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In the 400 years since the Pilgrims first sank our family’s roots prayerfully in the New World, we have settled and scattered our people and our memories abroad. Many of our 17th-century immigrant ancestors settled first—or at least early—in Middlesex County, in His Majesty’s Province of Massachusetts Bay. Maybe even most of them, although my perceptions may be skewed because that’s where Valerie and I lived for forty years, after our “honeymoon year” on Beacon Street (in Suffolk County, across the River).
However the statistics work out, many of our pioneering people settled for a time in either Cambridge or Watertown and then formed or joined the original settling parties of other frontier communities, in Middlesex and beyond. I’ve underlined and bolded the names of Middlesex communities in these summaries. I’ve also emphasized our numerous ancestral surnames:

*Originally in Middlesex County, annexed to Boston and to Suffolk County in 1874.
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