1973: Surroundings
P0006417 The famous back yard, complete with boys, early in our tenancy. We’d installed the swings and the picnic table, but we hadn’t yet repainted the house, planted raspberries inside the hedge at right, nor turned the lawn at left into our main garden. We’re told that Mrs Mahairas used to like to contemplate that Japanese maple from her chair in a back bedroom. The maple, alas, died on our watch.
Our neighborhood school, a couple of blocks west of Timbaloo on Appleton Street. The boys went there until they closed it and turned it into condos, over a lot of loud objections, including ours. Apparently the juvenile population of the neighborhood was diminishing. N601108LockeBoys
Chris, Erik, Peter, and Rick in front of Locke School
I’ll yet remember or come across the name of Peter’s nice Italian family who lived across the street, on the northwest corner of Appleton and (the very slanty) Ashland. Peter’s grandpa the building contractor was Paul (doubtless Paolo) Caruso, but Peter had another melodious Italian name that started with M—Manganelli, or Manganaro, or something similar. Brent and Janet would later (1980) buy a house down the street from the same family.
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