1980—Brent and Crew
Contemporary cousins came as a welcome novelty. We’d visited, and we’d received visits, but not enough of either to turn faraway relatives into friends. Marc and Rebecca were both 4; Becca and Cyndi were close enough in age to become friends, as were Nathan and Chris.
Becca and Cyndi shared the whole repertoire of girliness and, we suspect, helped wean our Be-bop away from her early self-identification as “one of the boys.”
We were pleased that the kids who didn’t automatically pair off by age group were pretty good at associating across developmental gaps: everybody enjoyed Justin; Rick and Erik shared music and sports interests, and Debbies’s artistic and inventive predilections held wide appeal.
Age Four is a time of exploration, and these two cuties reinforced each other’s lawful tendencies. Gave us another pair of “Twins,” —even, occasionally, “Terrible Twins,” but only in somewhat bemused jest.
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