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Mammy Grandma Frances Harriet

If  you’re descended  from my mother Leola Seely Anderson,
… or from her mother Alfaretta Neff Seely,
… or from her mother Frances Mariah Stillman Neff,
… or from her mother Harriet Elizabeth Seymour Stillman Russell


you’re also the child of no fewer than four of the famous “Pilgrims” who came to Plymouth in 1620 on the Mayflower:

Thomas Rogers; his son
Joseph Rogers;
Stephen Hopkins; and his daughter
Constance Hopkins (Snow)

This is not conjecture. The pickiest genealogists in the world have acknowledged our Rogers descent with this certificate. If and when I decide to invest another hundred dollars and a bit of effort, it will be easy to put the same seal of approval on our Hopkins line. It comes mostly through the same ancestral people.
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