Boston Lying-In
This image doesn’t really belong to this year, but it’s certainly relevant to birthdays. By 1987, our beloved Brunnhilde, the blue Volvo wagon at lower left, had rusted out and yielded its role in our family to the first Van Wiggle), but this place was important to us over a lot of years.

We see here (at some date in the 1970s) Brunnhilde parked in front of the venerable Boston Lying-in Hospital (BLI), where Cyndi, Debbie, Rick, and Justin were all born.1 You can’t really see them at this magnification, but the decorative medallions between the first and second floors depict human fetuses at various stages of development. Given Valerie’s trademark of precipitous delivery, obstetrician Dr. Ken Scheer and I raced the stork down the second-floor halls of the building at left, more than once.

Then, by the time I was employed at Phase V Technologies, BLI had been phased out, with its functions subsumed under Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Gordon Williams (world-famous endocrinologist, old friend, neighbor, bishop, stake president, principal Phase V founder, collaborator, etc.), had his offices in the same space that had formerly housed our kids’ delivery room. Met with him, many times, in that very chamber. Sweetly spooky.
1Erik, too, although in his case, we weren’t involved yet.
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