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Apart from the cute dramatis personae, no particular connection with the Eeyore incident. Debbie and Kristen paid a visit to my office on the third floor, front (southish) gable, of Timbaloo. I was tickled and honored, of course. Note, behind them, the Esmé and Chester posters, which still (2019) occupy similar positions at Chankly. I do love the company of special friends, of every generation.
While we’re at it, I’ll just observe that it was Debbie who took my hand one day and led me thereby to the offices of Ron Riesz, Dispensing Optician on Mass Ave in Arlington. Where she informed Ron that she was there in the authoritative capacity of client, whereas I was (merely) the patient and the silent bearer of the credit card. She had wearied, said she, of seeing me in geeky glasses. Obediently, Ron outfitted me with smaller, less-round, wire-rimmed frames, cutting down my existing bifocal lenses to fit. Looking at her here, I must conclude that her taste in such matters had evolved, over the intervening decade or so.
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