Duane Brent Anderson
My one and only darling little brother. We called him “Bwum,” for no obvious reason. Still do, sometimes. If, at the outset, I was somehow granted the lion’s share of the beauty in our generation, Brent clearly got the cuteness.

He’s kept it really well, over the years, and he’s transmitted it to others of his branch of the family:
Janet (Janet Barbara Tait Anderson)
Mimi (Miriam Wright Penn Anderson)
Nathan (James Nathan Anderson)
Becca (Rebecca Anderson)
Marc (Marc Duane Anderson)
Naturally and properly, he shows up frequently in this account.
Born in Ogden
Has been willing to call me “Andy”
Arrived as the War ended
Christmas card, 1946
In Sunset, with Mammy, me, and Janet
Shared bedroom in San Bernardino
Age maybe 2, with snowball
Great portrait
Confesses to mangling the vent
Age 9, with snowball
Dandling Scott, in Salt Lake
Christmas Greetings, 1946
Christmas Greetings, 1947
Christmas Greetings, 1948
Christmas Greetings, 1949-1950
Christmas Greetings, 1951
Christmas Greetings, 1952-3
Christmas Greetings, 1954-55
Christmas Greetings, 1956
Christmas Greetings, 1957
Christmas Greetings, 1958
Christmas Greetings, 1959
Christmas Greetings, 1960
Christmas Greetings, 1961
Christmas Greetings, 1962
Christmas Greetings, 1963
Held down the fort with Valerie and Allens
Christmas Greetings, 1964
Christmas Greetings, 1965
With Mammy, on the porch
Bracketing the Bar
Christmas in the living room
Dignified Scout
Birthday 14
Birthday 14
With Mammy, Tjossems’house in background
Badminton & Pontiacs
New bike
More badminton
Time-lapse on the hearth
With Vicki Roberts
With Pru Hill, Debbie Bethers, and Sue Wright
Buddy of my brother-in-law Chuck Webb
Clowning on the hearth
With date, on hearth
By the bookcase
Three generations, in San Bernardino
Three generations, in Sunset
“Bwum Scout”
Extended family group
Nuclear crew
Folks, Brent, Carters, Seelys
By the lemon tree
My Sixth birthday
With Marilyn
Lived at (our) home with Allens & Valerie
Circa 1958 with Bébé
1965: with Gaby
Christmas 1956, with me
With Pinky & babies
Kittens on Edgar
Our bed
Followed me to Bradley
With cats
An Arrowview letterman
Pacific valedictorian, 1963
On the library wall
Pioneer Day at Lytle Creek Park, 1946 or so
Mammy and Brent, dancing circa 1959-60
At USC, ping-pong outside Paul Dunn’s officecirca 1959-60
Seminary group circa 1959-60
Christmas 1948
Christmas 1957
Christmas 1957
At Home, Outdoors
Brent, the Scout
Dancing with Brent
Brent’s Cowlick?
At the Airport
At Manti
At Manti Temple for endowment
Andersons and Turkeys
Family Portraits
Temple Garden
Friends Still: the Ellises
New Friends and Old Kin
Del’s Baptism
In Victoria, BC
Globe Theatre, San Diego
Liberty Jail
United Nations
Washington, DC
Mount Vernon
Concord Bridge
Came to Mammy’s centenary gathering in East Mill Creek
We Four at the bougainvillea, 1961
Spoke at my farewell
Thanksgiving in Sunset, 1963
Came to our wedding
In our reception line
Saw us off at the Santa Fe station
Missed Thanksgiving in Sunset, August 1965
Collaborated on Mammy’s Gedenkschrift
Completed his mission in Geneva
We picked him up; tour of the Mission Home
Returned to Paris via Bern
Touch football and taffy-pulling
Christmas morning in Paris
Administered to Pappy
At Notre-Dame
At Chenonceaux
Suddenly has three step-siblings
Called Chrissy “Cute li’l ol’ fat Chris”
Visited Karps in New City
Marriage in Oakland
At Taits’
BYU graduation
Met us in New Orleans
Army Chaplain at Fort Hood
In Ogden with Anderson grandparents
Justin Brent Anderson named after him
On guitar in Timbaloo
More guitar at Christmas
4th of July at Lincoln
Kids enjoyed cousin-proximity
Janet & Marc by the fire
Moved to Batesville
Four-generation gathering
Hosted Arlington invasion again
The Thicket
Cyndi’s BYU graduation
Gatherings at Timbaloo
Verna’s burial
Wedding in Apex, North Carolina
Co-authored Mammy’s centenary Gedenkschrift
Gathered with sibs for Norma’s burial
Came to sealing session in Bountiful
Grave rededication for Isaac Decker
With Dave and Scott at Disneyland
With Loophie and Scott in Salt Lake
Brent & Janet
With Dave & Marilyn Hutchings
At the Temple door
Triple birthday
The Becca and Our Nuffin
Chris and Nathan
The Penn Thicket
Brent & Mimi and descendants
Generational Portraits
Thanksgiving in Sunset
With Babbs and Seelys at table
Prepared Pappy centenary observance
No personal relationship with gall-bladder
Badibanga assistance
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