1993—Brent and Mimi
Back row: Marc, Nathan, Emily Penn, Brent, Mimi, newlywed Mary and Kendall Thurman, Mike Penn;
Front: Becca, Dave Sherwin, his Michelle, and a couple of their kids; Becky and Justin Jackson and theirs; (???), Jonathan Penn
Brent and Mimi sent out this great portrait at Christmas from their family thicket (his term: “tree” just doesn’t cover it). Until I get help (and probably still after that) I have much trouble distinguishing among Mimi’s gorgeous Penn daughters, by her previous marriage to Dave.

If I recall correctly, we heard stories about Becca Anderson and Becky Penn sharing a room for a while, after the blending of the families. Sort of reminiscent of the two Rebecca Andersons at Dallin School in Arlington, a dozen years earlier…
In case I hadn’t mentioned it earlier, Janet died of a lifelong liver ailment, just before Thanksgiving, 1989. Her childhood friend Miriam (Mimi) Wright Penn flew from British Columbia to deliver the eulogy. Before long, Brent and Mimi had merged their families, as you see here.

We also drove to Batesville from Arlington for Janet’s funeral. Thanksgiving dinner at the home of kindly (former Arlington Ward neighbors) Lonnie and Cheryl Smith was a lovely experience at an intense moment.
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