Erik Scott Anderson
Born 7 March 1968 in Boston
Adopted August 1968
Got him for free
Sealed to us 1969 in Oakland
Got him for free
Adoption miracle
Miracle and disaster
Christmas letter, 1968
Mitt’s barf-bucket episode
At Rick’s birthday party in Paris
Gag transfer letter
Cute toddler
Cannonball overmatches him
Christmas card and photo, 1969
Christmas letter, 1969
1970—another big year
Christmas card, photo, 1970
Christmas letter, 1970
Snow and Heartquists
Foss and the Super-Wagon
Christmas card, photo, 1971
Christmas Letter, photo, 1971
Boys in Autumn
Olivewood Lane
Christmas, 1971
Christmas 1971
First birthday 7 May 1969
At Karps’ in New City
At marriage of Brent and Janet
Sealing in Oakland
At Taits’
Second birthday
Big brother for new Chris
Asleep at the switch
In the Burlington back-yard: Commencement Day
Squeeze over!
1972: Portraits
Back yard, fireplace
Christmas card, family portrait
Christmas letter, 1972
On the steps of the Cambridge Chapel
Back-yard with cats
Beaver Brook
In front of Locke School
In the yard at Timbaloo
Weir’s Beach, New Hampshire Christmas letter, 1973
In front of Timbaloo
Back-yard snow
Debbie arrives
Debbie, mostly with siblings
Out and around
First grade, Hallowe’en, asleep again
Talent in plumbing
First Grade
Virtuoso slumber
Christmas card
Christmas letter, 1974
A Mormon pioneer for the Army Bicentennial
Fixation on pachyderms
Seventh birthday
In the yard
1975—Out and Around
age 7, grade 2
Christmas letter, 1975
In Ogden, with Anderson great-grandparents, siblings, cousins
At Timbaloo, with Granny Doris
Saw Floyd & Doris off at Logan
Christmas card, 1975
Christmas letter, 1976
Age 8, grade 3
Christmas card, 1976
Christmas letter, 1976
Back-yard birthday party
Accompanied my Church travels—once
More outdoors
1977—Squirts ‘n’ Projects
Age 9, grade 3
…and then we had Cyndi…
7 May 1977—Erik’s Ninth
Christmas card, 1977
Christmas letter, 1977
Snowballs instead of shovels
On snow-pile
29 May 1978—Justin!
Dramatic Erik
At Cindy’s birthday party
1978—Between the Winters
Christmas 1978
Christmas card, 1978
Christmas letter, 1978
1979—The Birthday Parade
Age 11, 6th grade
Georges Island
At the Falls
Manly sports
Christmas 1979
Age 11, 6th Grade
Christmas morning
Christmas card, 1979
Christmas letter, 1979
Kids enjoyed cousin-proximity
Twelfth birthday
1980—May birthdays
Music & sports
In family room with Becky
Christmas morning, 1980
Christmas morning
Christmas letter, 1980
Christmas letter, 1980
Interesting time
On toy-box couch
Christmas 1981
Christmas 1981, at the hospital
Christmas card, 1981
Christmas letter, 1981
Named Van Wiggle after him
…and on Christmas morning
Christmas letter, 1982
Christmas letter, 1983
Electric guitar, pop culture
Sixteenth birthday
The ritual at the door
Christmas morning
Christmas morning
Christmas letter, 1984
On couch with me, Valerie, Justin, Puddleglum
Christmas letter
Christmas letter, 1986
Born at Boston Lying-in
Perennial attitude
Rick Returns!
Christmas card, 1987
Christmas letter, 1987
Christmas card, 1988
Christmas letter, 1988
Christmas card, 1989
Christmas letter, 1989
Christmas letter, 1989
Reception line
Christmas letter, 1990
Christmas letter, 1991

We learned that he had been abusing our younger children for years; we had consequently become definitively estranged from him, and Valerie and I had both become emotional basket cases.

Christmas letter, 1992
Christmas letter, 1993
Christmas letter, 1994
Christmas letter, 1995
Christmas letter, 1996
Christmas letter, 1997
Christmas letter, 2000
Christmas letter, 2002
Christmas letter, 2004
Stopped to see him in Pennsylvania
Spent months at McLean Hospital
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