jun 63
Made most things happen
In the Alps
Photographer for bus shot
Housed and transported by Chang’s kindness
At Versailles
Moved by the crowd in the Catacombs
Restrained my “Big Mike” ambitions
Traveled with me to Liège Youth Conference (photo)
Remembered in Bern 1 Mar 64
With Ben Bowring, an item in high school
Came to our wedding; would’ve been upset if we’d eloped
In our reception line
Showing off Rick in San Diego
Folks’ Boston visit, Christmas 1966
Old Ironsides
On Their Way to Paris
At the airport
In Paris, with Harts
Dining with missionaries
With Pappy, flowers
With Pappy, Hunters, and Christiane Lebon
With Mission Presidents in Norway
With Mission Presidents in The Hague
With Mission Presidents, at Berchtesgaden
Gordon and Marjorie Hinckley, at Berchtesgaden
With military leaders in Berchtesgaden
With Howard and Clara Hunter, in Bordeaux
By the Albatross, in the Azores
At a Madrid Spanish Branch Fireside
By the Bombinette, in Limoges
Called me to reassure
The Accident
Memorial service
With Leroys, in the Galerie des Batailles in Versailles
Haggling on the Avenue des Belles-Feuilles
Speaking at Bordeaux District Conference
On the beach at Biarritz
At Bordeaux district conference
Chez Salarnier
Dentelle-shopping at Concarneau
With missionaries, in Limoges
Porcelain-shopping in Limoges
Granny Doris took flowers to Montecito
Egg-and-cream-custard ice cream recipe
Had no patience with boredom
Principal source of my permanent contagion
Sent me to seek Seelys in London
Found her birthplace
2008: Rachel is her first namesake descendant
$100 from Reader’s Digest
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