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Our Mayflower heritage* amounts to four passengers, including two wonderfully contrasting and diversely admirable “Mayflower sires,” each a ninth great-grandfather of mine. Each sire shared scarce shipboard space with a child of his who became an eighth great-grandparent.
Our four Mayflower passengers appear in red. Each “sire” sailed with his child from whom we’re descended.

Neither of our “dams,” if that’s the correct term, made the trip. Our 9th GGMother Mary Hopkins died before Mayflower sailed, and Stephen had remarried.

Grandma Elsgen [maybe Elizabeth; perhaps more likely Alice] Rogers stayed in Leyden, because they could only afford to send two family members. They had to sell their house to do that. Joseph’s three teenage siblings stayed behind with their mother, where Elsgen died without ever seeing the New World.
Our lines
*As far as I’ve yet documented it. Rumors suggest that we may also have some Alden lineage.

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