Journal November 8 - December 17, 1962
November 8 (concluded)—I seize this occasion to ask a couple of discreet questions about the consequences of the rue de Fougères location for the Leroy family. This family already makes the greatest effort of all the branch to get regularly to Church meetings: they live far [218] from the center of town. I figure that if the Leroys can manage the six kilometers from their home to the new meeting-place, no family in Rennes will have anything to complain about.

Sister Leroy’s answer wasn’t long in coming. She said that Hubert has his bike, and they have an old one that they could fix up for Josette. Annick’s going to have to get a VeloSolex, so that she can deliver Nelly to Delétangs’ while she and Maman are at work. That leaves only Maman and Jean-Pierre without transportation, and she says they could come on the bus, although the fare’s a bit steep for frequent trips.

Considering the [219] weariness that Sister Leroy experiences these days, I was stricken with admiration of her positive attitude in the face of a situation that could really put a crimp in her activity. She’s beginning to show the character that will enable her to endure to the end, whatever may happen. There’s nothing that I desire more for those I love; this is the principal subject of my daily prayers.

And indeed, President Desquines and I are off to visit the branches again. We’ll leave at noon on Saturday, and we’ll have a lot to do at Le Mans, at Angers, and at Tours.
December 17—A truly bizarre weekend, confirming once again my long-standing suspicion that I have a spiritual link with the Leroy family which makes me especially sensitive [220] with regard to them. Through the weekend, I experienced a miserable lassitude, as if I were getting sick: I didn’t want to do anything nor to become involved with anything— a distressing condition. Well, when we got back from Nantes and went to Sacrament meeting, I observed that something undesirable was happening to Sister Leroy. She radiated an uncharitable spirit and seemed ready to weep. A few discreet little questions failing to evoke anything, I asked Elder Mitton to come with me, and we went to the Leroys’.

Incidentally, I add that Elder Aldridge and I had visited them briefly on Friday evening, but that we hadn’t learned anything on the situation, although I was already feeling the lassitude, and even though we learned last evening that the problem had peaked Friday. By all objective evidence, one would judge that the Leroys’morale was entirely normal—except for this [221] strange, menacing ailment that already had me in its grasp.

Sister Leroy was in a deplorable state. Certain missionaries had made promises and not kept them; other people had said things that shocked her; and so forth. After two hours of talking, everything was back to normal—and my lassitude had entirely vanished! I told her about this phenomenon and suggested that it would probably be a good idea for them to think twice before letting themselves fall into this sort of backsliding, knowing that every time they do, it’s just like sticking a knife in my back. Maybe it’ll help them to stay strong, if they’re aware that my physical health (which they’ve made it clear they care about) is connected to their spiritual well-being!

The trip to Nantes went without incident. The traveling elders couldn’t come get us; so, we had to take the train at 6:56 in the morning. The only available seats were in first class and rather expensive. The train went through Redon, thus adding some lines to the map of my travels in France.

The situation at Nantes hadn’t changed much since our last visit. Turns out that they lost their fine [222] new meeting place because of neighborhood objections. The loss has left them a trifle punchy. Elder Bullock has lost some of his enthusiasm. Pity, for things would have gone so well there, without these developments. But they’ll pick themselves back up, I’m sure.
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