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Grandma Seely
Mammy’s mother, my Grandma Alfaretta Neff Seely
youngest daughter of Franklin Neff and Frances Maria(h) Stillman
a real lady of gentle breeding and upbringing
I have enough material on her life story, from East Mill Creek through Rosette to Brigham City, to put together an entire section on her and on Grandpa Arta McLean Seely, possibly as an expansion of the “Do You Know?” piece around which I’ve centered this entire collection; it’s on the agenda. Most recently, it will document warm 21st-century contacts with the current owners of Seely homesteads (Grandma’s niece Marion Neff Anderson of Brigham, and Betty Chamberlin of East Mill Creek). For now, just a few shots of Grandma and some of those closest to her.
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