Brent and Crew
1573 Nathan, Becca, Janet, Marc, and Brent line up
for the small-town Fourth of July parade
in Lincoln, Massachusetts.
I think I’ve mentioned (or if not, the Christmas letter does) that my darling baby brother Brent and his Janet1 provided the single most joyful event of our 1980 as he accepted a teaching position at Northeastern University in Boston.

We did our best to prepare the way for our neighborly coexistence: he has just (2011) reminded me that by the time they arrived, we had already pretty much closed the deal to buy their new house, just two blocks down Paul Revere Road, from Peter’s family.
1Often “The Bwumet,” especially in communications with Pappy.

By this time, we had become aware that our piece of Appleton Street coincides with the Lexington-Concord Battle Road of 1775. In the middle of the next block, Appleton curves left, slightly southward, crosses Park Ave, and continues about a mile and a half to Route 2. At that curve, the Battle Road continues along Paul Revere Road, roughly west a couple of blocks to where it rejoins Mass Ave, on its way to Lexington.
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