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Quincy, Illinois
Redlands, San Bernardino, California
Rattlesnake Mountain, New Hampshire
Redmond, King, Washington
Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine, France
Reno, Washoe, Nevada
Rhode Island
Riverside, Rhode Island
Rosette, Box Elder, Utah
Runnymede, Surrey, England
Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales
Quincy, Illinois Bitner family home
After the fall of Far West they fled to Quincy, Illinois
Rattlesnake Mountain, New Hampshire Photo: our Cyndi on a typical New England boulder
Redlands, San Bernardino, California Home of Floyd and Doris Jorgenson
Floyd wanted to be buried back there
Redmond, King, Washington Olsen residence in 1999.
Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine, France Rennes Branch
Pierre Desquines is a professor of French at the Université de Rennes
Attended Rennes Branch Priesthood Meeting and Sunday School.
Missionaries and members gathered in the courtyard
Michel and Irma Delétang on the Canale d’Ille et Rance, in downtown Rennes
11-8 Zone supervisors held a conference with the six missionaries of Rennes.
Sister Moinard needs to get lodging at Rennes
It’s a great day for the “Mormons” of the city of Rennes.
The Christmas fête in Rennes.
These ten baptisms will bring the Rennes branch to eighty members
striking streetscape on a residential street in Rennes
Uniformed parochial-school girls crossing a street in downtown Rennes.
Elder Higley and his companions have baptized fifteen here at Rennes
I stayed in Rennes the whole year 1962.
The counselors in the Mission Presidency visited Rennes.
My first dinner in Rennes was at the home of the Renaud family.
Property’s scarce at Rennes just now
Called as Counselor to Rennes Branch President…
Claude Leroy came to Rennes today
Previous Church assignment: Counselor to Rennes Branch President…
The Republic of France issued this stamp, picturing the Palais de Justice at Rennes.
We have proselytized in the westernmost place in Europe where missionaries are now assigned.
The day after tomorrow, I’ll have been five months in Rennes.
Sister Salomon is surely the wealthiest member of the Rennes branch
As long as I stay at Rennes, I have permission to serve in the branch presidency
Sister Salomon manages the family’s assets in Rennes and runs a real estate office.
Seven months in Rennes, as of yesterday, and here I am, still.
With these new members, we have 99 Mormons in Rennes.
Brother Molina will be the 100th member of the Church in the Rennes branch!
We can now start getting ready to build a chapel!
June 7— Well, here I am still, in Rennes.
Sister Cholet, one of my four principal mothers-away-from-home in Rennes
Then the general conference sessions, at which our youth choir sang.
Robins will move to Tours as senior companion to one of the newcomers.
I’ll stay at Rennes to care for another.
Tracted in the rue des Dames, the oldest street in Rennes
President Hinckley was coming to Rennes to see a meeting hall
Tomorrow will be my tenth monthiversary at Rennes.
We’re busy getting ready so that the district conference can happen here at Rennes.
Saw M Crespel, who directed us to a building site between Rennes and Cesson
Pierre Desquines was sustained as President of the Le Mans District.
At Rennes for a whole year!
One year later, mirabile dictu, I was still in Rennes
This is my anniversary at Rennes, and the occasion finds me somewhat pensive.
I’m now the missionary who has stayed in one Breton city for the longest time.
No family in Rennes will have anything to complain about.
Another monthiversary in Rennes
The SAM of the Rennes branch held its first dance on Wednesday
“When I was alive.” The kids in Rennes got a huge kick out of this expression.
Castre (Tours family) kids boarding near Rennes
Tours apartment and landlord decidedly better than the ones we had at Rennes
Real estate situation at Tours isn’t as tight as at Rennes.
I arrived in Rennes on Friday, the twentieth of October, 1961.
This spot south of Rennes has been fortified
since about the turn of the Second Millennium A.D.

I could move back to Rennes and feel perfectly at home within thirty seconds.
Charles VIII laid siege to Rennes; captured it and Duchess Anne de Bretagne
Set a record by laboring fourteen months and thirteen days in Rennes
. My beloved Leroy family from Rennes stopped to see us on their way to California
First rode in a casserole (Volkswagen bus) while I was in Rennes
Parisian bureaucrat, unlike his counterpart in Rennes in 1961, got my name right
1 December 1968, in Rennes.
Note items from St-Brieuc and Cherbourg, opened since my day.
December ’68 district conference in Rennes.
I could feel completely at home here, within seconds of arrival.
Rennes was home, of course: not a mere tourist destination
Valerie spoke in my old home district’s December conference, held in Rennes
This was the salle de réunions where the branch met, back de mon vivant
Called as second counselor to President Marcel Renaud
Hoped my work herein was not despised of the Lord.
I really did love those people.
Wept to hear President Renaud say that I’d been “dévoué comme nul autre.”
Rennes: Pappy as Scrooge
Rennes: conference
We stopped in Santa Monica to see Josette Leroy from Rennes
The famous Higley-Palmer fleas indigenous to Rennes.
Marcel Renaud: Rennes Branch President 26 Nov 1961
Suddenly responsible for Rennes and Nantes branches
Reno, Washoe, Nevada With Reno kids and grandkids
No truth to the rumor
Rick and Laura cast their lot in the Truckee Meadows
October 2002 visit
We gather
Auto Museum
Rhode Island Neighboring colony, to which Bacon sent pregnant Mary, to avoid scandal
Location of Wading River, where Mary seems to have laid in
Mary exhausted the hospitality of her extended family in Rhode Island
Mary seems to have written her letter to Bacon from Rhode Island
Riverside, Providence, Rhode Island Little Neck Cemetery
Riverside, in East Providence, Rhode Island…
In the neighborhood called Riverside, in East Providence, Rhode Island
Buried in the Ancient Little Neck Cemetery in Riverside, Rhode Island
In the neighborhood called Riverside, in East Providence, Rhode Island…
Rosette, Box Elder, Utah Dancing in Rosette
Moved from Rosette to Brigham City
Runnymede, Surrey, England …a water-meadow alongside the River Thames in the English county of Surrey, and just over 20 miles (32 km) west of central London. It is notable for its association with the sealing of Magna Carta by our 25GGF King John “Lackland” of England. As a consequence, it is, with its adjoining hillside, the site of memorials. Runnymede Borough is named after the area, Runnymede being at its northernmost point.
Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales Death place 1414 of 18GGM Margaret de Ros
Birthplace c.1397 of her daughter 17GGM Margaret Grey
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